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1. Infinite Chaos

In the beginning, the eternal chaos ruled
The everlasting one.
The one that had sank in the depths of darkness.
Chaos was the source of life.
Chaos is the source of life.

Everything has come from the infinite chaos.
The whole world and the immortal gods.
The planets and the stars by its cosmic breath.
Gave life to everything...

There were no planets but it gave birth to them.
There were no moons but it gave birth to them.
There was no earth but it gave birth to it.
And even tartars were born by chaos.

In the beginning there were no stars but
They were born by chaos.
Chaos gave birth to dreadful darkness and
To the eternal night.
There were no comets no meteorites, no planets.
But there was chaos, only chaos...
The infinite chaos.

2. Erebus

Erebus, Erebus.
The never ending chaos.
The source of every life.
Gave birth to darkness and
The black night.
Darkness, darkness rules everywhere.
Lighting flashes tear it apart.
Thunders hit the mountains of mother earth.
Slowly the rage stop and the earth sinks.
In eternal darkness.

Darkness again.
Darkness again.

Darkness rules everywhere.
Lighting flashes tear it apart.
Thunders hit the mountains of mother earth.
Darkness, darkness faithless darkness.
And this eternal night who feeds on truth
In the abysmal chaos.
Darkness which grew in thy womb.

Oh mighty gods

3. Cosmic Verve

We invoke the powers of planets.

Zeus give us the wisdom.
Mars give us the mighty energy.
Lunar give them feelings.
Venus give us the power of attraction.
Mercury give us the ability of logic.
Saturn give us the primitive science.
Uranus give us the strength of evolution.
Pluto give us the power of disaster.
Neptune give us the chaotic mysticism.
Sun give us the ultimate reign.

4. Korivantes

Oh! Mighty gods you consecrated the mystical rites.
Oh! You celestial, oh you infernal and of the sea.
Oh! Greatest polemarhs that nobody can confront you.
Oh! You that holding the copper cymbals.
Oh! You that come to earth with your shining armor.
Oh! You black dragons of eternal earth.

Hear our calling.

We raise our hands
Towards the sky
Towards the earth
Towards the sea
And we call upon
Korivantes the mighty gods

We call upon
Korivantes to rush again, rush again.

Oh! You that have the darkest countenance
And rush vexed against the mortals
With only purpose the destruction.

You that your breaths give life
And rage destroys everything as it passes.


And when their blood will flow on earth
Then you will blow your divine breath towards us.


5. Gaia

Oh! Gaia, great goddess who gives life to
Everything that lives and grows on the infinite body.
Embrace the boundless areas.
In other long forgotten worships.
They call for thee by the inexpressible names.
And also inexpressible is the name of the mountain.
They were the priests carrying torches
To invoke the speaking words that the
Human minds cannot comprehend.

Gaia, all mighty goddess

In your endless body the gave birth to the tartars.
The dreadful tartars.
There were no life exists but only shadows.
The shadows of the past.
Thou mingled with the universe and gave birth to fearful gods.
Oh! Great mother I call thee.
Saw me the ancient secrets.
Give me the universe's being.
Give me eternal life.
Give me the knowledge of the black arts.

Oh! Gaia.

6. Zeus

We call upon Zeus.
King of the gods.
Oh! Father guides us.

Zeus is the sun and the moon.
Zeus is the winds and the storms.
Zeus is the earth and the stars.
Zeus is the unbending flame.
Zeus is the night and the day.
Zeus was born men and a nymph.

We remember the time.
When your mother hides you.
From the wrath of your father Kronos.
In a cave of Crete.
And Amalthia feeds you with the horns.
Of wisdom and Korivantes dancing.
Around you.
The dance of men.
The dance of war.
Oh! You are the archon of lightning!

The years has passed away and then
The Christians have arrived.
They killed your priests, destroy the temples.
Oh! Zeus now guide us in a justify war.
This filthy sickness, must eclipse.
They tried many times to kill your children.
This divine hellenic race.
And now the only vision that we have is...
Revenge, revenge, revenge.
Strike with lightning

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