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1. Other People`s Stories

Come take my hand and we`ll walk into the woods
This is my kingdom, now this is your home
If you belive, sometimes pretend
If you fight back, in the end
You should shall see what is worth

Other people`s stories they are just like mine
But for one thing, I did what they plan
In my darkest hour I just kill a man
With the silver bullet in the barrel of my gun.

I should know better
By the age of twenty-eight
But I took the chance and I never once looked back

When the sun climbs up over victoria hill
I will stop and take the last breath
Then they`ll come for me

2. Sorrow To My Door

Rumours where I lit the fire
I lit the fire then ran away
My oh my, hold me tight
Hold me tight make it righ

The house burned down to the ground
To the ground-ashes and dust
My oh my, hold me tight
Hold me tight, make it right

I tried to search my soul
For traces of remorse
I find nothing of the kind

I will dance upon your grave
I won`t shed a tear that day
I will not bring sorrow to my door

I still hear you scream from the house,
Scream from the house-trapped inside
My oh my, hold me tight
Hold me tigh, make it right

3. Cry

I walk out of the shade into the light
For what must be the very first time
I don`t walk fast I`m enjoying each step
Then I see you from a distance

And I smile
Smile through my tears

Falling apart is not for me
I`d rate stick to fight
When I`ve been here for years
For a thousand years
There will still be dark days ahead

I cry even though I smile
Smiling through tears is something that I will recomend
Sometimes when you`re near
Oh, I sense you in here
I know it has taken a while for me to come clear

It`s getting darker outside
I put on a coat
It`s been a while since I felt cold

4. Dog Star

Did you ever think of me
Did you ever think that I cared
How could you walk away just like that
You know that I depended on you

I was only ever scared
When you tried to make feel
Like I was the only one
You where only ever there
When I tried to push you away
Oh, you`ve come back for more

Did you ever come to ask
Did you ever come to see
How come you never let me go
How come I never said-no

Look how she`s dancing
Look how she`s holding her head up high

Don`t say a word
I have found peace
This will be my home
My home is where you are

5. When Lilies Bloom On Winter Days

Mother, I feel so cold, she says and stares into the dark
I take hold of her hands
She`s burning like fire

I have seen the lilies bloom on a cold winter day
I have heard dead men speak
And wash their sins away
No more shall I fear the night
I have seen it all
I`d give away my heart and soul if only that could bring her back to life

She was fair, like light and day
She was my heart`s delight
She says no-one`s to blame
But indeed I blame myself

6. Push

I couldn`t stop driving
I drove all night
All the way from berlin
I thought I might shoot her
I never thought crying would make me weak
But when she stood there all tearful
I had to ask myself why
Is she worth coming here for
Will she do me good

Don`t try to push me now
I`m working hard for my living
Don`t try to tell me how
I`m supossed to live my life
And how easy it all could have been
How easy somebody`s life can be

She came from somewhere
She was too young
She had it coming
She took it too far
I could say something
Just to be nice
But I don`t belive in making things right
I put on my gloves
I have done this before
It won`t cost a thing

7. Ride

I ride with my daughter
She keeps me safe and warm
As if it was me who was the newborn

I know it should not matter
I know I do not have to say this
But I think I`ll be a good mother to her

As long as she keeps quiet
As long as she lies perfectlystill

So for now
We will take
One step at a time

8. Fishing

Fishing, fishing now
Down by the bay
Fishing with the girls
It`s so lively out there
Shall I cast the line?
Cast it in, cast it in, all the girls are saying
But I`ve got my eyes set onjust one

And it`s you
Oh`it`s you

It`s you who I`m standing in front of with nothing to hide
Take me in
Take me inside of your dreams and your thoughts and your mind
This time I`m leaving the girls
Look, I`m wearing your pearls
I have decided to stay here forever
Once I was restless but now im where I`d like to be

9. Carved In Stone

I let myself in
Through the kitchen door
Silence at first
I found her on the floor

I have walked through fire, she said
I ran, I ran as fast as I could
But it was still too late

Just like my father
She gave away every hour of every day
She could never find a way out of this place

Her life was carved in stone
There was not much I could do
She let me stay the night
I have walked through fire, she said

Even the birds are crying
How come I feel no pain
No sadness at all

10. Life

While there is light there is life I hear you say
While there is life there is hope I hear you say

I didn`t want to meet your eyes
But when I do they shine-im not worthy of being shone for

Wherever you wanderer I followed you there
But nothing seems to last for a lifetime anymore

I cannot feel your touch-I am numb
When you speak I find it hard to understand your words

I never meant it to cause you any anger or grief
We both agree that nothing is what it once was

When I look at you it hurts
When I hold you tigh it feels like we only just met

11. Orlando

There`s a time for rivers to run beneath the trees
There`s a time for birds to fly across the sky
There`s a time for lovers to wander into the woods
Orlando there`s a time for you and I
There`s a time, orlando
For me to sing your story
There`s a time, orlando
To sing other people`s stories
There`s a time, orlando
To sing my own story too

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