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1. Archives Of Doubt

[I. There Is A Piece Of God In All Of My Scars]

[II. Borderline Vanity]

A dissident - forlorn - forsaken
Like an architect of slow death
Coping with the shape of snakes

Once cowering in embryonic shape
Sullen in spirit
Now rising - cutting to feel
Defeating self-perseverance
With numbered moments and poisoned mind(s)
A corpse still warm exhales

Dissenter from the core

A burst of energy serves as the last enchantment
Disturbing the peace
Maiming the scarred remains
In the shadows of wolves
"in the midst of life we are in death"

May the stars be hidden
In a thicket of obliteration
Inexorable shall be the dawning of disorder
A clean killing going in circles
11 seals prosper the departure of truth
Holy decay extinguish organic grandwhore
We shall not overcome
Once and for all

Sic transit gloria mundi!

2. Voice Of A Dead Boy

Curse the state of dreaming
Lost in reflections of perished schemes
What distress to drown in what once was
Abyss of possession - wounds of the great lie
Grant me strength, so i might fall

Years as a funeral
These crumbling walls called mind
Put it all in a shell, i call it coffin
All that dwells within, call it family

Taste of the dreamlife of angels
As an ubiquitous delusion
Just a child, all is yet to be...destroyed!
I will not be reborn

Oblivion is the strength of this world and its fall
Stigmata xenophobia

In this void's no hope, no memory remains
Only fear, annihilation of self

For all shine inside this wreck
When it all comes down again
Let the void be known (let the voice be known)

3. To Dare Not Speak Its Name

Woebegone naked soul
Distorted view upon invidious world of schemes
Slit my eyes, for they'll remember

A breathing corpse
Dim, estranged, indifferent
As life turns colder than death
You'll dare not speak its name

"i am perplexed"

Black bird grievance
Mute philobate moans
Dissociate from the shadowy remains of the I

Renounce the "silent balance of perfection"
Consummate the stifling of purity

4. As Fear Changes Sides

Conjuring the impulse of fear
Feeding on the anguish of others
As the last witness dies
Two streams lead into the void
Scathing the tension alone
As fish drowning in water

Unfaithfully denying
The black October's dawn
Blind eyes crying over
A rewardless moment of purity
Interorganic bodicide
This cold feels right

The weeping shall perish
Omitting the prime distance
To the circle of plagues
Awaiting the silent flood

The tyranny of the haunted
Compulsive in their extinction
Fueled by the logics of nova secta

Disparage the stumbling
Among dying cattle struggling for release
(as) the cold sword of vengeance
Perpetrates the finishing act

5. Venus Dementia

Dormant amidst the devious
Detaching from prevalent ruins
Promiscuous contemplation
On the verge of dementia
Obscenity incarnate
Laughter giving life to thee

A phantom to reappear
Akin to the scarlet whore
Elusive muse to the deteriorated
Precious demonic cunt
Eager to beget

Soulraped yet bewildered
Scourged by the "last of the stars"
Contagious emanation deriving
From a throne of excrements and gold

Infinite void thus lust concealed
Devouring revenant to subsist on "lie and murder"
Poisoning light of Venus
Bereaving this mortal shell

A phantom to reappear
Laughter giving life to thee

6. Aenigma

7. Dead Not Dreaming

I have witnessed my own decline
As a part of this constellation of falling and wounding
How to release with a need to estrange
And a barren struggle to recommence
Vitiation cycle - an impromptu fall

Life's borders desecrated
It's all so visible yet so unalterable
I have desocialised down in the dirt

Finding solace in the fading of this vision of inner chaos
Beyond all voices a hoarse noise coming to an end
The past is dead!

This shroud of silence covers all
For what is dead will never dream again
Praise the decay of everything...

Total playing time 45:00

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