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1. 666 (Hohelied Der Wiedererweckung)

The chains are broken, The gates are open
My paleness turneth to brightness
Where thousand seals inflame the night..
The chains are broken, The gates are open
My mask is sheer terror, but I bring the final calm...

An incarnation of kathairein flesh
Deathcult and Flakk Ameth at trident attack
Replacing hope and holiness...

666 Sinister seed.
Rise from the depths where mortality shall breed
I am the Archangel's bestial eye,
I am the murderer of the holy childe
666 devestator of the suns,
Devestator of the skies, Devestator of the light.

I am the crawling chaos. I am the shining victor.
I am the living death.
So watch your fading vision
While I enter heavenly ground.
So dream your failing prophecy
While I eat your world...

In the battle of conquest be upon the enemy
Give me their flesh to eat.
Hail the one, the blessed beast

Worship Him with swords and spears,
Lift His throne and place
Light devouring gods and men.
And another king shall reign.

Eternal ecstasy of hell
For from the North cometh the pain...
None shall before the One,
Angel of the Bleeding Sun.

Imperial forces raging blow.
A storm of steel awaketh
Cruel pounding hammers of His law
Triumphant Lucifer on the ruins of the world.

2. Thy Horror

Ride the horned victory. Side by side.
Steal the children from their graves. Disappear into the night.
Vex the Virgins. One by One. Desecration.
Whe have won.

Ride the horned victory. Domination of the ghouls
Malevolence ruleth supreme.
In our hands whe hold the key.

Retaliation, thousandfold.
The pearly gates are blown (to pieces)
The patron saints have failed to save.
They shiver to the bone

Ride the horned victory, In league with master
Witching wisdom increash the woe, Altars fall and
Mankind, too...
Flagellation. Whipping winds.
Endless sabbat now sets in...

That day the final age began and everything was lost.
That night the spirits wept in pain before they turned to dust.

Gargoyles swing the axe of terror in their blackest art,
Witches sing and dance and call, laugh and rip your souls apart.

Ancient gods rise from their graves.
No return, it is too late.
Watch the breaking world in flames.
Sink in madness. No remains.

That day the golden halls were burned
and they were nevermore;
That day the heavens fell to earth
and everywhere was war.

All mankinde chained to agony.
All mankinde overthrown

Suffering from hellish plagues and countless firestorms.
Demons eat the flesh of mortals
Hung up on cacks and wheels
Impaled, the children one by one...
They are drowning in their screams...

3. Raped By Demons / Massacrament

Maniac. Primordial rite.
Make her serve of satisfy.
Splitted hearts. Bursting lust.
Rancid for the flesh.

Satanic Slut, on her knees.
Bleeding whore. Endless feast.
Blood and semen. Ecstasy.
Unleashed, the scourge, mercilessly.


Desecrate her with a burning crucifix
Sexual torment / Glowing Irons / Wicked game.
Penetrate her, for the sake of fervent drives....
Naked fever / Sinful in the flames.
Beast and whore, into one.
My gift is pain. I come again.
Bodles: clung together
in convulsions deep and hard.
Fast and hot, the open wounds...

4. The Black Grail

Cruel Sadistic Evil erects the Realm of Darkness
Unholy forces, Powers of Madness...
Holocaustic Throne of Hell,
Pedestral of the Light
Father - Master - Lucifer,
rideth the sea of blood.
Pyroclastic maze grotesque
conquereth what was day
Black Archangel, I call Thee!
Take my soul away...

For in the mirror my face turneth greener
Powers of Madness call from the other side.
Mocking my shadow cast by the candles
Lit where ,y ship wrecked at the seven cliffs of time.
I bathe in flames. Eternal journey.
Into the cauldrons. History melted.
Tentacles touch me. They are the guardians.
Abominations cleansing my mind...
... And the Black Grail shineth.

5. Lunar Castles (Harvest)

Summoning the evil ghosts, creatures from cosmic fields
Spreading their spell o'er the corpses of kings.
In witchlight where we will meet.
Necromancy, Sortilegium, Maleficiatores...
6666 Legions of Hell...
We are one to inherit the earth
before a thousand years have passed.

Ship the astral open
by the principles of spiritual reanimation.
And throw a horrid crape of pitch
o'er the putrid gardens of (their) "joy".
Praise Hail to the beast unholy
which haunteth in the aura of our spectres;
Woven in time. Hermetically warped at the castles.

... The woods call for a bleeding child...
Hearken! This is our curse.
A treasure lieth beneath those trees.
A new force is given birth...

In the circle of our dark rites,
raping the angels, ringing His bell
Bury the sunshine under His claws.
Yearn for the ones on the pinnacles of Hell.

On black thorns of chaos
Where aeons fall to dust, distorted and perverted
Before archaic northernmost tribunals of terror
Enthronded by a demonforce for vengeance.
Nailing down the earthly gods at a black crucifixion.

Graves so cold
Death or sleep it is the same behynde the visible
Where damnation mocketh from its gaping chasm
Blind, dark and mad. A circle of giants.
Racing torrents, a cataract of stars.
Into the shapeless central void...
And atrocious winds surround the collossal abyss
Where they lurk and rage on their thrones grotesque
So infinitely cold. Unpatient for the last command.
Until the universal end.

6. Nazarene (Into The Flame)

Grind the gods with the warhammers of death.
Satan is Lord!
He ist the Master of all!
I smite thee down before my feet,
accursed religion weak.

Powerful Legions...
United to smash the spirit of the lamb
and widen the portals of Hell
Foll the cherubim that glisten like gold
Burn down their churches and the "Apostolic See".

Burn the tabernacles of sanctified lies
Empty the benches, the pulpits and shrines
None shall escape and none shall survive.
Crush all the idols and poison the wine.

Satan is Lord. He is the Lord of this World
Worship the Master of Hell.
Jesus Christ! Your fucking crown is fallen;
thou art doomed and I have won.
King of Jews! There is no resurrection.
Nazarene - into the flame...

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