Dark Lyrics


1. The Last Wound

Halluzinations, blurred sight.
Darkest shadows cast upon my crown..
One thousand years get more to come.
- A thousand years, and they will be gone.
As they lifted him up on to his cross.
I was the splinter in his chest.
The whipping scourge on his pale cheeks.
and empty coffin for the dead.
With fiery sword and harnessed wings.
the light of a dead million stars.
On the top of my spear I shall awake.
Call me the Prince of Winter, call me the Lord of Wolves.
Nightmare, endless, the freezing downs..
The sign of Upophis Destroyer, Star of Bestial Fornication.
Ghemhamforash is forgotten.
Five wounds of deliverance through wrath.
The tree of Sephiroth is burnt.
the joy of heavens exist no longer.
A wooden rack to carry away the hope of the world.
A state that is baptized to the Usurper Lord of Mayhem.
..And the thorncrowned clown of miserable fate hath lost the battle.
Aralim are weeping, poisoned nails split human flesh.
The first one crackth the palm of lies no justice shall be done.
The second fixeth the feeble hand which tried to put us down.
The third and fourth they crush his feet.
Which stalked the salty sea.
Those are the nails that help us win Satanic Victory.
The last wound on the naked corpse.
the spear hath pierced his side.
Our dream of vengeance hath come true.
The gates stand open wide.

2. Painlike Paradise

I speak Enochian, Enochian and in tongues.
My halo a crown - a crown of bones. I wear a robe - a robe of souls
My heart is your world - and hatred lets it grow
I am the purity and temptation, I am the curse I am salvation
I make you blind for your decision.
Messiah Maniac Beast: my mission...
So come to me child, take my hand, look into my eyes -
they show you the promised land,
my eyes are black-black is their gleam prepare for death -the only aim
Unholy Blackened Waters brought forth by rivers deep
poison the wells so viciously they cause nightmarish sleep
As pestilence keeps crawling across the land of dreams
the bloody flood is rising and nothing is as it seems
Hellish Fire - Funeral Skies - Torment - Evil Paradise
Dissonance consumes the silence, war trumpets on our strife
a new march for the realm of HIM, eternal war means life
Enigmatic idols lead the blind. Word from the fire:
Distress, confusion. The end is nigh
Chariot to the bottomless pits, Death's star has risen high
world downfall, opening funeral skies . . . the Painlike Paradise

3. The Chosen One

I gave myself to the devil.
With blood, heart, soul, spirit, and mind.
Do adore the baptism ritual, embrace the cold dark night.
I gave myself to the devil. Addicted, And knowing no fear
Renew the contract year by year,
in cruel Faustian visions of might.
A covenant for life and death, a covenant with Hell...
Elohim dead in my way. do not count the corpses slain.
Satan is within me. Know that I am Him.
I am the chosen one for sure, the one for evermore.
Satan is within me, know that I am insane.
Hear the word unspoken, see the things unseen.
And I reach Katharsis. Know that I am Him.
...And the blood of the sun chilled my thirsty throat...
So I met my doom, far off in the haze, where men turn to coal
with a fear in their hearts so sharp.
And so awesome and piercing their screams. Where the tongue
Of the others cannot reach and the black rocks loom.
This is a deliverance of peace. The future shaped deep in my mind
Magnificently. As a piercing sound. And the path of no god...
Where deep waters (eternally) flow... Alas! Possess me through
that liquid essence. A drug like blizzards through my veins.
A sunken land before me -
Dead - so I am... or am I Thy killing hand...

4. Blood Stainth The Temple Stones

Sunless woods. Ancient wraiths feast
on the shrieks and the perished
Mighty shields, lances long - Realize my wolfish thoughts...
The world hath gone and lost its glory, pale white moon is to enlight
Scenes so grim and scenes so morbid, And my mad abyssic mind.
Wings of death shadow the mountain where I summon from below
Raise my ripping silver dagger, time standeth still, it moveth so slow...
Dance for the crawling kaos. The blood harvest of centuries...
Ghoul procession. Archangel of Insanity, take my hand! Lord,
Thou tetramorph black, invested with rays! Daimonozomenos I am, Thy son.
Fallen in trance - I can hear His legions - magic din, Horn of Satan...
Bleak wintry graveyard, devastated - make this offering with furious fascination...
Fog surroundeth me - fog enshroudeth me - sickest rapture before the altar...
Fulfill the rite for the Evil Ones yearn in their astral Castles.
Highpriests of the Dark Kingdom, where Death our paths uniteth...
For in my mind they speak to me so shall their will be done
I see the moonlight clearer now. And know the Kingdom cometh...
It will redeem me from this earth, I need another life
Come down and rule the universe! I am ready for their strife.

5. Luziferion

Praise hail the lord of all abomination,
Master of hellfire and annihilation
Praise hail the One who will conquer the land
Bow down and pray for your death is at hand
He is the dead embracing dark, the holocaustic throne
He ruleth the world, He rideth the wars,
So kneel down and atone in fire...
He is the black ethereal light, He is the shining one
He is the lord of falling stars, He is the blazing sun
Praise hail the Lord on the Holocaust Throne
Worship the King our Infernal Lord
deathstrife and terror crush all you once owned
Luzifer rules, your scum idols - dethroned

6. Infernal Solar Vortex

Slaves of Jesus lick the Holy Mother Mary's cunt
Lambs befallen by worms are sodomized by leprous saints
Eyes of God are burning, fall into the evil land
Drink the wine of Satan, hear the gospel of the damned!
Commander of dark gods in ritual sleep
Come forth through the void of eternity
Transform spectral lives through the vast fields obscure
Grant magical skills to drink angel blood pure
Mortal sin, apocalyptic minds
Revelation of death to the world of the blind
Disharmonic unity, enemies of the creation
Rising titans, force of desecration
Valley of Hell, atrophic land
Cardinal power of archangels damned
Horrific sight, morbid priests of the earth
Sitting upon the four corners of the world
Basilisk force
Dancing eye of mass extermination
Aeon of tyranny, cosmic hell, sea of renewal
Rape us sweet, Zion tremble, we are invincible
Our armies ride against New Jerusalem
Our magic ruins the world
Satan cometh with signs and wonders
Holy golden doors are shut forever, them to suffocate within
A sea of black tears from the mouth of a whore
Siblings fighting each other with poisoned swords
Vision from the waste sepulchral lands
Final plea of sinners in agony and death
Commander of dark gods in ritual sleep
Come forth through the void of eternity
Transform spectral lives through the vast fields obscure
Grant magical skills to drink angel blood pure
A spring never again to cease, erupting malicious disease
Black crystal fluid of the wicked strong, racing dance of demons
Beheld in sight of the cyclopic grinning moon
In the temple of mystical suffering
A six legged beast with the ten horns of damnation
And seven emerald crowns hath given birth to our new messiah
Kaos vortex throne of night, eating crippled beasts of god
A throne of steel and horrors, surrounded by black sepulchral frostwinds
Pestilence blessing
Dragon claw hammers, dragon spitting sulphur
Ecliptic spheres, sunrise vortex
The galley arks are sent for us, and the powers
Gei-Hinnam eternal - thunder, lightning, doom and kaos
Cloudfallen majesty, Dark Lord now come!
Bestow animation upon the unliving yet restless and eagerly awaiting
Inexorable fate, destruction of the grave
The sleeper will wake and the world will bleed
Infernal race - unholy blaze - sleeper awake - DEATH IS LIFE

Parched with thirst my lips my throat, I am condemned
I gnash my teeth, let me confess unspeakable deeds
As the lake waters close above me, consolation in deathlike rapture
I might find - rewarded by the guilt-less joy instead of horrors
Avenge my blood in ecstasy and oblivion, and ravings of insanity
Another race of beings rise, by the terrible vengeance of my hands
Aided by a glimmering light which turneth into a tempestuous shine

Calls from the past to rise and rule - works of Ungodliness
Conjuration of the flesh, Lord Majesty appear unto us
And get the seven holy virgins, in a state of superhuman trance...
Gaia dissolve in dark matter, Tetragrammaton hosts killed by
Fire and fear, landscapes bursting under the feet of the angels
Elder Lords Invincible Ones - the claws of evil, doom...
The love of god is banished by a curse of the wicked ones
And Hell is the centre of the universe
Terror of a dying world, infernal black devastation
Blood red slaughter hell, TRANSFORMUTATION!

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