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1. Hunting On Troyan Path

2. Aphrodite Of Hatered

[Lyrics: Warzlav]

Annihilating midnight
Whose tunes were breeding within?
When Thou wast awaken'd
I'll aspire on black wings
Away from that curs'd place
Where Thou hast died
Who shalt be waiting for me?
Thou art gone and the world hath sunk in the
I shall draught my
I shalt entwine Thy essence with death
But am I granted the time to eliminate
My creation before I die
In the incessant oblivion?
Thro' the fireworks of dawn
I heard the groan of eternity
And saw the angels of my passion

O Aphrodite, Goddess of my hate
I shall enslave Thee in the triumph of summer
In the spires of winter and autumnal tears...
With an evergrowing sorrow
O Aphrodite, Goddess of my wrath
Of my swaying unnatural state
When Thy spectre is sent by the moonlight
Will I see Thee again?

Below countless summits of mountains
Beneath the grim waves,
Drowned in my seas
The arcanum of vastness is conceal'd
By the gleaming of the conjur'd trees
Angels smil'd just once
Unbinding me from my carnal chains
By the touch of their divine wings

"Fantasy strikes me by its frenzied miracles
All that was impossible, now is a part of the
endless world of darkness
and light.
I rule this Earth by the magic sceptre of desires.
A giant turns into worm, flesh - into ashes...
I compress the cosmos by my lust for the
constancy of universal horror.
I enslave the worlds, that aspire to ressurect by
tytanic blast.
The things
created by nature will fall into
primordial darkness:
The moment of initiation into mystery.
The glorious pace of my ominous hate.
Seven ways lead from the coil of useless flesh
to the place beyond the veil,
where my Aphrodite is dancing amongst the

O Aphrodite, Goddess of my hate
I cry out Thy name from the chasm of my fate
In raven's pride and his baleful croak
Our power is gather'd
Our dominion over the Earth -
The instant of the lives we possess
The splendour of the beauty hath reach'd my
The soul of my neverceasing hate
O Aphrodite, Goddess of my love
A vulture teareth asunder a dove
But there's no suffering in the dead embrace
So let the cosmos swallow itself
The essence of Thine is vanish'd within
The sounds of my odiferous prophecy
I grieve not over my defeated hate
For I am Hate itself

3. Floods Of Thy Might

[Lyrics: Raattent/ Lyrical concept: Morkh]

Lost in the woods answers I seek
The gateway to all, the entrance shalt rise
before me
'Tween two sacred firs I step forward... to Thee
O vigilant forest of might, beyond time Thou

Roots of Thine trees binding my feet
Branches and leaves shalt twine rings around me
The murk of the conjur'd crowns lightenth my eyne
Embracing the spirit of wood, I drink of Thy might

Underneath, where no sun stayeth
On the pagan ground the forest eternal
Where blood runth thro' all times
The portal engrav'd in my heart

Ages hath pass'd - all is the same
For millions of years Thou stand still calling our
The Home of the gods who are set to rule the
The North and the South, the West and the East
Thou commandst

Speak to me, Master of elves
Show me Thy marches and thorns
Send forth Thy wolves for my blood
Grant me to hold the wisdom
Drown me into the deepest mere
Lead me to the grimmest gorge within Thy very
Let me behold Thy runic treasures
Veil me with fogs O Woods of Thy Might

High to the stars, wide to the seas
Forest uniting the times and the souls
Black as the skies pierc'd by the trees
Breeding Thine magick, Thou holdst me in thrall
Once having pass'd thro' the gates of Thy realm
I merg'd as one with the essence of Thine
I am the part of the forest myself
Rustling my leaves as a Hymn to Thy

4. Thou Art Incarnated Souls

[Lyrics: Morkh/ Based on E.F. Russel's "The Only Solution"]

He is alone in space where no one dwells
Neither voice nor whisper neither handgrasp
Nor other heart's warmth in the solitude of the
Imprisoned in the obscure void of a voiceless

No pity or sympathy of the other soul to be met
But a ghastly shadowed night - burning
Having descended into darkness like the one
Who has lost his sight and lost the signs to be

I am Creator of a myriad souls of mine
I am Creator of infinite views

The force is held within the stream of his own
Transforming cosmic desires into astray reality
Creating an infinite dream of a new place to live
for him
He's intent to disintegrate into countless pieces,
multiple forms

He will sow the seeds of foe straight amongst them
He will sow the seeds of war cold and blackest
He will weave the threads of fate inside the great one
He will sow the seeds of peace and reap the

"I will ensnare them with ignorance..."
"Thou art Incarnated Souls..."
"...but allowing to acknowledge..."
"...Thou art Master of Eternity..."
"...everything...everything anew"

And now the time has come when there's no need
But a myriad of living beings yearn to unite forerver
Reality is to be born out of his fantasy
He gazed mightily into darkness and uttered:
"Let there be light"

I am Creator of a myriad souls
I am Creator of infinite

...and the light appeared...

5. The Origin

[Lyrics: Morkh]

Milleniums turn to sand
Behesting the souls of the ashes
Vague dreams of god dwell within them all
Head for the depths, for the widths, for the times

His poetry landscapes are deserts of naught
Seeking his name 'neath the names of untrue
His trident did rise again
To pierce dimensions, nebulars with
lethal breath
of chasmic starless cold
The being who is the oldest of times
Lurking in the beings who multiply and unify,
erecting the glorious reign

His name spoken words
Finding their way thro' the burning ordelesness
Supressed by collision of wills by even sealed...
Souls of reddening skies
Upon this necklace they thread as stones
Submerge in the gloam of dimmed luminaries
In galaxies savouring horror
Cosmos in crystals of possession reflected

Invicible torrents, fierce sounds of Chaos
Infinity born of perfection enthroned
The forefather who let them drink of his essence
Had sent them to wastelands, their lives - hatred's
Vague dreams of god dwell within them all
Head for the depths, for the widths, for the times

His mask cracks
Revealing the altars of ire unleashed
Devouring desires born of the past
Into the glory of unity does he arise!

Sans mercy I contemplate
Vanity swirling
and raging in me
My dust comprises his entirety
For I am the Source, I am the Key, I am the Primal

My poetry's landscapes are wastelands of Un
The name of all gods are compelled by my own
Eternally do I change
To spawn dimensions, nebulars by cursed song of
chasmic starless cold
The being I am older than old
Blasphemy sans shapes or forms
Pulsation of unknown tytanic Chaos

6. I Am Of The Serpent

[Lyrics: Raattent/ Lyrical concept: Morkh]

"You all are flesh that hath of my blood appear'd
Your words to me bespoken hath the eery clash
with light betokened"

Where all pagan paths cross
Where all olden warriors
And torrents collide
Thitherwards I turn my feet
The Welkin's tongue - thundering swords
The Earth's tongue - beast's shriek
(My mother tongue)
That I spake when Rus' was born

Immortalized for their thousandbrave rites
Ancestors glorious rise from the sea
Their dagger-sharp voices pronounce words of
Beryhm'd in legends old

Soul of Wolf and Raven
Again as in times of
Soul of Wolf and Raven
Zmei Ognennyi Wolk
Soul of Wolf and Raven
We call to Thee
Soul of Wolf and Raven
The one who guideth as at war

Thousandfac'd serpent leadeth us unto war
Beclouded stare of His bale-burning eyes
Of all Heathen temples revealing the lore
Beryhm'd in legends old

"The time that holdeth all times shalt out of fog
The millenial dreams of false light by my
shalt be scorch'd"

Wolves aflame
We shall stalk thro' sylvian monoliths
Ravens valorous
We shall fly o'er deepest seas
Serpents unseen
We shall
crawl into open mouths
In the heart of hearts of the white plague

Our host - the armours by grim runes enforc'd
The htonic horde hath for vengeance return'd
Ire-storming hiss shalt be hear'd from inside
Their demise shalt be my breathren and I

7. The Profound

[Lyrics: Morkh]

Swart suns' throne my flesh doth skrew
'Midst the stellar wisdom seas
How bittersweet is the triumph's taste as I wend my way
The hidden stare beholdeth

Tenebrae of untime passing forth
Streameth to me thro' my pain's design
Fears of eld ornate my soul with a greater lore
Thence the night granteth yawning graves

O Truth-sans-end Thy name be chasm for mortals
I thread once more the eldritch path to the realms
My fall eternal, this fall - life immortal
Hark to the black spheres' curse of the curious
race of the worms

Dimensions filth'd by tytanic wrath
the key to the earthly being
And galaxies rap'd vail in awe before me
The seven seals (of reincarnation) I wield

Words of Woe unto suns and orbs
And therewith I chide them forth

"O Ye hwa peynen endleas ofercwoman
Hwa werre steorra onyean wonnon
Hwa afrehwoer dead ond blod swinnan..."

Blackwhirlwind breathing outer Chaos
Wherein I, timeless abide

"O Ye secree tusendfaced
Hwaem eal ayet
Tac min gyft cyndliz"

8. Cold Kingdom

[Lyrics: Warzlav]

I see the tears of enthralling silence
I hear its cold soundless
It watches me from peaks of reachless mountains
And I cognizes the verges of its bottomless being
In the dismal gleam of a writhing moon
A grim shining of frost-bound rime...
Waves of distress wash the bated nature
Awaiting the soundblast of dawn
northern spirits call...
They call me!

Landscapes cut through my soul
In ages of frozen shadows I was born
My heart of the North shining through primal snow
Now I can hear Winter's calling horn
I am alone
To stand amidst perrenial trees
At befogged and time-veiled Svarog's throne
Under the blazing skies
Forever shall I remain

Deepest mirror-lakes reflect
The splashes of constellations
their flaming bodies
With the sparkles of burning stars
Exhausted... they long
For the enshrouding mere of rest
Victims of the tired empyrean
Illume me with fountains of light!

?Aurora Borealis, draw apart the boundaries
of the everlasting aeon of stillness!?

Atoms of the world in the chasms of space
Hark to the mourning of the ethereal elements
And spread the streams of malign wizardry
Throughout the spanless snowy realm

A vehement multitude of silvery splendour
Lies in the gorges of highlands, embraces the
forests age-old...
Lo! The blizzard is raving in silence
The breath of life beneath the bowels of this land...
...Enchanted forevermore!...

Out of the depths of time,
covered with dust of a million years? wisdom
Unknown planets of yore born,
wander eternally in the outer space

They wot there's only one Promised Land
Where strange sadness is born in my heart
Making hear the quiet and the whispers
And see its diamond tears
Under the reign of winter cold

9. Benighted At The 9th Gate

[Lyrics: Morkh]

The fourth ignited star did fall another time
So flamingly enlightening my raptur'd eyes
The daggers drew their paths upon my skin
Thus showing triumphant unlight
Foreseen eternities ago
And now unfolding fragments to my life
To testify the timeless sacrifice
Of majesty of countless crowns of earth

Farther than vestures of night are the gates
Dreaming dead crawl thy kingdomwards
Enter beyond the wraith-way gate!
Near than spaces of crucifi'd world
To fiends unrestrain'd unfurl their trace
Darkness' beloved my wisdom flareth
I am benighted

Betid by darkness, though I am He myself
The eightfold art my flesh now doth begird
Out of these worlds Magnificence be heard
Though worlds once weeping into dead now turn'd

"Thy flesh be daughter of dust
Thy name upon the water's be inscrib'd
And paradise of thine be one
Of those tales told
On shores of Chaos Unrivall'd"

Within the shrine amidst the forests of mine
In icy slumber bleedeth from my
An astral passage to the 9th gate
Snow'd by time
Herald of enshadowed spheres
Tyrannic scourge of waels,
Word of Unrivall'd Chaos
Whose face to mirrors sworn
In times I drown

Verily am I deity within my own self
Skewering a thousand incarnations
By the palm of Chaos bless'd
Capturing the realms in my possession
Moonlight Thy spectre shalt sent
Ere I invoke Thee again
The wraith-way
gate receive
And mortals' dawn is torn
Beyond retrieve

All music by Vesgoth
Additional musicians:
LIATHA - deepest background synth
RAATTENT - background growl on 3 &
speeches on 2, 7, 8

Thanks to embrace_by_dark for sending these lyrics.

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