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1. Eating The Visions Of God

I am staring at the Sun of the Nothing
For I want to eat the visions of God
Consuming the knowledge and power that radiates overhead
As I slumber in a bed of vegetation and thorns leaving behind unease and dread
I feed from pretentious notions and malignant demons through its rays
For hell is abandoned and this single horror walks amongst our ongoing cliches
My eyes, my perception - They seem to smolder and whiten
For it seems that I have peered into the diseased display of myself
I am the eater of the sun
I am the destroyer of worlds

2. Sun Of Nihility

Sun of Nihility, I shamefully disturb you
My relentless knocking is constantly ignored
I can narrowly overhear your serene breathing anymore
Have you grown weary of spinning measureless circles across the sky?

Are you drained of feeding and decalcifying my awakening third eye
A resting place to connect with the Earth's depths
I lay designating my dreams as masters under composed breath
Enraptured by the sphere of damnation

3. The Stone Cross

I sleep on a cross for my madness
I exist within a foundation of stone
Encircled and smothered within bars of rust
It all helps me rest within a confine of serenity
Sealed windows and doorways feel like decrepit paintings on the walls
Pieces of immovable art grow an everlasting flavor of neglect and dust
An existence within a casket to bear the living
My humble and delusional confine

4. The Synthetic Sea

Finding comfort in knowledge of an enthralling higher power
My transformation catalyzed from our continual encounters
As I draw breath from clouds littering a synthetic sea
I overlook how trustful we are. So simple, so damned naive
I beg for one's own remission, simultaneously teething the flesh that breeds religion
Transmitted whispers crawl into each of us and birth dictating monsters
All creations encircling me are charades and impostors
So trustful we are. So simple, so damned naive
All comprehension I've discovered was all concocted to deceive

5. A Global Shift

I've come to an implausible conclusion
That I'm bathing my hands with a refreshment of poison
I'm indulging my thirstiness with an infectious substance
For the bane of my existence is solely outlined to aid the breeding of ill and brainless
Lather, rinse, repeat
Gather, convince, deceit
A global shift has commenced one gallon at a time
Turning the masses into walking malignancies
Imbecilic livestock with their numbers on the decline
A world is carved from blameless blood
Carving miles of trenches deep into the intellect of man

6. The Celestial Antidote

I have found my face gnawing away at my own existence again
It's feeding and medication on the ballooning hunger for a formulated religion
For my Lord comes in a tiny capsulated form
Restore prayers with inebriation - my dependency
A substance helping me string
And I must carefully weave my life in a destructive, spiraling transcendency
These divine elements shine a light so radiant when synthesized
A celestial antidote to cure all
A heavenly impurity to alter what we know as God

7. Encircled By Mirrors

We socialize in the moonless pit
Of my own intelligence

I'm suspended in space
And encircled by mirrors

Through my reflection
Things are becoming clearer
Apparently teeth
Are beginning to germinate from the roots of my eyes

I find myself wincing
As they chew through my optic flesh

Layers of teeth
Dancing, waltzing
Their way out of my now punctured face [2x]

It's comical in retrospect
I used to enjoy this
Levitating notion of escape

It's opening the gates
To a newborn philosophy

My deep seeded dementia embraced

Layers of teeth
Dancing, waltzing
Their way out of my now punctured face [2x]

My deep seeded dementia embraced


Hallucinogenic contemplations
Have become my finest friend

It's opening the gates
To a newborn philosophy
My deep seeded dementia embraced [2x]

8. Buried Monuments

I recognize a blueprint for madmen has been inked
Inked within the skin of myself
They've planted seeds and have been sewn into buried monuments
They're entombed doomsday vaults resembling monstrous coffins
A mind bending experimentation to reshape my everyday consumption
they can see through the cracks
To inject the soil in which I stand
It perverts that of which I bloom
Disease slumbers within the earth
Blooming gardens of slaughter

9. Worming Nightfall

A landscape of mountains and filth floods my perspective
Nightfall worms its way, mutating the air into a black mass of secrets
It's alluring as I stand on the summit of self-destruction in all of its brilliance
I have a panoramic view of my prodigal fate with a nose dive out of existence
My untouched eyelids unlock in a pineal gland trance of blasphemy
My cerebral matter synthesizes a sharpened warmth forming a kaleidoscopic ecstasy
A fond farewell decent morphs to a stairwell of a hallucinogenic world
Lost in a sea of illusions and alternate reality

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