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1. Intro


2. Leprous Divinity

i am the witness to the monstrosity.
the witness to the deleterious.
lives lost in the name of ignorance.

pestilence spreads cursing the mindless with crooked tongues.
obsession and devotion intertwine stretching the individuals reality into deadlock.
the infectious pattern of monotony continues, it leeches consumes, drains, the free willed devolving them into drones.
they claim to have purpose, a path of restoration.
their diatribe is deafening.
the pestilence continues slowly plaguing the ones defiling our society.
the body that is touched by the words of god, they enter with such force only to be spewed down their lips.
the masses drink deeply absorbing the false benevolence.
they fall victim.
they become mesmorized.
the transpiring of malice begins to take form.

3. The Rot

Timber unfit for the fire. Rotten and infested
Sinking slowly into the earth below. A small stem of life remains at the core. A shrinking ribbon of vessels drawing sustenance from its own husk of decomposing tissues. Eating away at itself to survive just a bit longer. Once a mighty tree deeply rooted, once admirable now blown to the ground by the winds of time, unable to withstand the encumbrance of its own growth. And as that of man in disdain he feeds from a corrosive regret that hollows out cavities that once held him in passion. Eating the rot becoming the void. The insidious poison of regret that turns man into chaff and the living to dead.

4. Sufferer

i must repair, i must rebuild even that of which i despise for it is who suffers at its peril.
it is known that i cannot salvage the inequities of all and still i am scourged by all for failure.
my flesh becomes leather to bear whips of the indignant and frustration becomes the sepulcher where my patience is laid to rot, a shrine of depraved, unwillfully erected by my own shame.
this is empathogen that i must digest has no mercy on a mind bescorn, a painful enterprise of self-hate.
in pertpetuum i am forced to suckle the breast of mother grief lest i starve.
the torturer tortures the sufferer suffers and i am the orphan of these the bastard child of inquity.

5. The Process Within

i stare into the abyss only to rest my eyes on the deceptive nature of mankind.
the desire for progression has only damned us with hypocrisy.
a generation consumed by devotion overlapped by absense of morality.
the populace is blinded by self manipulation, to condone its destructive nature.
the submissive are led astray stumbling down a path of self righteousness.
mastering the art of contradiction, disobeying their sacred laws.
the fanatics are devoured by gluttony, endless act of repitition.
they're the pillars of disaster, the foundation of corruption.
I know all things must come to an end.
End to the lunacy, end to the absurd desire for dominance.
In my disgust I rejoice for I am not bound, but my lack of perception leads me to question this existence.
I persist for I wish not to be deterred.
I will discover resolution on my own terms.
Not through the pandemonium driven machine, fueled by the distorted opinions of the meek.

6. Interlude


7. Nefarious

Planate perfection falsified by stark pallor, a fever from the inner workings, constructed by flaws.
Suffocating the individual slowly breaking down.
The body moves along enduring the modern day atrocities.
Shrieks of terror fill the mind, inner workings begin to erode.
The resolve of a once proud individual begins to shake the foundation.
Every sense of understanding dissipates leaving only uncertainly.
The atrophy is thriving, a nemesis that conveys unfathomable apprehension from depths that cannot be defeated.
The dread beast, the purveyor of shame.
The individual is nothing more than a misplaced memory, remembered by none.
The entity that is the dread beast remains unscathed, unconquered claiming another.

8. Magure

An ember in the back of my throat glows orange,
crackling with every breath.
The ash fills my chest
and boils the flesh around my heart.
The time of filling the cup to extinguish my despondent fury is no more.
You have punctured my temperant
and now I deliver a torrent of spirits to the smoldering wrath enlivened by your torment.
I will swell with seething rampancy,
so viscious am I my embrace will consume you with the heat of a living star.
Relentless I will destroy you.
The flames have peeled away all that was man and you will lie beneath the foot of agony.
I have chosen to die so that I may become,
and as you writhe in this wretchedness you too must choose to die so that your fat and bone may become me.
I shall claim another in everlasting flame until all the world is enveloped in ash.
The ember returns to earth where it may spawn new life worthy of existence.

9. Only The Dead Rest

This horrid fever bloated shell is beginning to squeeze my brain too tight. By
miserable dreams entranced. Bleeding for these eyes to remain shut in darkness.
In this conscious cycle I am trapped. Spare me this transient surge of chemical
nausea, mimicking contentedness. Pressed into my forehead, these fingertips
fail to comfort my mind. Comatose descension. My psyche withers and cracks as
the worm naked to the burning sun. Razor lined parasites that trace their way
through my brain. I have harbored this virus inside my mind my whole life,
wallowing in a pool of vomit. Inside my skull thoughts grow sore and begin to
decay, infected, swollen, and bursting. My jaw tightens into a clench. Cranial
pulse escalates to a pounding throb. I turn my focus inward, to be relieved by
perpetual void. For we cannot attain in life the adoration we receive in death.
I am glad to have died, and now that I am gone, I know only the dead truly

10. Ungoliant


Matt Rucinski – Bass
BJ Sarnese – Drums
Jake Smatana – Guitars (lead)
Max Short – Guitars (rhythm)
Matt Grossi – Vocals

Thanks to thebraedentelstad for sending track #3 lyrics.

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