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1. Intro

2. Valdogg

Til hevn for frender
Over blanke egger str'mmet det blod
F'r kj'ttet ble fortaert av haermenn i blodige brynjer
Jeg taler om drapet i dunkle ord
I blodig stavn seilte langskip ut
I de iskalde b'lgedrag
R'dskjaeret varslet ufred
Vaapnene d'mte i fiendtlig m'te
Tida for hevn var kommet
Hett brant hatet i aapen kamp
Til glede for 'rn og ravn
Livl'st ligger frender
Banesaar ble gitt til foten som satt paa fiendens hals
Hevn... som varg i skog plaget av sult
Hevn... h'yt mot himmelen hornene skinner
De naableike livl'se hender
Var iskalde
Overstenket av valdogg
I nattem'rkret blir makten st'rre

[English translation:]

Dew Of The Slain

For the revenge of the kinsmen
Over shiny edges streamed blood
Before the flesh was eaten by warriors in bloody armours
I tell about the manslaughter with dark words
In bloody prow sailed out the warship
In the ice-cold wave-puff
The red sheer forebode war
Weapons ruled in the hostile encounter
Time for revenge had come
Hot burned hate in the open battle
For the joy of eagle and raven
Lifeless lie the kinsmen
Mortal wound was given to the foot that set upon the enemy's neck
Revenge... like the wolf in the forest tormented by hunger
Revenge... high towards the sky the horns shine
The corpse-pale lifeless hands
Were ice-cold
Sprinkled about by the dew of the slain
In darkness of the night the power grows stronger

3. Valgalderkvad

Tunge dr'mmer samlet de vindfylte heimer til samraad
Galdrefars aatte klover dundret fra garms blodige bringe
Til den h'ye heim
Valgalderkvad tvang den d'e i tale
Bak den austlige d'r
Drivvaat av d'gg regn och sn'
Volve ti ei
Fra denne tunge gang
Vil jeg du skal svare
Til alt er sagt
Den skire drikken er brygget
Aesene venter
H'd f'rer hit den h'ye gud
Det 'de liv
Rind f'der vaaler i vestersaler
F'r han drapsmann paa baal baerer
Lenkene l'ses
Redselfylte ragnarok kommer
Ti ei volve

[English translation:]

Magic Song Of The Slain

Heavy dreams gathered the wind-filled houses to council
The eight hooves of the wizard father pounded from Garm's1 bloody chest
To the house on high
The magic song of the slain forced the dead to speak forth
Behind the eastern door
Soaked in dew, rain and snow
Seeress!2 Be not silent!
For in this heavy time
I want you to answer me
Until everything is said
The clear drink is brewed
Aesir await
Hod3 leads here the high god
The wasted life
Rind4 gives birth to Vali5 in the western halls
Before he carries the killer on the pyre
Chains loose
Terrible Ragnarok comes
Seeress! Be not silent!

4. Kledd I Brynje Og Smykket Blodorm

Urner skrek fra himmelfjell
Nattm'rk laa garden
Da ulvers og ravners likkonge ble f'dt
Dagen er kommet
'yet kvesses (kriger ulvens venn)
Kledd I brynje od smykket blod'rn
Sveipet inn sitt ravnesaar
(I) sn'fjell solfjell ringstad haatun himmelvanger
H'vdinger s'kte til sverdstevnets kamp ved logefjell
Lysskjaer lynglimt flakket
Valkyrier red over himmelvanger
Vaapen. Klang straalebunter stod fra spyd
Stenket av blod var brynjer
Saa sant jeg lever skall sverd klinga
Herskeren sendte sendemenn ut over land og sj'
For aa samle et mannskap
Rikelig nok av det r'de gull
B'd de haermenn og haermenns s'nner
Stolt gled de ut gjennom orvasund
Alle de haerskip med lange hoder
Aarer knaket jern braket
Det runget 1 skjold som berg brotnet I brenningens slag
Gjennom doggvaate daler og d'kke lier
Red krigere paa svipud og sveggljud til solheimar
Skoddemoen skalv
Naa er de harme nivlungene
Det raste en storm av staal I m'rkskogen
Da fiender m'ttes ved frekastein
Fremst I flokken der folk kjempet
Uredd han var
Vill av stridslyst
Beinhardt var hjertet I det tunge bryst
Hardt raar eder I ringstad naa
Saa sant jeg lever skall sverd klinge
Hill Nordveg

[English translation:]

Clad In Armour And Adorned Blood-serpent6

The eagles screamed from Skyfell7
Dark as the night lies the courtyard
When the corpse-king of the wolves and ravens is born
The day has come
The eye sharpens (the wolf's friend8 fights)
Clad in armour and adorned blood-serpent9
Swept in his raven wound
(In) Snowfell, Sunfell, Ringsted, Highsquare, Plains of Heaven10
The chieftains sought the battle of the sword by the Flamefell11
The glow in a lightning flashed
Valkyries rode over the Plains of Heaven12
The weapon. Melodic bundles of rays shimmered from spear
Sprinkled of blood was the armour
As true as I live shall the sword resound
The ruler13 sent messengers out over land and seas
To gather an army
And plenty enough of the red gold
To offer to the warriors and to the warriors' sons
Proudly they sailed out through Orvasund14
All the warships with long prows
Oars dashed iron clashed
It echoed in the shield as rocks broke in the breakers' battle
Through dew-wetted vales and dim slopes
Rode the warriors on Svipud and Sveggjud15 to Sunhalls16
The foggy moor trembled
When they are angry, the Nibelungs
A storm of steel raged in the dark wood
When enemies met by Frekastone17
First in the flock where people fought
Fearless he was18
Ardent for battle
Bone-hard was the heart in the heavy breast
Severely you rule in Ringsted now
As true as I live shall the sword resound
Hail Norway

5. Hymne

Paa den skinnende idavoll
Var lidskjalv skuen kald og vid
Fra det eneraadene yggs oye
Ved de uenddelige greners tingplass
Med rutteri nivelheim kvergjelme
Kunne ondskapens bitende kulde fules i marg og bein
Der de sylskarpe tenner banet vei
I den krystallklare jotnekjelda
Klang gjallarruner av det hvite urdarvann
Daain dvalin dunuyr duratro
Forhekset av de livsbaerende knopyer
Mellom onde kjellsord av nidhogg verfolne

Ask vet jeg reise seg
Yggdrasil kalt
Kvit aur uses over treet
Derfra kommer dogg
Som i daler faller
Staar evig grunnover urd kjelda

[English translation:]


On the shining Idavoll19
Was Lidskjalv's20 look cold and wide
From the sole-ruling eye of Ygg21
By the Ting-place22 of the endless branches
With roots in Nifelheim's Hvergjelmir23
Only the biting cold of evil is felt in marrow and bone
Where the drill-sharp tooth clear the way
In the crystal-clear giant source
Resound the Gjallar-runes24 from the white water of Urd25
Daain Dvalin Dunøyr Duratro26
Bewitched by the life-carrying sprouts
Amid evil insults from Nidhogg's27 Verfolne28

I know an ash-tree raises itself
Yggdrasil coldly
White sand is poured over the tree
Thence comes the dew
That falls in the vales
Stands eternally green over Urd's spring

6. Vukkeferd

Aust for elivaager
Ved himmelens ende
Dryg ble den hornfagre bukkeferd
Til nihundre hoders hall
Den isdryppende nettefrost seg paa
Førhoder trillet
Oksehorneces hugreistetun
Falt tungt i den kolsvarte skog
Bukkefyrstens agn var klar
Bergtroll brulte, det braket i fjell
Eldgammel jord sank ned
Fra et skar mellom skogledde aeser
Ble all aesakraft samlet
For tiden var snau, furaustfra de kom
Alle de trollende hoder
Mannheims berger ormens bane
Agnet kroken med oksehodet
Mot agnet gapte guders fiende
Bandet som ringer jorda

[English translation:]

Billy Goat's Journey29

East of Elivaager30
By the sky's end
Long is growing the horn-fair billy goats journey31
To the hall of the one with nine hundred heads
The ice-dripping night frost descended
Before the heads rolled down
The highest place of ox-horns
Fell heavily in the coal-black wood
The billy goats prince's32 bait was ready
The mountain-troll screamed, the mountain roared
Ancient earth sunk down
In a cleft amid forest-clad hills
All his aesir power33 he gathered up
For the time was few, before they would come from east
All the bewitching heads
The defender of men the killer of the serpent34
Hooked the bait with the ox-head
Against the bait gaped the enemy of the gods35
The band that encircles the earth

7. Naglfar/Ragnarok

1. Wolf guarding the reign of Hel.
2. She's the seeress that foresees Ragnarok, the final battle between Gods and the Giants.
3. God that will kill his brother Balder through the deception of Loki and that will start by this deed Ragnarok.
4. A giantess with which Odin conceives Vali.
5. Son of Odin and Rind, he's born to avenge Balder killing Hod.
6. Song concerning The First Lay of Helgi Hunding-killer.
7. Highness.
8. Helgi.
9. Kenning for sword.
10. Places given as present from his father the king Sigmund to Helgi.
11. Place where Helgi fights with the sons of Hunding. it's called so because Helgi saw a glow flashing, i.e. the coming of Walkyries.
12. In the sky.
13. Helgi.
14. Strait where Helgi will fight.
15. Horses.
16. Dwelling of Hodhbroddr king of Nibelungs.
17. Wolfstone, in Helgi poems a place where there's a battle and the wolf is sated.
18. Helgi.
19. Plain situated in the middle of Asgard, after Ragnarok, there will rise anew gods' palaces.
20. Seat from which Odin can look out over the nine worlds.
21. Name of Odin "the terrible".
22. Place were gods gather to council.
23. Spring in Nifelheim, dark netherworld, from which all rivers originate.
24. Echoing.
25. Spring by Yggdrasill's roots, there sits the three Norns to preside over fate.
26. Four stags that feed on Yggdrasill's treetop.
27. Winged serpent that attacks Yggdrasill's roots.
28. Vulture sitting amidst the eyes of Yggdrasill's eagle).
29. Song inspired to Hymirskvida.
30. Venomous rivers from which the early giant Aurgelmir was born.
31. Thor's travels on a chariot pulled by two billy goats.
32. Thor.
33. Thor.
34. Names for Thor.
35. Names for Jormungand, the serpent that encircles the earth.

Dolk: drums and cymbals, voice
Thomas: all guitars
Warhead and Kampfar: synth arrangements

Produced by Warhead and Kampfar
Engineered by Warhead and Dolk
Recorded and mixed at X-Ray Studio

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