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1. Boundaries

Life is infinite if you just
Allow yourself to see
We are all ominous
And stand far too lightly
But I'll push and follow through
I'll find my sanity in the rabbit hole
While you discover you
While you discover you

But this is all a lesson
And its all at my discretion
The ceiling is my only perception

I never thought that I would be
Hidden beneath the floor
In such a panic
And begging for more

I know there's truth to all of this
I wonder if its relevant
I wrote the answers along the wall
But you never read them

We play with the thoughts
But never push the boundaries
Strength is earned and hard to keep
I always dream outside of sleep

It makes my head spin
My lungs so heavy
My heart sinks lower and lower
Lower, lower, lower, and lower again [2x]

The only corner of the universe
You can be sure of improving
Is that of your own self

2. Numb

For I am the worst of my kind
Don't let me get in your head
Once I fester inside
There will be no sign of you left

You will not survive
Its already far too late
A mutilated mess
A mirrored maniacal grin
I want you suffering
Til the bitter end

For I am relentless
I want what beats inside your chest
A disease incurable
You will beg me for every breath

Ripping, shredding, tearing
You the fuck a part
It wants the body and the soul
Let's see which falters first

When hope dies within you
Will you resist or betray your convictions?
These thoughts enslave me
Oh how they enslaves me

Clouded in misery
And without cause

Your veins fill with defeat
Eyes lifeless as you struggle to breathe
You struggle to breathe [2x]

Will it prevail and conquer?
Will you rot and decay?
Will you fight for your fucking life?
Or give way to the grave
With only yourself to blame

3. Dilbread

This is debauchery of the mind
Letting the filth out from the inside
Animalistic by design
I wanna fucking tear you a part
Make you scream right from the start
We lose ourselves in the dark

Give in to me, as I give into you [2x]
This is where we lose ourselves

I love our little games
We resist but it always ends the same
We're lifeless inside

With hands around our throats
Clawing at the skin
There never was innocence
Only the taste of blood and sin
We crave the taste of blood and sin

Hate fuck
I'll show you what it means

And those shakes that you feel at the end
Oh those shakes that you feel at the end

Up against the wall
When life has no meaning
When we're dead inside
Debauchery of the mind

4. Ego

You warm the hearts of the world
Yet sink them all the same
You'll blame everyone else
Before you ever put yourself down
What's your pathetic excuse now
You're pathetic

Your sickness is sickening
Your sickness sickens me

You're a fallacy
A hollow trend
You won't last
Never be heard from again

Never write another worthless song

You could add depth to the sound
But your notes hold no weight [2x]

You disgraceful waste
You disgrace me
You disgrace us all

Your ego betrays you
Your ego will bury you


5. Visions

I hear the crashing of waves
I feel their desire and doubt
Of ebb and flow yet so much more
The salt burns open wounds
Calming the fear

Where had I gone?
Where was I headed?
A sky of cowardice
A universe of... [2x]

Now a downward spiral
How will we ever survive
Here we go again
Aesthetics fuel beliefs
Trading souls for comfortability
Let the end begin

How inventive of you
Blueprints buried deep
I'll forget this 'til I sleep
Let the end begin

Where had they been?
Where were they going?
A grave of nostalgia
A glimpse of purity [2x]

Where did they go?
Where were headed?
Don't rely on forever
Where had they been?
Where were they going?
Don't rely on forever [2x]

Where had they been?
Where were they going?
Don't rely on forever

6. Mirage


7. Deceiver

[feat. Lucy Lenoir of Apothica]

Never in my life would I have thought I'd be surrounded
By so many fiends trying their best to eat me alive
Maybe I should give in and become the monster you named
But I will not succumb to this catastrophe

How have I been so blind
Wasted life in wasted time
Carrying this emptiness forever inside
I won't forget-I won't forgive
I never saw it coming
I got so good at running
Uncover my blind eyes to the truth
The worst deceiver I know is you

You've called me worthless
Going nowhere fast-I'll never change
You've filled my head with lies
You broke me down and kept me low
I won't die in these mistakes I've made

No never in my life would I have thought it would come to this
But if you want a war
You'll get your fucking war
This is the time and the perfect place
Here's your fucking war

I've dreamt of the day I leave you
Bleeding on the floor
Come and face me you fucking cowards
No remorse-no regrets
This is ends here and now

More power than you have ever seen
Maybe some day you'll find your own identity
Drowning faster in a life
You've created and despised

You'll eat every blasphemous word
You're branded a traitor
What you saw in my eyes wasn't close to hurt
Just remember your branded forever

This has been a long time coming
When I finally call you out [2x]

Did you really think I'd just lie down
Let you push me back in the grave
But you see I am not a ghost
And I won't just fade
Did you really think I'd never make a sound
Let you defile my name
I can't believe I let it go
For so long you got away
Did you really think I'd just lie down
Let you push me back in the grave

Twisting and turning
These thoughts and memories
Repeating and echoing inside broken dreams

You'll eat every fucking word you've said
I won't ever forgive-I won't ever forget
I won't ever forgive-I won't ever forget

I get what's mine
(I get what's mine)
Cutting flesh from swine
(Cutting flesh from swine)
This time you pay deceiver

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