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1. Bottom Feeder

A lack of ambition
Crippling sadness
Feeding emotion
Cower disgust

Lifetime failure
Hate the world
Yourself most

Base defiler
Bottom feeder

You've always said that life's not kind to you
Pity junkie do nothing for yourself
Another night of TV dinner
Raise your glass toast to your health

Another day with nothing to live for
Another night you writhe in agony

The sun is your worst fear
Outside world frightens you
You look down on people
Surrender to the void

Steal from the weak
Support your shit life
A life of solitude
Nobody sees you

And when you die no one will notice
Until your neighbors smell the stench
A man with no impact on anyone
Self serving disgusting being

With monitors burned into your eyes
Your heart will just explode
Need a crane to lift out the body
No one will fucking care

Bottom feeder
No life no worth
Bottom feeder
No life no worth
Bottom feeder
No life no worth

2. Flash Flood

Flash backs
Night terrors
Flash Flood

The scars have long since healed
I lie in waste still
The monster I've become to serve
Their eyes still cut with piercing intensity
To take my own life is to wash
Hands clean

A true hero scarred for life
The bodies piled under my name

Under orders but a butcher just the same

No wounds on my body
Shattered wars long ago

Dead are so silent
They welcome me home

Freedom from the living
Greatest gift I've ever received

As the tensions mounting
And the trigger so close
I often question why I held on so fucking long

3. Padded

Scratching sanity
Nails torn

Messages seep out the walls of padded rooms
Been here for years
Water drips the same
Sinister thoughts and blackened heart
Patients come and go
But my cut throat can't be tamed

Stainless steel leather straps to hold me down
Open mouth to scream a whisper in this ghost town
Trying to swallow tongue to end this horror
Induced seizures don't stop lust for gore

Dark red
Bleached skin

Blue eyes
Until life
Leaped away

My souls as strained as the scene of the crime
Cut her for days but I kept her alive

400 volts
Trying to purge me

Dark passenger
Won't leave

I know I don't have to do this
Begging for your life won't help
I know I don't have to do this
I fucking want to

What's point of being alive?
With concrete on all sides
Why take another breath
If I can't take yours?

Punished by evil nature
This mind is a cancer
Trying exorcise the ghost
Kill the parasite kill the host

A monster lives within me
Released by true beauty
The roots of evil run deep
In a mind that never sleeps

What can't be cured
Must be endured
Weak of mind

Made to kill
Lidless eyes
No control

Nails torn

4. Downpour

Poring rain has soaked her bones
Veil of fear covers her eyes
She can sense she's not alone
Cling to comforts deep inside

Makeup runs as fast as her
Her heartbeat stops time
Brain shuts down
Panic sets
Strangers disappear

Pours out of her soaked skin
For a hope that won't exist

Feel as though she born for this
You were made to bow
Beast of burden Roman's blood
Not meant to survive

She exists within my mind
Just a false perspective

In her
Cold gaze I no longer feel
I steal
Her thoughts for the first time
Comfort tries to grip at life
Last breath
Exhaled to the void

Our paths will cross when light dilates
I pass you with a smile
Suffocated in the rain
A fitting cross to another plane

She breathes through me now
It burns my lungs
What have I done?
The first time is always the hardest

5. Forgotten

Trapped here no sunlight
Cloaked in the human failure
Break bone fever aching
No will for life

Death has no place here
Healing winds mend and warp
Lend me your sight
I cower in total blindness

In a pool of fear we sink alone
The war is over we are forgotten
For a rescue that will never come

Tortured for information we don't have
Deprived of sleep and killed revived again
Constant darkness the hounds drown out our screams
I just want to die

Life please let go

6. Enshrined Heat

Keep in mind
Your dream
Means fucking nothing to me

I slip into your home

A figure looms and waits

Tied up
Perfect for a sacrifice

There's no fight in you
Nothing left
A shell of a man

Best years have long since passed
A lifetime wasted on a righteous path

Around your
Model home

Cleansing flame
Set you

That day you thought you saw God
But he wasn't looking back at you
A broken spirit from fruitless efforts
Life's worth is relative

Beast is hungry
I must feed him
Sacred flame

Without a face to hide behind
Embers scorch

Present the offerings and he shall devour it

Flicking flame to birth you anew
I waited so long for this
Strike the match
Burn this home

Summon him forth
Enshrined heat inferno tempts me
The blaze coaxes me away
Portal to a new life

Patiently waiting for a weakness
All contracts signed all fate is sealed

Salvation lies in immolation
Very shortly you'll see
So eager for your arrival
Do not keep him waiting

After years of putrid silence
I opened my eyes
And I was home

Refuse to carry this burden of life
A new age is dawning deliver me from filth

Tools of chaos ignorance isn't bliss
Failure results in glorious reconstruction

7. Nobody Lives Here Now

The honeymoon is over
The laugh riot's done
Nobody lives here now

Remember years ago
Darkness in man shone through
Picture perfect painting of abuse

Corridors of ancient hate
Only ghosts remain
Trapped in a vow of misery

And all the pieces fit
Into broken bones
Public sickness overflows

And when enough's enough
In a fragile mind
Bodies is all you'll find

You're a waste of skin
And now a million voices curse this home
Since the day the bodies were found
A solitary man glazed frozen eye
The basement
Where so many died

Waste of skin
You're useless to him
Nothing but pain
Open your eyes

These cold concrete walls
The stench of curdled blood
The quiet orchestra
Of a thousand death rattles

He drags them into darkness for the last time
He burns their souls with apologetic eyes

You're a waste of skin
You're useless to him
Nothing but pain
Open your eyes

Down drag them down
Down drag them down
Down drag them down
Down drag them down

Stench of the bodies
Seep out over time
Over 50 corpses
And he vanished without a sign

Waste of skin
You're useless to him
Nothing but pain
Open your

Waste of skin
You're useless to him
Nothing but pain
Open your eyes

These cold concrete walls
The stench of curdled blood
The quiet orchestra
Of a thousand death rattles

8. Eclipse

Mask of madness
Clings so tightly
How long till the fever breaks
Pale skin and vipers blood
The disgust of man's worth

Acting fast and thinking slow
A premonition of human failure
So unaware cold eyes watching
Bath in dissolution

Lambs to slaughter
Bathe in ruin
Blinded by hesitation
44 senses scream danger
Leap of faith into a shallow grave

Never question
Never falter
Never question
Never falter

The time for fear has long since passed
Trust leads you off a cliff
A place so dark light has no meaning
Shadows beacon onward

All you knows means nothing here
Dead languages fill your thoughts
Hope died here long ago
Faith is what killed it

Splayed a spawned in another plane
Molecules divided with haste
Blackened eyes golden guts
Cower in sanity's eclipse

The blind walk amongst the dead
Path to promise paved
With deep seeded hate and ancient ignorance

9. Nobody Will Ever Live Here Again

Shadows of death litter these halls
No escape

Tortured souls
Foul air
A specter between planes

Pale and
Spilled guts

Haunted for so long
Only death may own this home
Whispers of tortured souls
I die a little every day

Death was so silent
Defiled rotten remains
The air is so stagnant
The wind ushers pain through

Brutality form long ago
Still hangs in this place
The blood has long since been cleaned
But paint won't cover a wraith
Torture echos through these halls
Now only ghosts remain

A kill site for far too long
He dragged them here to take their life away
Hundreds of violent deaths
Now hundreds of violent shades

It seems desolation will never leave this place
Bodies piled under his name

10. Blessed

A sculpted sacred altar
A place where thoughts consume
A wish turns into ashes
My company

Is hate

This bark won't peel off my wounds
Wall my way to suffocate

I hear the heretic calling
He carries me away
Shattered into a thousand insects
Of disbelief

This taste
Will never leave my mouth now
While my sanity mocks me

He refused to embrace it and I struck him down
It blessed me with sight
I could not look away

Open every door
Let the light shine in
Close all contact
High council in your mind

Used to be a man with dreams
Desires and aspiration
Now all I welcome is agony
My thoughts swarm to them

The vastness of this place
A second sacred home
Make my thoughts falter
Snapped under the weight

Black light
Is the only light I can see now
Down here
Smothered with my thoughts clinging to life

I fought a thousand serpents
I tread on holy ground
My minds contamination
A sacred second home

11. Stagnant

Slow construction
Dooms day machine
Systematic oppression
Money's bright gleam
Gnawing gashing teeth of steel
Free market to erase free will

Pulling teeth and breaking backs
Common man grow tired while the rich grow fat
Print and print without the gold
Buried with your servants like the pharaohs of old

Pathogens created for war
Running out of oil and we'll always need more
Return to the burial site
North America ground zero for the worlds demise

Running out of room without a plan
Rescission marks the time to bite the hand
Faster stronger won't be long
Take their homes and give them bombs

Military occupation
Under flag and gun
Inferiority complex
Eyes locked on who's next

Appease the war gods
Outsource the shit jobs
Calling all allies
Scorch the Earth
Burn the skies

Force fed

The economy is dead
Still we press military agendas


We need your fucking money
And we need your fucking sons


Swimming in debt
And basking in oppression


Never gonna stop
Till we invade the fucking sun


We're all at fault
We sit and wait
The flock won't rise up
Till we drown in the rain

Do what we want
And laugh at the U.N.


Under cloak and dagger
No weapon like distraction




Jamie McIsaac — Bass
Dave Callahan — Drums
Erik Anderson — Guitars
Jordan Schritt — Guitars
Aaron Mayes — Vocals

Thanks to ad.day43099 for sending these lyrics.

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