Dark Lyrics


1. Eden Below

Shadows in the black fog...
Restless, endless, soulless, wandering
Gate of darkness' morbid children
Shadows in the black fog
Dawn of evil blood so eagerly awaiting
Raised within an ark of grace and
Beauty hidden

When they creep from their layre
In the mass-graves,
On the dark fields of infinite anguish,
Under a hollow indifferent sky,
The eternal sky

It is time to reach out for the sceptre.
It is time for our master to conquer.
It is time for the olde hooded reaper.
Grim lorde death, he is once more to ryde.

Shadows in the black fog
Lifeless, fleshless, breathless, haunting
Fear and plague and misery's messengers
Shadows in the black fog
Dawne of evilhearts so solemnly
Embracing, leave their crypts to join
The olde earth's funereal procession

When they turne into shape in the
Dark storm that will blow
On the day of our glory
On the day of mayhemic destruction

For Lord Luzifer's triumph in heaven
It is time to take over the
Thrones of the earth
and to rule over all with an iron fist
It is time for the faceless
Archangels to awake
And to rise from the holiest of hells

Shadows in the black fog
Scornfull, wrathfull, dreadfull roaming
Curse of mortals, doomsday's offspring
Shadows in the black fog
Ceremonial servants for our nightly
Sacrificial mass for Satan and
His demonic-court now reigning...

2. Kross Fyre

Black deniall of all life, death arise!
Bestiall payne unto men, beast and thing
Shadow flie-s, earth and heaven can't resist
The spectre lorde, bringing the
Empyreaal eclipse

Kross fyre

Creatures of hell, from beyond
Demons of darknesse, ye ghouls obscure
Kross fyre and flame, iron fist
The spectre king, bringing the
Empyreaal eclipse

Kross fyre

Grande commander, horrible lorde
Splendour blinding [...] the sun
Mighty spell for holokausth on his lips
Nockturnal h(a)unter, ryding the
Empyreaal eclipse

Tale of sin, day of uncreation
Nyghtemare dread, death of the son.
Poison rush, extermination,
Black prince returneth,
The throne is won...

Desperate lament of heavenly servants
Gone lost into black mysticism
Rites of irrevocale pro-fanation
Fall on noctambulant journeys,
God's doom

Unholy law, fyre and wrath
Thy satanick realm
(Meanth) freedom at last

Impaled black angels
Burning through our delightfull ways
The mercylss faythe in thee,
Oh horned hunter of lightwinged ash

And our deeds that shall fulfill the finall prophecy
Grace and despair
Ah, Thy Second Coming...
Lo! the ethyreall pyres of hyperion
Behold my master's glorious return

3. Wytchdance

The wytches, wytches black they are
They feast, they feast upon man's heart
Their lorde has summoned them by spell
To gather, in his realm to dwell

Creatures of death, creatures of night
Conjure the endless evil force
Who knoweth no mercy nor'll give in
To those who seek to ban its source

The wytches dance in limping line
The blood of holy is their wyne
The bones of infants are their throne
They have no fear, they won't atone

Satanickrite shall find no end
To end all life, from hell they're sent
His great return, the only goal
For this, they shall reap every soul

So go! and meet the master's ram
Girl, come to join these women
Become his servant whilst thou canst
Drink blood, conceive his semen

Cauldrens are boiling, mysteries red
Of venom and spyces to wayke up the dead
Gathering hellwhores,
and then comes their lorde

Their dark minds shall follow,
Their flesh is to rot
Will rot in a dreame of his splendour and grace
Remember the sabbath, another one waith

Embrace lustful wrayths exstasy wet and hot
By nighte-fall they swarm out to head for the spot
Where altars of stone, blood-stained, wayte under trees
A place long forgotten,
So others can't see

Far out in the woods servants vyle
Have their shrine
To mate with their master
In nockturnal rite

An orgy of riches and infinite lust
Lorde Satan is generous
Yet obey him they must

Doe all what he sayeth, most of all,
Bring him lives, their duty they
Followe by grim sacrifices

New souls must be draught,
Full of innocence and youth,
Into their communion,
Tonight it'll be thou
Initiation to unspeakable cults

So do what they wish, fuck the priest
From the vault and next, take the
Daggers and open thine veins
Some sharp lethall cuts,
Watch a scene so insane

The ground seems to open,
Thy body is torne
The knife-blade was poisoned
and thou art reborn

Cause out of the deep lift
The spirits of olde
and drink from thine pale wrist
and see what thou sold

The contract is signed,
Now thou art one of the wytches
A vicious black core
In a shell dead and colde

Inside the red circle,
A sister of lore
A knower of wonders
Unthinkable before
Thou slaughterst a childe
For it's the demonlorde's will
Thy pleasure is sin
and thy mission -- to kill

4. Ascent From Ghoulgotha

Spiritual war-fare, churning mäelstrom
Twisted bodies, possessed, trapped -
Under siege, cryptic words,
Tongue of the angels,
Knowledge - sorcery - re-incarnation
Winged gargoyles, malformation
Terror to the living
Quintessence of secret doctrines-
From The Mouth Of A Psychopathic God
Bow down as ye enter his kingdome!!!

Bottomless, unbound
A reality behynde reality
An infinity behynde infinity
A truth behynde truth
Forgotten ones
Striving hard, grim retaliation
Atrocious rays
Guardians at the gate of time
Ascend, ascend and sacrifice

Creatures impaled on the horns, of death
Tayste poison from the chalices of doom
Sulphure dreams
Faceless shaypes, depths
Strength of madnesse
I will succeed
Morbid ways
Dungeon fields
Nightfall obeydience
Fullmoon shyne

Kult of fear, spell of sin, shadow wings
Black magick rite

Macromoniall mastership,
Nockturnal malediction

Tyrant in wrath, I hold thy sigils
Dance through the flaymes
I'm growing still
Mysterious and colde place (of) spectre ruins
Here alone we are - the force-that-is...

Give me the power to desecrate
To turn this earth to ashes
A journey across the innermost spheres
I shall not return for a myriad of years

Ascend, ascend and sacrifice
Invoke the pandemonic storms of nighte

5. Kosmik Sacrifice

Seven flames encircled by ravens
On the cold vast towers of night.
Defiance and unlight, northern hell,
In dreamcast state betwizt nocturnal shadows
Drinking from my woe, and leave thy soul defiled
Pikes of iron molten in starfire rain,
Curse of the godless, kaoz blackness supreme

The outermost abyss, the horror of emptiness,
Citywalls ground down to debris,
Flying triangle of flame, ruin, and madness,
Destruction, formless creating all forms
Mighty Lord, Archon Ialdebaoth Samiel
Unholy dragon, demon of blindness awake
Bring forth destrucktion ultimate,
Principle manifest, watchers awake

Equinox calling, vision and voice,
Sacred warning, lightning and flash
Behold! the supernal macrocosmic realm
and all the plagues governed by him
He that soweth hatred and violence,
Serpent one risen out of the sea
Upon his heads the name of blasphemy

"But Whosoever Believeth In Him Should Not Perish, But Have The Everlasting Life"...

Now is come strength now is come honour
Multitude of thine fires brightness
Kosmik sacrifice of uncreation absolute,
Instruments of righteousness delightfull
Distress among our foes eternall anguish,
Tyrant reign upon the throne of mastershil
So powerfull, unholy perfecktion...
Daemonarch trinity, infernall destroyer
Deathsoul coldwizzard awe and pain
Looks like knifeblows,
Eternall regency granted no morrow,
We shall die in hate and trance of koronation
Invoke the drunken lusts in shrines
Of winged sepulchral horror
Twisted minds and vicious ways
Of priests unpure, a godless sin
Archaic sacrifice by blood
Thy forces wrathful summoned
Stellar abomination's curse
Leaving the zonei tron and slain

6. VVorld VVithout End

From the brightest of flaymes,
and burning through black winds,
From beyond spheres of void
Cometh the apostate king

Avenger of the once fallen,
From the mountains of myghte
To the bottomless pit
Return in the age of the end of all ages
Destroy worthless matter, bring back your
Great lyghte

Terror from Nadir, unfathomable depths
Warriors come forth in Lorde Antichrist's wayke!
Who sith upon the holy see by mid-nyghte's power
Ruin man-kynde with temptation, lust and greed

Eskatonick revelation,
Fear in the hearts of angels,
Resurrection of the horns
The conquerer approaching
The pearly gates at dawn,
Lyghtening in the reddened skye,
Sweet Luzifer, our serpent prince!

Thus thou shalt sin and thou shalt kill
Royall death - justifier - offering
Thus thou shalt kill and thou shalt sin
All these things of truth spake Satan
Unto them...

The precious blood of the lamb:
Remember his blood each Lord's Day
A new death each mid-nyghte beginneth
The holynesse of God demandeth that sin

Eucharist liturgy of the reverse
Covenant meaning-less once for all
Infected spirits yelling woe
Corpse of cunt Mary, on
Black bleeding stone

Perfeckt sacrifice on earth
Devourment of the most holy-one(s)
Advent of adversary,
Mighty prince, thy throne is won

Searching in the darknesse
Frenzy of colde boiling blood
Dead-eyes that invite so shamelessly
Nyghte-trap, my longing
For glorious ruine...
I am here,
I respond to thy call...
Leave me to fall in thy frozen domayne
Nekromantick sodomy,
Dreamscapes of hate, payne
Alter to reality

He shall rule for thousands of years
Multiplying paynes and fears
Heark the guardian angels sing,
Herald trumpets burst yer ears

Accomplished may be the infernall
Service of the threefold (and) mighty
Now the world is done
and as thou sew, so hast thou reaped...

Lord, We Await Thy Command!

Power of death's spell
Unholy bloodstorm unleashed
Kingdome of darknesse rising,
Out of his unknown domayne
Behold the black messiah

Through ancient lore
We conjure their return:
Masters of wind and of fyre!
Miracles of the great realm,
Luzifer's splendour and wonders...

Spiritus rector in colde funereal's bloode
and obscure fyre elementall!
Lord, stake your claim, come and stryke,
Take the crown of empyreaan
Emeralde -- fyre.

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