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1. Only The Dead Rest

This horrid fever bloated shell is beginning to squeeze my brain too tight. By
miserable dreams entranced. Bleeding for these eyes to remain shut in darkness.
In this conscious cycle I am trapped. Spare me this transient surge of chemical
nausea, mimicking contentedness. Pressed into my forehead, these fingertips
fail to comfort my mind. Comatose descension. My psyche withers and cracks as
the worm naked to the burning sun. Razor lined parasites that trace their way
through my brain. I have harbored this virus inside my mind my whole life,
wallowing in a pool of vomit. Inside my skull thoughts grow sore and begin to
decay, infected, swollen, and bursting. My jaw tightens into a clench. Cranial
pulse escalates to a pounding throb. I turn my focus inward, to be relieved by
perpetual void. For we cannot attain in life the adoration we receive in death.
I am glad to have died, and now that I am gone, I know only the dead truly

2. Buried Revelation

Moss grew over my eyes, and the roots went to my brain, down my throat, through
my knees, and out my toes. There will be no salvation. A perspective struggles
for air, engulfed by the earth’s healing scab. Let the dirt pour from the
inside of my skull, as I am excavated from the burning wreckage. My torso opens
to reveal a mass grave, exhuming the skeletons buried in my chest. Why must
there be illumination upon this festering pile? Cursing that which wakes me. I
coil to make my nest, to hide my scales from the light. I have not yet had my
time in the sun. There will be no salvation, for I am the serpent doomed to
crawl on my stomach. Slithering beneath your feet and between your toes.
Learning your minds, mimicking your frivolity. But all jubilation is mine in
the end. Basilisk fangs glistening in the sun’s final rays, to alleviate a
radial hatred, ancient and hypnotic. Staining your lives and all the earth with
a bitterness, subtle and unbearable, yet tangible at the very base of your
mind. A worm becomes a king. Arising to crush the crown of God. Eternally
dispelling my misery to permeate through every molecule of life that pulses
over this planet. The sun burns blinding red before eternally ceasing its
graceful shine. In a serpent’s mouth the earth shall be swallowed whole. And we
will ask ourselves before we finally die: How miserable is the light that
shines into my eyes?

3. Harbored Guilt

Reveling in misery. Your eyes torn out, does sight remain? Shall I imitate your
shallow disgrace? Your pain is my warmest smile. It's just a feeling, this
sensation that I get. Similar to the birth and growth of black cobras in my
mouth. Where is the happiness you are to find inside yourself? The salt will
not cease to pour into your unlidded eyes. A surgery malicious, meticulous,
ripping you apart. Furious excavation. Don't tell me you don't need this. As we
stand here, we can smell you rotting inside your beautiful tomb. A blank dead
face stares at me. You have focused the whole of your existence upon a single
thought. The depravity of our world. That we are all plagued. Voluntarily
impaling yourself on a spike of well intended nothingness. Your words are
beginning to rust into the guilt that rots inside us all, revealing your
pointless speculations as a disguise. The ordure you harbor inside your skull
has given nothing. Now this torment is only your torment, and it's salt to me.
Finding poison in every flower and you wonder why they wilt with your touch,
leaving your world empty until there is nothing left for you. My index finger
is pointed directly at your pathetic heart. I'll be the one to close your eyes.
I'll close your eyes when you die

4. Reptilian

Delusion: We are coerced into a single file line following borders that dissect
the whole. Succumbing to the bricks of the constrainer raining down from above
us. Eyelids sewn shut, stumbling away into a tangled spider web of agonizing
bondage, while dripping fangs emanate from the walls. Fear is all around me.
Lords pull at robotic tendons guiding every subtle twitch of fingers, and
thought is coffined, smothered beneath the loathsome. Conglomerations of
decaying offscourings amassing into a colossal mountain range, larger than the
biomass of the entire earth. Squeezed and contorted into the crafty wires.
Slimed in a dripping sewage runoff coating. There, behind a snowy television
screen, bleeding in peeled human skin, snaked into the eye sockets of the
evening viewer. With arms hanging limp over the side of the love seat,
potassium chloride dribbles from the corners of our mouths. A puddle forms on
the dirt floor where comprehension and empathy dissolve. Coordinated like toys,
becoming blinded, stoic, acquisitive whores. Manipulation of the collective
consciousness pontificates a prayer for our country, entombed. Defining
abominable. Extract the ticks burrowing deep into the brain stem. Together
we’ll eradicate the throne of our tormentors. …This is the delusion that I
burned and I watch as its ashes decorate the ground. The manifestation of my
discomfort and insecurities. I am relieved now that it has died. A
misperception of reality. Nothing more than a charred and stinking corpse,
nailed to the cross next to the remains of a white, manufactured Christ.

5. Aporia

And finally the halls of marble dissolved around me. The blackness stung my
eyes. And my insides burned with this forbidden access. And I laugh at this
sand I hold in my hands. This, I used to think I held the key. The door was
always open. And I remain to stare at my reflection, as I am randomly switched
back and forth from either side. My insignificance becoming insignificant. And
all my pointless shouts at the universe fall back upon my skull like pelting
rain. I smash my fist into the mirror until my body is soaked in blood. And I
laugh uncontrollably at this shattered reflection. I let my hands bleed as they
finally touch the truth. All the pain and torment. The sum of humanity’s
suffering. It was worth everything I have lost. To finally understand these
beautiful roses blossoming forth from the hollow torso of humanity’s blood
drenched history. I lost my tongue with the shards that splintered into my
mind. I am not amused. Bloodlet my skull now. Acid rain on my lungs. Ending all
life now. I stand on God. Drain this world from my eyes. My insignificance has
become insignificant.

Thanks to dyslexicpanda9 for sending these lyrics.

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