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1. Join The Party


2. Crown In Blood

What have you done ?
What can you be proud of in your life?
Don't worry
And tell me your lie

It's all your fault
You've created selfish and perfect world
Drowned in glory
Your eyes were so blind

Now, It's the time

I know for how many days you will live
Heart in my chest, so cold
There's no chance to forgive you

For all spoken words
You'll take all the response
Who prays for your life?
Who cares when you die?

Breathe, begging me to free you
From unavailing life with this night
Feel, what can be so real
It makes you scream

Glory does not make you proud when your crown in blood

Glory does not make you proud

Looking at your treasure
You awake in greed
It is time to make decision
Before you fall asleep

Now you know that memories are alive
They are haunting you every fucking night
And you’ll be affraid till the end of life
That you could not wash cruel hands of blood

3. By Faith And Prayers

When you slept
They didn't torment you
And people claimed for the proof

Gathering...who would trust themselves
So, they've made - a secret

And hits of lash
Covered your skin
The hope was dying within

Always you said, someone betrayed, was only a shadow
For a new day, you forgave them, without struggle

At last
You told the truth, and guided us
We saw you trace
By faith and prayers

Did not leave any hopeless
Tried to help understand your signs
And for all, who were faithless
The humanity was crucified

Your preaching like an instrument
To control the minds
Destruction and indifference
Can be justified

For those,
Who we call priests
You'll become a victim
Get down on your knees

Live by faith and prayers
Live by faith and prayers

And him, you will follow
For him, you will get down on your knees

4. Manhunt

You bleat like a goat !!!

When you see my bloody apron
And my knife, is waiting like a hound
Do you like to be in my home?
I won't let you go

We'll see, how you run and hide
Bell rings, now it is time to die

Now you're in a trap, you are hardly breathing
And crawling in the dark
Try to find a gap, and don't disappoint me
I want to wish you luck

You'll never leave me, It's time for а hunt

My house full of madness
Ugly dummies lie on the floor
You've chosen such a wrong place
To find out what's going on

You see, how painful my imagination is
These things, were made of uninvited guests like you

Now, I can hear your breath
Just let me know, when you are tired of my contest
And you will pay for disturbing my calmness
Today, curiosity gets you to the grave

5. Battle Cry

Always when you try to forget those days
You look in the mirror
All you see is the hall of fame

The brave are awaiting their graves

Burn in the eternal fire and take your place

Heartbeating of your own is the
Sound of the battle cry

Bodies were carved from stone,
There is no place to run and hidе

No one is standing aside
Smile to the death
And die with pride

They are warmed by the heavenly light
Of the glory
No games - only fight
With the fury

And everyone who survived that day,
Every night will hear
The sound of the battle cry

There is no regret, when you contend for existence
And on flesh and bones empire shall arise
The picture of that day will bring you back

You fell in darkness and voices are whispering your name
So insane !!!
You’ll join the brothers, and they will be screaming your name

6. Celebration Of Greed

Do I belive in your pathetic words?
They make me laugh, and oaths are nothing for my heart
Find the explanation for your fault
I'm feel abomination of your own
I know
You were not alone

Pictures of the victims on the walls
Morals and religion nothing stands
For now
We will wait for dawn

Who is to blame for lie
That brings so much pain?
Answer right now!!

Burnt in the flame innocent heart will remember
Sorrow and pain, terrible scars in december
Way to the graves always be traced
By the memories of all broken fates

Stand and look at me!!!
You may pray

Don't count on me, that I forget your crime
I saw them burning, they ran searching for the light

What is the cost of their lives?

They were begging for salvation
One mistake has ruined everything

I won't forgive your celebration of greed
This world will see how your laches can kill us all

Waiting for the dawn, lying in the flame
No one help you now, now you feel the same

Thanks to mermen for sending these lyrics.

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