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1. Inexorable Light

Why, IT, why ?
You have betrayed me
Where you are?
Why you abandon me
I run, I run,
The blood and the mud
I run, I run,
I'm the jackal that I am

The Black Beast
That I have called to me
Runs away in the sky
Then he falls down
And setting fire
Like a falling star
Like a falling angel
He sinks inside the ground

And Daeniel seeks and runs like a tiger
He is merciless, his force comes from beyond this world
And Daeniel flies high like an eagle
His force is the light, the inexorable sword

Why, why,
I am alone in this time
The mud and the rain
Sliding on my face
Why, why,
Has the voice deceived me?
The mud and the trees
Chain my escape

The sky and the clouds
Answer to my cry
Red, red in the sky
The wind howls full of anger
The light, the light
I fall down into the slimy ground


2. The Glory Starts

After the fall, the second fall
Carnagus fails and we catch him
We must complete the plan of war
And put the end to the reign of dark

Big swords and shields, arches and arrows
And heavy armors, to kill forever
Know we must fight for forces of light
The dragon with us for mighty revenge

Fight together to kill the evil and to bless this black land
The glory will starts, the glory will come
In the name of our kingdom come

The evil's master now is in chains
Into his castle now he must die
His skeleton throne is troop round
The fire of revenge is in the air

Soldiers of kaledon, Daeniel's men
They watch the black throne, supervising
Carnagus eyes is looking around
But nobody there's for helping him


Ehi….Carnagus, your game it's failed
Your plane of war it was dethroned
Daeniel and me we are the light
And with the light, the night will leave

Kaledon wins for his mighty sons
Valley of the death now will be blessed
The light becomes, the light will be rise
And will return to shine in the sky


3. The Angel


4. The Hidden Ways

I remember,
When you were the witch of Carnagus
But you were
And the flame was alive into you… into you…

Hidden so in your soul
Azrael didn't even know
When we are crossed our looks
An ancient fire inside us

The saving force is the love inside
The rising light from the darkness
The hidden ways of the great design
The rising light from the darkness

To the love
All is clear
We have found again a memory
We would have
Had to fight
You would have had to kill me…to kill me…

But destiny was different
And all the chains have been broken
You have braved the ancient forces
Love has built the bridges for us


[Solo : Alex]


And the flame has blazed
And you are burnt
And risen from the ashes
Like a rising star
And you have become a legend
The Queen of the Sun
Goodbye my sweet Lady
Goodbye my Love…

[Solo : Alex]

5. In The Eyes Of The Queen

You know…Daeniel,
"Elisabeth" is not…only a name
She was a spirit free
She faced the obscurity
And she raised her energy

You know…Daeniel,
A woman in bride…with her destiny
She has lighted the flame
And the stars of your heart
By the love inside

Nobody as her
Knew to sink in the hell
Nobody as her
Knew to circle in paradise

In the Eyes of the Queen
Flash the eyes of the dragon
In the Eyes of the Queen
There were the eyes of the dragon
Oh…I have seen, I have seen…

You know…Daeniel,
The Queen was the only…the only fair name
She was the queen of herself
She was the Queen of her King
Great silence inside

There was no vanity,
There was no arrogance…in her glance
For this she was beloved
For what flash in her eyes
For the fire inside

And the fine one
Was the respect for the life
And the fine one
Was to look with the loving eyes

In the Eyes of the Queen
Flash the eyes of the dragon
In the Eyes of the Queen
There were the eyes of the dragon
Oh…I have seen, I have seen it…

You know…Daeniel,
She has died
Whispering my name…
…and going to the wonder
All the words cannot explain
Only the heart can feel the wonder


6. Mighty Son Of The Great Lord

My queen is dead
I have no child
And I am scared
For my kingdom come

When I will die
Who'll keep my chair?
I am very sad
Fro this misfortune

You will be my son and you will keep my chair
Daeniel, Mighty son of the great lord
This is my decision for the future of Kaledon
Daeniel, oh Daeniel

Thank you my lord
I am uptight
I have no words
For this great news

Today my work
Is to serve my great lord
Tomorrow I will be
His mighty heir


[Solo 1: Alex]
[Solo 2: Tommy]

When I will die
I will be clear
Thank you my friend
For me and for all

When Jackal will die
I will carry out
This will of mine
With a big Rite


7. Voltures In The Air

We must ear the plans
We must see their moves
We're the Azrael eyes
We're the Azrael serves

We must be alert
We must fly away
We are the black betrayers
We are the wings of death

Voltures, voltures in the air
Dreadful, dreadful Azrael sun
With your ears discover the plans
And fly away to their mighty lord

Daeniel and the king
No secrets for the evil
Now we know their moves
And Azrael too


Telepathy is our force
We'll say all to our lord
And to Carnagus
Mighty plan of war

Darkness is with us
Power of Black Master's
Carnagus will know
All the White King will

[Solo : Alex]


8. Lord Of The Sand

I'm the Legend
I'm the Freedom of the Dream
I'm the Seeker
I'm the Breaker of the Rule

I'm the Example
I'm the Heart of the Man
I'm the Burner
I'm the Lord of the Sand

I'm the Tears of the Man
I am his White Sperm
I am his Coming to the World
I am his Forgotten Soul

I'm the Flesh and the Spirit merged together
I'm the Never Born Child, I'm the Future

I'm the Secret Desire, Unmentionable
Between Angels and Men, I'm the Devil
I'm Azrael, the Unnamable
But the men call me the Evil

9. Black Telepathy


10. Come With Me

Son of the Earth
You feel a solitary god
When you look the stars
The stars in the night

Son of the Earth
You feel a strong sensation
The force that come
That come from above

Oh shining child
You always feel protected
And invincible
Like a Mars

…Because you are born under the obscure sign

Come with me
My lost child
Come with me
Join the signs
Follow your blood
Follow the sign

[Solo : Alex]

Son of the Earth
Your blade is the only one
That can reach
To my black heart

Son of the Earth
You are the only living man
That can defeat my powerful spells

Oh shining child
Kill Antillius for me
We'll rise up
Like a shining black star

…Because you are born under the obscure sign


[Solo : Tommy]

11. Break The Chant

The words of the wizard
Flutter in the room
The obscurity falls while the sun is tall and strong

The words of the wizard
Like creeping snakes slides
And freeze the spirit and the Daeniel's mind

Break the Chant, Daeniel
Break the nightmare
Breathe the Light, Daeniel
Kill the Sorcerer

Roam the mind of Daeniel inside the dream of Power
Roam the spirit of Daeniel on the black ways of the Oblivion
The Force before the Life his spirit remember
To the memory's flash always follow the thunder


[Solo : Alex]

The heart burns in the breast
And the hand is firm on the hilt
The shining blade flies in the air
The black head falls down
And all the deceptions are crashed to the ground


12. The Sword On The Shoulder

I am your king and your friend
Listen to me and will be free
Now is the moment to let you know
My plans for the future and for my "son"

This day is great for the land
Children of Kaledon claps your hands
Daeniel will be your new great king
Now with this sword the ritual start

It's the sword on the shoulder, and your destiny is here
You will became the new lord of the mighty land
The people scream your name in the dusty air
Kaledon's new king will be the strong wandering

The dragon flies in the night
The investiture has been made
And in the land the people going crazy

Now the wicked king is dead
The evil lost his revenge
The glory of kaledon now is near


When I will die the chair of a king
Will be reverse to you, my dear friend
I'll leave my reign and my subjects
You are the heir, the heir of the king

An heartly welcome to "my son"
Subjects of Kaledon today we'll win
The power of evil Azrael
Stand and fight for the last point


13. The Way Of The Light

Listen the Bearer of Light
This is the way…

Now that the heavy head
Has gone down
You have to wash the black heart
Of the ground
And to bless the place where
The cages rose
To dry the deception
Until the roots
So that the black shadow
Doesn't rise anymore

This is the way …
…the way of the Light
This is the care
To every pain
The only possible way…
Paved of courage,
Pain and glory…
This is the way…
…the Way of the Light

14. Great Night In The Land

On the top of the hill
The king scream: "victory"
We're near to the end
We're near to the light

Children of Kaledon
The wick is dead
evil troops too
Remain the last point

This is great night in the land
Now we will be bless the black land,
This is the last point,
the last point of the war

In the earth of the shames
There are tons of beasts
And with the holy water
They'll come to the light

We've finded the way
We've killed the "Slave"
We'll bless the land
The land of dark


Search Azrael
Kill Azrael
Kill the evil in the land
Fight Azrael
Kill Azrael
Kill the evil in the land

Search Azrael
Kill Azrael
Bless the land of the dark
Fight Azrael
Kill Azrael
Bless the land of the dark


Paolo Lezziroli ‒ Bass
Claudio Conti ‒ Vocals
Daniel Fuligni ‒ Keyboards
Alex Mele ‒ Guitars
Tommaso Nemesio ‒ Guitars
David Folchitto ‒ Drums

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