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1. Cosmic Nightmare

In that world
The wind never stopped
Nothing could be born
Grow or survive
Unless it could fight
Against the wind
Against the wind!

In that world
Lives a man
His universe was as
The place where
He was born
Had grown and had survived
Where he had struggled
Against the wind!

The wind was his path
The wind was his prison

One day the wind
Just stopped blowing
And he stood up never again
A strange myth, a bizarre war

2. Symphony des gravens

Endless valleys of the dead
Beyond the waterfalls
Of a profane world
Of a slowly dying universe

The time of their return
Is coming
Voices from the graves
Are tearing my mind

Blasphemous cries
Screams of terror echoes
Sacrilegious whispers
In the spirit's world

The altar is waiting
For its sacrificial victim
It is written
In the book of time
The esoteric prophecy
Shall be fulfilled
Those magic mirrors
Cause time to stop

Blasphemous cries
Evil echoes
Decayed souls
Cosmic pain

Profane altar
Dark screams
Dying universe
Black symphony

Decayed souls
Seeking for redemption
The howls of the wind
Doomed in the everlasting darkness
Drifted in the vortex
Of the ageless time
Unspeakable terror
The symphony of
The absolute insanity

In the pathways of dream
The rustling of the eternal tree
Where it's graven
Any mortal's destiny
Flagellate your leprous soul

3. Adoration of Darkness

Endless pictures
Of an existence
Which dimensions the time

Adoration of fear
That dominates your soul

You must remember
You must believe

Evil preservation
Feed the black river
Which flows
In the eternal ocean
Everything confused
In your mind
The rejection of freedom
Your oppressed imagination

You must remember
You must believe
Sometime it may come true
Misshapen, left and vanished
What you tried to forget
Go meet your destiny!

Your inhuman adoration
Adoration of fear
That dominates your soul
That rules your values
Go meet your destiny!

4. Eosforou katavasis

Emperor Lucifer
Master and prince
Of rebellious spirits
I call upon
The powers of death
To bring thee
From the grave

I adjure thee
To leave thine
Abode the come
Hither to
Communicate with me
Come to me essence
Of death
And bless me with the grace

5. Visions of the Misty Night

The world is full
Of mysteries
Some are of ghostly tales
Some are memories
From beyond
Some mysteries are of murder
And other unleashed from Hell
Some are just bizarre
And never really
Explained even to this day

Visions of the misty night

Thoughts and memories
Questions need answers
Searching, searching for
Forgotten memories
Of years long gone
Dark mysteries, evil mysteries
Pure nightmares
Of a silent soul!

Aeons ago, memories
Without salvation
Unsolved mysteries
From bizarre masses

The breath of evil God
Is still like a fire
And the stars shall look down
From the mighty thrones
In the abyss
Like the given light
Like a strange hope
To mortals'
Ultimate salvation!

6. Order of Dogblood

I animate everyone who fights
Against servitude
The heroes and martyrs
Of liberty and progress
Of every era have drunk
Of my spirit

I inspire the revolter
The scorner, the sceptic,
The satirist

I stand for the tree
Of knowledge
I am the lightning
Of the human mind

I am the lightning
Of the human mind
I am the soul
Of the world

I blemish thrones and altars
And annihilate
Binding chains
Impelled by my restless

I urge men to
Outgrow faith
And fear, until
The slave stands erect
Before the tyrant
And defiles his curse

7. Mater Tenebrarum

Νυχτα μεσ στισ ψυχεσ μασ,
Σκοταδι, θανατοσ

8. Virgin Blood

The sacrifice will not
Take long
It has to be done
Her blood will flood
My bloodthirsty soul
Her screams will satisfy
My irreligious mind
Ultimate insanity

The last pleasure of madness
I search inside
The dark aspects of my mind
The lust of serenity
The last of serenity!

Her death will rise
Her blood will be spilled
The time has come
The virgin's blood

Her death will rise
Her blood will be spilled
The time has come
Thy kingdom come

My invincible desire
Leads me to seek for it
With a cursed passion
Cosmic chaos
A mysticism of blood

Damned soul
Searching for redemption
Will soak their
Unholy existence

They will quench
With her blood
They will worship
The chosen one

The one who they
Faithfully serve
Sinful thoughts
And sinful nightmares
A hedonic dream!

9. The Chariot of Emperor

It was many cycles ago
But the human cries
Echoes still

The emperor was victorious
Before the face
Of the onslaught
In the land of the Lhins
Their cries still echo...

Long live the emperor
The sentinel of erevos
Long live the emperor
A glorious march in citadel
Long live the emperor
The unholy imperator
Long live the emperor
The triumph of coronation

The cries of the unlucky
Soldiers of your kingdom
As they were destroyed
By the invading forces
Of the undefeated darkness!

The king gave
His life in vain
A power that once
Belonged to the enemy

You should be immortal
As a member of your own tribe
The land of Lhins (will drink)
Will drink my glorious blood!

You should be proud that
You won the battle
That was my last war
That was my utter sacrifice

I'm going to give my life
For my people, for them!
This is a king's fate
So is a father's destiny!

It was many cycles ago
But the human cries
Echoes still

The chariot of emperor
It runs through
Flames of Hades
A messenger of iron reign
Marching in the parade

That was my last war
That was my utter sacrifice
It was many cycles ago
But my cries still echo...

Necroabyssious - Vocals.
Astrous - Guitars.
Achilleas C. - Guitars & Bass.
Harris - Keyboards.
Foivos - Drums.

Solo guitar on "Virgin Blood" is by Sotiris Vayenas (Septic Flesh).
Vocals on "The Chariot Of Emperor" are by Sakis "Necromayhem" Tolis (Rotting Christ).

Music by Astrous and Achilleas C..
Lyrics by Necroabyssious.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Achilleas C..
Arrangements by Katavasia.

Thanks to FireballDemon for sending these lyrics.

Submits, comments, corrections are welcomed at webmaster@darklyrics.com


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