Dark Lyrics


1. Gol-Goroth the Grey

Whispers speak of the answers I seek
Darkness waits around every bend
Is there existence beyond my sight?
Ready with malice inside my heart
The woman in the woods, she's hung up in the tree
Bound by twists and vines, soaked in bloodstained leaves
With a quiver of her lips my path was set before me
The answers you seek are that of five
Head onward to the planes of fire
Travel west to the murky bog of grey
That is where Gol-goroth the black toad lays
Dwell in dismay, trials filled with treachery
On the path I embarked to find the stone of grey
The witch's haunting voice lingers through my skull
As I approach the thick black bog
So dark and scalding the absence of light
It makes the air appear grey
Approach me, scum
For what you seek is beyond human discuss
Collect the colors of GRIMM from each deity
On your feeble path
Demon, I bare no worth to you
Why do you share such wisdom with me?
Humanity is bland, order is efficient, I was born of chaos
I seek to ignite the fires of war, misery and pestilence
As quick as the night was thick, the Goliath plunged deep into
The mire, never to be seen again
Severance splits the light, my eyes are fixed on the relic
Found amongst the deep mess of
The charcoaled earth, with the rune in hand I know my purpose
I must adverse the trek of the wicked
Damned voices, stench of rot
Terror infects every fiber of my mind
Shrill hymns beckon me to the scorched plains
Where the great wood once was

2. Rhogog of Ruby

Miles of drought hide no secrets to the location
Of its deposed king
Heat from the core
Of where I head
Breaks its steadfast across my brow
Skin dry and brittle to the touch
My mouth bull of survival but I must continue
Streams of the physical warmth wisp and crack
Across the cloudless sky
Breaking the shadows hiding in the bushes
Merely for a moment I know my struggles worth
Ash soaks the lining of my foot print
As I approach
The center of the weeping wasteland
A beacon of swirling ruby red glares
At me from a distance assuring me my legs will last
On the brink of consciousness
I stand deadlocked with
A single massive ruby red eye
Eternal Mass
An obsidian toothed tree
The shade of dark beyond any I've ever seen
Outstretched I waste none of times essence
My hand momentarily melding to the bark of the sacred tree
It's boiling husk
Peeling the flesh from my palm
The eye fixates deeper
Into my stare
Rhogog the embodiment of blood lust it speaks not
I writhe in agony as the wood splinters
Around my arm in the shape of a crude map
A slipped murmur escapes from what I imagine is the Old one Rhogog
Take the stone beneath my roots
Creature entreat me
Burning on last spire
Into my arm
I am released
Many have tried and all have failed your faith will crumble
I still must persist
The ocean calls you onward
The blue abyss
Deep with secrets of the old world
The seas watcher awaits your company

3. Inpesca Thee Indigo

The oak's bow splits the depth waves
As my vessel carries me closer
Full mast idol for no one
My wooden tyrant immersed in its travel
Mirrored off the crashing waves
The pure depth of this blue mass
Matches the sky, as above
So below the creatures of the Mythos lurk even closer
Pressing to an island of dread that,
Emanates through the air like the stench of decay
Rotting limbs from an unwary host
Does existence even mean anything,
Beyond what's currently perceived?
Do days come where all is clear?
The stains of indigo left on my stead gradually make me ill
My body is betraying me, this quest will kill me but this is my will
Self collapsed in hopes to catch my breath, the ship is lifted
From its watery highway
The shadow from below breaks the surface,
Of the torrent below me
Inpesca Thee Indigo
Jowls of tower sized fangs meet my glance as I am petrified
No longer paralyzed, rather indifferent to the terror I've brunt
Astonished I have been spared for now
I ask oh great deep one,
What is I must do to prove that I am that of vigor?
Devolve yourself from within my entrails become enlightened
My bellows welcome thee
I heard as the massive creature engulfed me whole
Deep in the bellows of the beast
A stone of pure indigo lays waiting with omnipotence
Ssenkrad otni devaeh

4. Mormo the Shadow of Midnight

Clusters of light break the emptiness
As in awake
The sky is a sickly sweet midnight
The ground I lay on is one of sand and clay
Free of the clutches of the bay
I recollect the stones I possess
Speak to me they lull me into slumber
With the chorus of the tortured
Ripped from reality
The world becomes monochrome
Drained of color my body lay still
Astral I am conscious
Feral cries stop me in my tracks
Vile breath can be felt on my neck
Twisted cackles can be heard near
Fluttering by stinging me with maliciousness
Exiguous worm
You know not what you seek
Or the horrors beyond human sight
Demon name thy self
Hahaha demon Neigh
I will inform you
Mormo The Watcher Of Midnight's rune
If you continue the only end is death
Answers outweigh my
Desire to live
Tell me, Mormo
What I must do
For this stone you will persist your own mind
Delve deep inside
Slay the creature compiled of your laments
Mormo twists and writhes expanding
And deconstructing
Pooling into a new entity
As it emerges
I see familiarity
The withered corpse of my begotten son
Horror burns the eyes exposing
Memories buried beneath
The hot heat of coals
Burning at my insides
Sacred beasts
Divine demons
Feel the air sweltering in
As I marry thy steel to your flesh
I release you demon
There is no Absolution
As fierce as the
Torrent of the Flood gates of hell
My consciousness is thrown back to my husk
A stone of pure darkness sits in my hand
Forced to the center of this accursed island

5. Mordiggian Ov Moccasin

A haunted voice snarls, deep inside my head
As I discover, my journey is coming to an end
Step by bewildered step, I approach the monolith
Moss strung about these ancient pillars
An altar of architecture unbeknownst to me, stands so gracefully
Slots 1 through 4, summon thy stones, collected of GRIMM
The sacred gems rattle and crack as
their innards spill onto the ground
Thick sinister oil which blurs my vision merges and thickens
Slimy tendrils bleed out of the oil,
grabbing out the base of the alter, lifting new terror into the world
Azathoth Blind God, bare forth thy name, blessing permeate
This insect with knowledge of the fallen ones
Creation was destined by none,
We far outbirth time, We thee ancient consul
Scents so unfamiliar, so unfathomable
The twilight's mourn, brings Belial's beast into our world
Swirls of ominous winds sting my face,
Blemishing my leathered skin, discolored sigils searing into my eyes
I am blind with knowledge, overwhelming my senses, air escapes me
These days outweigh what most I've conquered
Content I wait for judgment
We design what we please
Love, desire, lust all forms of a virus we infect you with
Desolation awaits you succumb to her might
Learn thy lesson of empyrean decadence

6. Xog-Ghatha: Void X

Our hero lay eternally in peril
Doomed to bare the cold
Forgotten hand or mercy
Strapped to the slab
To revile the ancient
His limbs lay twisted
And mangled beyond human worth or function
To revile the ancient
Is to sin that of God
Punishment for the ill content
Start with the ligaments
Service the nethermost
No relief, no escape
Suffer trough eternity
For your fefilement
Of our kings order
Descend into chaos
Bare the hilt of the mountain madness
Sheets of air thick from the forstmourne
Linger stagnantly above this sacrificial table
Waiting outside my peripheral
I see the creatures crooked posture
Parasites will take your speech
The brine will purge your insides
Demonstrate your power
Oh great one, Xog-Ghatha
Took light of heeds answers and selfishly wondered
To question Daemon Sultan Azathoth
Is to disrespect the ancient rite
Bound to pain desolation of sanity
Tell me, beast, why must I suffer
Please grant me death
Forsaken fool, you were warned of your travels
Forsaken fool, you were warned of your travels
A reminder to the meek: stay as blind as can be
Outside the ordered universe
Wait creatures of infinite horror

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