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1. Ocean Cumulonimbus

In the Land of Nod the fog rolls in
A moon slice of surgical precision
It streaks across a tortured sky
Days and weeks unfathomed cloud
Rolling in and bearing down
Crashing down and tumbling tumbling

Pinnacle of stone
Several all alone
Needles probing sea of mist
Swirl of ghost embrace and kiss
The jutting columns
Tower islands miles wide
Solitary in the gray
Lives that toil their lives away
As overhead the airships hover

Silent running over air
No one knows what lives out there
The wheels of progress grind and spin
Crushing bones our loss their win
Breaking backs and pressing onward
The spirit of progress pushing downward

2. The Something Opal

Face at the window of the shop neglected
Squints down on the people
Spider crack along the pane
Along the cheek (not so deep)
And eyes that dart from coin to pocket
Curse the wallet
Junk antiques and blatant forgeries
He weighed and lost his soul to Mammon
Sold his soul for a costume synthetic

He found a map on scroll today
Tucked away in a crate of books
Charlatan and spider web
But this was different, this was Something
Opal glinting between the piles
A chart of uncharted in the seasons rolling
And a network to an X following

Winter skeleton fingers creep
Out across to grasp his coat of lies
Stride with overconfidence
He stepped onto the cobbles
Find him an airship and a crew
Bait them
Pay them with a strongbox promise
Follow Opal to the hoard
And kill them all out on the raging Q'Sh

3. Lost Souls on Lonesome's Way

Tavern sign swinging on its chain
Rough and worn letter-work worn away
Sea is Jupiter dreaming today
Through telescope

Inside, a mystic circumambulation
Around an empty glass
Fire electrical virtual hearthside
And we are all the virtual IT inside
So saith the prophet slumped in a corner

Drew up like madness, ghoul in its coat
He spoke with a smile that went crooked and broken
But he swallowed his bait to seek out the Lapis
Cup everlasting
The Fleece
The magnificent everlasting
With his sleepawake eye shining

On to the quays where the airships are docked
The pirates atr bats roosting in the slum eaves
And one bat got loose in a brothel
A pilot perfect and sails fill'd with gold
See the X glowing
Glowing and shining
See all the sinning it buys
So saith the ghoul deaped in lies

4. Vanishing Act in Blinding Gray

Ten times ten the days are numbered
Passing time across the cloud of Q'Sh
The mystic sat at bow and prayed
Listened close with sleepawake eye
To the whirling of the vapor
Though he of the proof of his prayer
The final drops in rough stoneware
Cleansed with water cleansed of wine
Seeing, skrying, maybe dying
Maybe soon the blood knives flying

Pilot daydream wasting hours
No port of call to his flowers
With lust he wandered far from shore
Adventure to the Lands of Whore

Steady in her courseless
Navigate through shroud
Scroll a shuttered lantern in the
Hand of White Noise propeller

Ghoul in black that pulls the strings
Admires how the airship sails
Knife in pocket turns
Yonder sleepawake eye
It burns

Something here isn't right
Stealth and search second sight
Hear the giants groaning
Deep below propellers droning
Feed the lies that keep them going
Feel the knives feel blood flowing
Three fools embark upon disaster
Three plots three plans emerge as master
A cup of silence to drown the others
Drought of greed whispers opal

(The spying Warden watches from his Tower in Secret
using an Esoteric magnifying Glass,
but the dusty Mystic never sensed it.)
Passing time across the clouds of Q'Sh
Thinking thoughts planning plots
Sleepawake eye inaccessibly cries
Raises his hand anchor falls
Here where we stay
Here in the gloom
Here in the gray of the sail
Here is the tomb of the Grail

5. Turbine, Hook, and Haul

Inaccessible point searching
Like lovers in a misty crowd
Plume of stratus
The whole world is a mushroom cloud
Sleepawake pull on silver cord
Feels almost like desperation
Holy Hook with water blessed
Steady and still
Disappear into swirling abyss

Fathom by fathom
By fathom
Line goes down
Magnet drawn to secret space
Hook and eye in lovers' place

Haul out in the sea of silence
Turbine turns
Here the hook, here the haul
Cabinet drop on board in fall
Hieroglyphic painted door and wall
No one knows what they say
No one says what they saw

Ghoul in coat
That evening out in twilt boat
He twisted and he opened door
Little girl sleeps and dreams
Of the darkest ebony
Out on the raging Q'Sh

6. Midnight Mystic Rise and Fall

Curse the girl
The girl is cursed
She dreams in jet
Her soul is as black as her body
The gods they dropp'd her in the Q'Sh
To save themselves
Statue breathe on bier in the
Cabinet from the clouds
This is nothing holy
Sleepawake eye spinning
Abomination, blasphemy
That thou art, then, Blasphemy

Decanter is almost empty now
Devil doll, she needs to die
Holy knife sacrifice
Creep out of the shade
Deck planks creaking
Silver gleam against the lamps
Is a dark angel grinning
In the throes of suicide

Bier like hope, girl gone
(Maybe she would bless this spot)
Knife is shaking
Magus trembling
Shadow out from nowhere
Death leapt up in a somber dress
Broke his neck and cast him to the mist

Silence again
And groaning
Planks of airship creaking

7. An Eye for a Lie

It has been some long days since
The pilot had rejoiced in the gardens
Singular will
Shadow floe in ice of flow
No one would ever ever know
Across the deck to the cabinet
Crawling, coddling demon seed
Perfect in her innocence
Asleep in her acquiesce

Shade approach the holy altar
Beside the holy hook
Tremble in his lust
Black streaks leans in to take her
She took his tongue and throat
Perfect in her innocence
Blasphemy laughed and grinning
She fixed him to the holy hook
And put an end to his sinning

Ghoul in coat will arise at dawn
Black coat skin over black coat soul
What is this thing upon this hook
Open eyes, open wide
Blasphemy is stirring
Sees the sea around him fuming
Doll arise in dripping dress
Meet his eyes
Wormholes looming

8. Blasphemy: A Prophecy

Look at what's become of it
The Garlanded Experiment
All to naught an island wrought
In obscurity by clouds
See the future of religion
Sleepawake eye squints
Cataracts of vision

See the fools and see the lies
The bargaining of lives
Remove their hands
Put on their eyes
Walk away as airship dies

Dragon prays in a corner bid
By shade of ignorance amid
Corruption, search of X imbued
With charm enough to misconstrue
The lust of self for love of all

A ship of fools one day appeared
From out of prism mist and fog
And only a girl disembarked
In the land Gog Magog
In the land of Nod unleashed
The Spirit of Castration
With bloody dress
And razor tress
A miracle's duration
The holy trumpet blasphemy
The savior of a Nation

Thanks to dm.s.vornychev for sending these lyrics.

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