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1. Alucinor


2. Under The Black Moon

Upon the next morning
I walked into an empty old house
Found this scroll on the floor
Among with all her rotten gore
Her name was yet unknown
But she was called the Mistress of Curse
She struck a needle in my heart
Even though she was torn apart
Diary of a Dying Queen
Entitled to the vicious script
I sat and read it all that night
About her everlasting fight
Fifth storm of Blizzard Wings
These last cryptic words was written in blood
I couldn’t help myself to wonder
What she had left beyond her
Waking up to painful screams
That day began the fearful dreams
Her love has gone into my head
I’m falling for a rotting dead
The reverend said I was infected
But I was awake and smelling the air
Reading from the scroll of love and guarding my angel flying above
I searched around in town
For clues about the Blizzard Wings
All their mouths was wide, but shut then I stumbled over a hut
Carved wood on the wall
“Oh death where is thy sting”
A particular abysmal smell of gore met me as I walked through the door
Early morning chaos weeped against me once inside
What I found when I was there was to become my greatest fear
Inside the Mistress’ hut
I found what I’d been looking for
A torn out paper from the scroll announcing for whom the bell tolled

3. Natt utover Havet

Det er natt utover havet.
Allting har nå talt.
Det stilner for de svake.
Mitt liv det har gått galt.
Et vers jeg sitter å skriver i min vesle grav.
Mitt seil får ingen vind.
På det åpne hav.
Festen min er over.
Min sjel den er jo pint.
Havet det har stilnet.
Vinden blåser fint.
Dyster er min salme, for jeg skal vise vei.
For alle de andre falne.
Din kniv gikk gjennom meg.
Jeg hørte hva du sa mor da jeg forlot deg der.
Stående ved porten du var meg alltid kjær.
Du ga et liv til meg.
Det skulle du ikke gjort.
Festen rammet meg hardt mor.
Og rev livet bort.
Jeg dro ut i krigen og våpnet mitt ble slitt.
Men det var bare drømmen.
Her vil alt bli hvitt.
Med omsorg ble jeg hyllet.
Og gjorde min plikt som mann.
I krig med krutt og klinge vi erobret det mørke land.
Men alle ting skal ende.
Jeg ser det for meg nå.
Du passet meg så godt mor.
Nå må du la meg gå.

4. Forged By Wolves

By corrupted intentions
I walk alone on this field
Ravenous for vengeance for the boy's life they took
I will reap! Back into the glorious days where I seized to be when the sun set high
A shortened life I recall
And so should you!
Then there was a darkness
A fury of destructive minds
A mothers cry brought pain to the remains of a living
I feel so cold!
Back where I belong to be they don’t know my name
A boy of a forgotten time a victim of pre-posterousness
That is me!
Come now deliver me to the prophet I seek
I'm the one spitting blood
I'm the one Forged by Wolves
Years have past beneath my feet since I left my childhood at home
A dark and rainy day indeed
Which have followed me to this day
Now a state of mind
The alpha-male of the pack see what I used to be
Feelings of what I've become transmuted into consumption
Beware the wolf!
Veteran of cheating death
Dodging bullets from beneath
I've become what you will fear
The one that never returns
The savage one!
All bounds has been broken
To the life that I knew
And new bounds are now sown with my brothers in the herd
I am pain!
Now I see myself in a grave
A hole my own hands have dug
Blistered feet and gangrene
My body seem to rotten from core
I will remain!

5. I Lys av Mørket

Eldgamle volven hun sitter å remjer.
Om hardbarka menn, og ei tid som er forbi.
Men like som våset er det sorg hun forteller.
Et kall kom til meg fra ei fordums tid.
Jeg taler til deg fordi du er den skitne.
Ditt blod renner svart fra det soltomme land.
Som arving av Loke har du blod på din kappe.
For Svikerens skam renner inn i din hand.
Alle som en har jo sett dine drømmer.
Om menn som ligger døde og en hane som er svart.
For kriger er du født, det er det du er skjenket.
Er det derfor du våker hver eneste natt?
Jeg hører din stemme og klangen er dyster du farer med logner, din seidende vette.
Jeg våker om natten for å kjempe i slaget.
I gudenes ånd på den livløse slette.
Stanken av Valhall fyller ditt blod.
Men du stammer ikke fra adlete menn.
Tanker om hat og en oppråtten vilje.
For du er jo Svikerens trofaste venn.
Et lik som du elsker er det du forsoner.
Hun bandt deg jo til seg med heksenes tvang.
Som Nighogg hun tappet ditt blod og din sjel.
For hun horte ikke din sorg i din sang.
Jeg ser at du lever, men snart er det over.
Du vises jo bare til spott og til spe.
Din død var nok skrevet på siden til heksa
Mine tårer de trillet, mens hun kunne le.

6. The Sun I Carried Alone

My mind is travelling to a distant past
Away from this wasteland so cold and vast
I think of the things that I never do
Like watching the moon and thinking of you
Now I will tell you what I have done all since I left I've been holding the gun
I've carried the memories of you my dear
But now I feel lost and surrounded by fear
You are my mom and you would know best what are the feeling that grow in my chest
It feels like it's bounded and made out of hate
What can I do but sit here and wait
I have been changed, I have grown and all I hope you forgive my incompetent scrawl
My hands are not soft
They are hard as steel
So is my heart, but I can still feel
I had no choice, when I left you alone
It hurts even now, down to my bone
But I will come home to sing you a song
I hope you have faith, I hope you are strong
The memory of you, I left it at home
It feels like a sun that I carry alone
You are now gone inside my mind
You will see me, but I will be blind
The days have not been kind to me
Oh how miss the smell of the sea
All I now can breed through the air
Is blood, hate and a killing despair
Maybe I won't return at all
This journey might be my final fall
I can't remember the face of you
I thought I had it, I thought I knew
I want to release this final shot
My soul will fly from this senseless spot
This is my dream, I fear it will end
All my love to you I will send. I hope you receive this note from me. I want to escape, to live and be free
I regret if I told you a single lie
I'm ready to leave, I'm ready to die

7. Rigor Mortis

Soon my mind goes wild, in the face of death
I see the stars glowing beneath my soul
I’m ill
I’m sick
I feel totally ravaged
Mother, I told you that I was to sick
Now I pick flowers from the garden of Eden
In my last dream I dreamt about being a great warrior
Now as I’m sinking to death
I feel only despair
I’m never going to be the one I was meant to be
I am but a young orphan wanting a mother’s love
But none of these things were given to me, I am all alone
And now I’m lying here, with only my dreams
Which you clearly remember
…as I walk over. Rigor Mortis!

8. These Dreams Divine

Dad, you spoke
I heard you so loud
It felt like the sun came fourth through the cloud
Your words sprang out from ancient beast
She wasn’t a prophet and neither a priest
You filled my head with sorrow and doubt
I’ve yet to learn what it’s all about you called me a dirty, not worthy your blood, but for 24 years I’ve crawled in the mud
She spoke of the things I tend to forget my love she derided like a serious threat
I’ll tell you a thing which nobody knows
Over your grave fly carrion crows
What have I done to get such dreams filled with war and painful screams, I am but a child, but you don’t see
My dreams are unlocked with your blood as the key
The traitor, she said, I befriended with joy
And mentioned that I’m not an innocent boy
But in my bed I am waiting for death
Until he takes the last of my breath
My sword it swings and cuts through steel my dreams reflect what I steel fill
I pray through whispers from time to time the answers I get says I’m the prime
I leave my sleep to get some rest
In living life I'm only a guest
With borrowed time I’ll leave you soon under the sign of the mighty black moon
However I turn my dreams around
It ends with me alone on the ground
Nothing in life shines of divine
Blackened thoughts flow through my mind
My dreams have thought me how to fight to love and hate and live at night
But now I’m tired, I cease to be with wolfs and men I lived so free

9. Burning Bridges

I’m watching the peaceful stars
Their glow has diminished, I think
Things are looking awfully grim
It starts to rain from the clearest of nights
You sorry eyes cut through my heart
Flowers feeding from a river of tears
Go now mom, let me walk this path
I turn my back and for once in my life, I’m alone
Barrels filled with fuel and fire
Seducing all the staring eyes
Becoming a place of gloomy thoughts
A young mothers cry passing by
It’s been fourteen weeks and 4 nights
Since my hands felt loving kindness
Those very hands have now forgotten how to pick beautiful red roses
The birds sing no song tonight
The only stare at me, as if I was one of them
I ask you now, carrion crow, am I not?
This is no place for dead birds
I think of home as it used to be smells of fruit and bread
Time has changed, and the bread has moulded
I fear the feast of the flawless
My gun is cold but pounds through flesh
Much like my heart within my chest
The day I left I turned to tide
Now a victim of a vengeful ride
In my dreams I see a madman
The man I’m about to become
Oh sweet home why did I leave all my friends and foes
The piano plays from time to time
I wish it was my mom
My shy smile and clear blue eyes
Judged for the things that I’m not
I’ve begun to see the beauty in dead men
Their lifes live on in my veins
How can it be that I dream no more
Have they left me alone
I sit in my hole which I dug today
Here I leave my waste
For once I’m up I got to see
The beautiful sunrise in rain
I can smell it in the peaceful morning
The smell of burned flesh
It’s normal now, is that odd?
I bet my mom would say yes
Come now and take a walk with me
Just for a couple of miles
And I’ll tell ‘bout my dreams
Which I no longer have
For tomorrow there will be no peace
And now is the time
No alarm I heard tonight is different from the others
Burning bridges to my past
I will mourn for you
I’ve become the madman
The prophet in my dreams

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