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1. Abusing The Innocent

Oh my God
I can't believe it, why is the human mind able to create such perversities?
It's so confusing to know what man's about to do.

Daily news are shocking reminding of this horrible crime done to the innocents
Kept in the dark for no one to see, victims of barbaric intentions.

Can't ignore this ruthless thing. Abusing the innocents [2x]
Can't believe what's happening. Abusing the innocents [2x]

Beating, smashing, kicking, breaking, burning and raping what's of their own blood
Incredible fact to be revealed.

What are you doing? This planet is drowning in its own mental vomit
"Torture of the highest degree"

Is there no emotion? Are there no feelings? No love or warmth?
Only brutality, gruesome horror the absolute humiliation
Sometimes given away to others to fulfill their sexual desires.
This is a sign of pure decadence
This is a sign of poor decadence

Broken forever, never to lead a normal life, never to be free, never to be happy again [2x]

Your worst nightmare has come true
Unimaginable mental and physical pain
Takes control of your body
Cracked by the sickness called life.

Rising of hate and fear devours yourself, destroys you from within, merciless desecration [2x]

2. Disturbance In My Nocturnal Domain

With the last blink of my eyes
Total darkness enshrouds me
Engulfed by an abnormal blackness
Floating into a realm created by myself

I'm flying in this astral state, darkness fades (away)

Feeling free to do whatever I wish to do
Mysterious domain unknown to any other man
This is my place, my nocturnal home, my refuge
Revealing secrets of a distorted mind

Obey your own thoughts
Yield to the dream-demons

Anti-reality, another dimension you need to live
To refreshen from daily shit and all these humiliations
Abstract reality, untouchable, so near and yet so far
Never to reach, materialization of subconscious dreads

Obey your own thoughts
Bow to the dream-demons
Hidden for a long time, childish fears
Coming out and eating away at me

Appearing of unreal shapes frightens me
Start to strike relentlessly, fierce attack
Obey you own thoughts
Surrender to the dream-demons

Wake up!

3. Traumatic Experiences With Horrifying Consequence

Kids who kill [2x]

Life's a bedlam, misunderstood children
Dangerous minds with intention to kill
Harmless appearance hiding cruel desires
Young psychopath in a perfect disguise

Raped from their own blood-twisted thoughts [2x]
Resulting from barbaric sexual intercourse

Impulse to kill starts with slaying birds
Beating my brother, picking the dog
Traumatic experiences with horrifying consequence

"I have to kill! You are all my enemies
Let me be and you may live
But don't be sure, schizophrenic habit
One mixture nice, the other bad
Bloodlust in your eyes"

Inner might forces you to take up the knife and to strike
Voices in your head reminding of memories
That'll forever remain inside your brain
"You like to come with Daddy?
I'll do you no harm, so please trust me."
Ruled by perverse
Tendencies, not able to overcome this urge for infantile sex.

"Daddy, keep away from me, I love you
But not this way, please don't hurt me"
Traumatic experiences with horrifying consequence

Pain and mental agony never to be healed again
Perpetual damage leading to kill
Not enough to kill my father, I need to kill all fathers

Psychological conflict

Kids who kill [2x]

4. Corporation Pull-In

[Terrorizer cover]

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