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1. Isenburg

We prospect the deepest seam,
crawling in the blackest holes.
Obsessed by the treasures
of our holy ground.

Our fruits are made of stone,
We extract from innermost.
Our mountains bleed for us
and so we defend this pact with our blood.

Walls of boundary from otherness

Shelter for the brave
who fight for our home.
Nightmare for those who presume
to stain this ground.

Never surrender alive
nor leave this ground to enemy.
Often threatened by rats,
originless bastards.
Always had been defend
by swords of infernal rage.
Times may passing by
but the sons of the pride years are still here.
In arms we stand, reflecting the glorious days.

2. Wave Of Weakness

When I look around, I see a land of elevation,
the land we were born, brothers in arms.
Surrounded by the mightiest nature of the teutonian realm,
Let's face the icy wind of a new millennium.

With pride we shall speak
of our legendary woods.

Woods of uncounted tales and mystic scenes,
woods of battles and tragedies,
of mighty hills carved by the blackest valleys.
My homeland, roots of my fathers!

I'm proud of my blood,
my heart beats for my homeland.
I'm proud of my genes,
but I don't need any leader.
I am my own leader.

No-one shall stain this land,
in reverence they shall speak.
So long before our roots had grown.
We have the strength in us to face the icy wind
of this wave of weakness.

3. The Return

Restless years of travels behind,
my bones are weak and old.
No place like home I see for years,
but now it's time to return.

From north to south, from hell and back,
not even knowing what to search.
Maybe the aim was to return
and see the treasures of my homeland.

On this ground my journey will end.
Here my spirit will rest till the day of my return.

My soil below,
the terminal breath.
I'm home again,
my final rest.

4. Interlude


5. Pandemoniac

Ravens, ancestors souls, guide me through darkness,
declare my appearance.
Maggots under my shadow,
you follow my steps, you know my intent.

No life behind, no future before me,
so in past and so forever.

Making no difference nor being a slave of sense,
my game is to interrupt your illusion of justice.

Feeding from endless pain,
Master of insanity, conqueror of flesh.

I'm no fallen angel,
I'm a son of you.
Without wings - no chance to fly above,
damned to turn the pandemoniac wheel.

6. Hymn To The Son

Lying on a ground full of entrails,
knowing it's the last chance to feel your sword,
fighting hard and bleeding for your homeland.
No-one will say that your blood was spilled in vain.

They will sing a hymn to your glory,
carry your remains on defended ground.
Blades will guide your march to your fathers.
We stand here sending you a last resounding Hail!

I cross the sea and all my doubts vanish,
the hails behind fade to shades.
The eternal hall of my ancestors
opens the doors and welcomes the son.

7. Erzgebirge

Everlasting valleys
cut through giants of stone.
Times don't harm your mountains
nor your grimly spirit.

I walk on the top, my dear home below.
Neither stormwind nor ice will bend
nor invading scum from overseas
will stain the glory of the past.

You enclose me while nightfall,
guide my spirit through the times,
guard the door of the great hall
where our brothers may dwell.

Let's raise the swords buried deep into the mines
to show the cruelty of our ore.
My brothers side by side - united we stand
proud of our roots - Erzgebirge.

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