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1. Track One

Wish me luck, wish me luckier
than the luck itself.
I have traveled far,
to the edge of distance,
guided by divine hands
through all these sufferings.

Many walls have been broken,
many have yet to be.
With both feet on the ground,
my wish will never expire.

Clinging on the urge
to stay on track
and keep moving.
The core of life is not about
how we end an episode,
but on how we dare to begin
another after another.

Wish me luck, wish me luckier
than the luck itself.
So many plans to do in such
comfortless time-frame,
as change is the only constant
in life on Earth.

Stagnation never takes its course
within oneself.
Praying at the crossroads,
hoping things would go well.

Ahead of us lies
a different standard of meaning,
adding concrete facets to
the once so-called oddity.

Time will tell should things function,
or vice versa...

2. Gestalt Principles Of Matter Perception

Finding truth in lies, reading between the lines.
See through deceptions, sense through periphery.
An intrinsic macrocosm, essential and constitutive,
entirely in totality.
Gestalt principles of matter perception.

A multitude of perceptive decay.
Reasons interact within acceptance,
built into somatic habit and regularity.
Unquestionable yet undecidable.

3. A Linear Passage

One definite progress meter
built up by the burden of strain.
Uncyclical infinity,
eternal journey to the yet unknown.

Nothing is so complicated:
when it's done, it's done.
A sentence cannot describe
the will to keep moving on.

I just take this strange continuum,
leaving all my peers bemused and clueless.
Have I changed, have I gone insane?
Even past is haunting me,
I have no time to turn around.

As mysterious as the universe itself,
my reveal is also my secrecy.
Everything is relative to the other,
issues that will never ever be solved.

At the end of the day we would realize
we can never expand our time in space.

4. Tabula Rasa

Beyond the mental image of a man
lies a blueprint made by God.

I am standing here recalling to
all the roads we have passed through:
Always hard to understand,
always hard to comprehend.

Yet it's always easy to believe
we are not here for no reason.
So many mistakes and failures,
so many elements of imperfection
formed by our sense of free will.

Causing sadness that never disappear
when life has broken into pieces,
we realize everything has gone so wrong.

Beyond man's own nervous breakdown
lies a blueprint made by God.
And here I am standing on a line
between reconstruction and destruction...

5. Private School Of Thought

Utilize proper logics through modal thinking,
a root of analytical dialectics.
Philosophize, ratiocinate all nonsense
until my mind simulates pandemonium.

Morale, rationale came off unforeseen.
Idleness in the way we generate conjecture.
Downsizing expectations to the bitter end,
feeling trapped within this segmental aperture.

See the whole world revolving around me
while I found myself in a stationary struggle,
only to collapse without one single movement
as visions expanded beyond mental capability.

Die down in personal responsibility,
and I'm looking forward to it.

6. The Regulars


7. Departure Gate 8

Welcome to the world of endless transformation,
a universe of continual permutation.
Having no mark of culmination,
Kekal in its primordial signification.

Seeking justice through resolutions,
an outbreak from the years of stagnation.
Mankind is an empty space - a floating void,
waiting to get materialized and vectorized.

Take eight as a sign of infinity.
This gate is a portal of liberty,
and I'm taking you with me, baby.
Let the dead bury the dead.

Your progressive journey begins here,
through the alleys of pain with me.

8. Heartache Memorial


9. Let Us Blend

Us in the state of constant change.
Conservatism has lost its meaning.
Left behind all lies and deceit.
Us in a carrier, driven one way forward.

Purity's an illusion, life has its proof.
To one's heart's content, openness upsurged.
Sustain singularity within set patterns.
Let us blend!

Together we stand, as a fusion of styles,
the magic of colors, alluring dynamics,
where differences made new pathways.
Let us blend!

Shall we attain hybrid sophistication,
piercing right into the core of being?
Our character shall be preserved
even in an absence of homogeneity.

10. Open World

And I face my own real self,
broken in an open world.
My heart beats a groove of grief,
bleeding to God in a path of pain.

Rhythms of anguish and desolation
move me into mournful consciousness.
While I still believe in a better tomorrow,
anxiety is on its way to consume.

And I face my own real self,
wounded in an open world.
My eyes stare into one black hole,
seeing stationary state of affairs.
A tragic life with unused obsessions
forming a torrential malevolence.

While I'm still heading towards a light ahead,
apprehension is on its way to devour.
But I am grateful knowing that I'm alive,
and that I'm grateful to be here...

11. End Unit Of The Universe


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