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1. The Vampire Song

The good, the bad and the ugly all share one side of a coin
While the other side has the x-factor we never want to come across
So many things beyond our control, so many possibilities adjoin
Preparing promptness to accept either gain or loss
I never thought of getting myself so deep
Into facing this kind of reality
Searching for a common response to every individual happening
Experiences brought us a coping-formula with lots of "how"s
But not even one came close enough to suit with another
Preparing promptness to look for a supernatural guidance
I never thought of getting myself so deep
Into facing this kind of reality
Which sacrifices everything out of me
Here I stand naked before the mighty destiny
I never dreamed of taking a pilgrim's role
Settlement was the only wish I made
Arranging visions and expectations
My goals slowly fade when life takes over

2. Conditional Destiny

Sympathy for the ones who lost in their battles
Giving extra courage to the dying others
Life would easily devour us in the most evil way
While we try to identify with the law of nature
They might believe in a survival of the fittest
Some say it's a survival of the luckiest
Or maybe even survival of the prettiest
In the end, you will just see someone survives
Religions teach methods of a survival of the holiest
You would rather be a survivor of the luckiest
Or maybe even survivor of the gentlest
However, we do desire us to survive
In our world of randomness
We wish to design our grand destiny
Avoiding any factor of changeableness
Steer clear from option towards extinction
In our world of randomness
We wish to design our grand destiny
A destiny which is entering into the psyche
And in our world, it's beyond our control
Having open oxygen to breathe easily
Freedom from now, but this does not work that way
We never know if someday we must pay-per-inhale
As we cannot expand our dimensional limits

3. Against

Shining - darkened - warming coldness
I am, you are, in this mortal coil
There is something inside you who always try to fight against me
And something inside me who always want to deny you
An animal of pseudo-consciousness I have become
A light of truth is hiding inside my illicit darkness
So many years of seemingly unending contradictions
So many times I'd given up in battling this depression
An animal with lack of self-esteem I have become
Always mean to keep these devils within my cavities

4. Ceasefire Negative

An acquired savor is underway
Never to let it pass
Facing tremors and discordance
With vigor and persistence
You cannot stop me from believing
In things you don't understand
This passion is my firm weapon
To kill all mediocre thoughts
Tear down these solid walls
And liberate the spirits inside
New dawn shall greet us all
True believers of new renaissance
Off the beaten path, we walk
With eyes and minds wide open
Confronting ignorance
And counter-cultural conformity
You cannot stop me from conceiving
About things you don't relate to
Hoping someday you will realize
This war is for our good

5. Between Us

Something's surely not for everyone
Never know
Never want to tell, to share
Adjusting my dream-to-reality ratio
Should I go
Should I face against both extremes?
I need to be
A man who enjoys his fear
Try to get used with this opacity
I need to see
Beyond those clouds of doubts
To play around with this obscurity
A fusion of dreams, wish and illusions
At some degree
My mind just told me: "That's unreal"
Sometimes I feel tired of praying everyday
Asking god same kind of thing over and over again
I need to be
A man who walks his shoes
Try to invent my own felicity
I need to see
Beyond those clouds of doubts
To play around with this obscurity

6. For The Greater Good And Evil

I am the bearer of this pain
Holding sunset of my dying race
Existence diminished
As the genes of darkness crossed my very path
Watching chances go away
Passing bridges of nothingness
There is no such love or hate
Passion with life is what I long
It's all for the greater good
And evil that is still lurking
Waiting for the right moment
To attack me from the inside

7. Narrow Avenue

There was time that we were wary of our life
All those days we spent taking instead of giving
Watched my world collapsing in front of my eyes
I'd exchange its debris for a small new beginning
In the coldest freezing breeze of winternight
I see stars on my path all the way back home
In my dream I could embrace my whole world
And the future that is here within a reach
I must take the narrowest way

8. Virtue Of Perseverance

9. Shuffling Biorhythms

Exposing skin to hidden solar bites
Radiate me with your midnight sun
The beauty of insomnia starts to hypnotize,
Clinging to my disrhythmical sense of hope.

No permanent cycle for us, the unseen
In quest to find a glimpse of tomorrow
Foreseen nothing less of an exact rotating order
Reaching out from within, a constant state of change.

Believing in a nearest doorway
To find real sunlight as I awaken
Having a goodnight when the sun comes out
Dawn or dusk, it does not matter anymore.

Feeling somewhat lacking, thinking somewhat deceiving
Confusion is here and now in my collateral windows.

10. All That Matters

Innocent eyes of a child
Could give us an insight
On how she sees the world
In a much different perspective.

We've passed our innocent days
Since many years ago,
Traded them with anger and despair
And with constant discomfort.

The way we stand together,
The way we fall together,
The way we deal our lives together,
It's all that matters.

Yesterday has gone for good,
Tomorrow will never be the same.
Today is the most difficult time,
For us to understand the plan.

The way we walk together,
The way we cry together,
The way we risk our lives together,
It's all that matters.

11. Locust

[A-ha cover]

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