Dark Lyrics


1. From The Outside In

Colliding highs, the slender sky, descend into empty spaces
Sensational wasted fall from grace
They'll never give alternatives the longer you live without it
It's all about what you learn to hate
In your unaltered state, you found yourself too late

I carve your name with razor blades to feel like a decade younger
Insatiable hunger from within
Accept that poison skin from the outside in

Whenever I look down and when I throw my weight around
The unintended consequences die

Nobody said instead of dead, I'd feel I was wild and futile
I never knew blood could run so cold
Accept that poison skin from the outside in

Whenever I look down and when I throw my weight around
The empty-handed meet with something worse

A hand of narrow bone leads me on
Among the fallen stones into the night less known
Inside the needle veins, the blood is drained
I lie unrestrained and breaking down alone
This barren centigrade, the choices made from secrets best left kept
However long I've slept
The absence reconciled, the wrong denial is seen through hostile eyes
I'm Waking up, I'm better dead

Arm yourself, defend no-one else
Far inside, you're mine
Live again for if not now, when?
This is not the end
Your life is compromised, most of it was
All your endeavour lies lost

2. The Road Of Bones

And morning finds my night's work
Lights the remnants on display
I do not seek forgiveness, nothing to absolve
For now the need is met, I almost hate myself
Almost but not quite

They survey the frozen scene, the cold countenance of hell
And they hang their heavy heads, I'm seen as death itself
Fear that holds this fragile town extends for miles around
I've taken all control for I am someone now

The shadow cross my face, all the signs of my mistakes
Shallow graves I mark with stones as I walk the road of bones

We dance our unkind, compelling dance, the arcane ritual observed
I will see this whole thing through if I just keep my nerve

All the journeys I've retraced to return me to this place
I do not walk alone as I build the road of bones

Their dumb shock of reaction's what it's for
Full of nothing and I won't be ignored
They got sirens and all that nervous force
They concede a good death's it's own reward
The shadow cross my face, all the Futures laid to waste
Shallow graves I mark with stones as I walk the road of bones

3. Without Walls

Finding order torn asunder, sworn surrender stole the day
Like a wave of wasted wonder, rising up and swept away
These moments I retain, locked in against the pain

As the darkness folds around me, colder forces hold me down
And the doubt is growing stronger, I no longer can be found
Don't tell me anymore it's what this life is for
In sight of lost amends, your light will shine never again

I occupy these rooms I build
And word by word, the silence is filled

Light descends in empty shades, undermines the time we lost
Here today I'm not afraid to calculate the hollow cost
Never crossed that good expression, said I wouldn't and I didn't
Cutthroat counsel, that won't free me
Language I could only dream of until now
I'm ready to begin, the silence is wearing thin
Without walls - constant breakdown
Without time - any day now
Without words - fake it somehow without you

Half of me is undeceased, half is underneath the ground
Any way you gain release, don't go where you can't be found
Are we late? It's complicated, state the words best left unspoken

Making nothing out of something
They will break what can't be broken
Now I'm made of other skin, defiance is wading in
Without walls, without time, without words, without you
Now I'm ready to begin, the science is wearing me down

And I can't go outside and there is no reason why
Unforsaken heart, take another shot now
Break it to me, protect me from the truth
Keep that highborn hope safe and futureproof now

Walls without our self control
Sleep that brings no guarantees
Night awake, come take your toll
Right there's the life and death of me
High like a permanent sun
Fly hard through a sky made of thunder
Carelessly counted on, what possessed you?
Swear to me, then you're gone, what is with you still?
Send out the sound of bells, let it splinter
When sense of purpose fails, it all disintegrates

Crowds unascended now
Rain with the burning showers
Signs come to send me down

Saw the deeper understanding torn asunder, wrenched apart
When the wave of wasted wonder rose above our empty guard
These moments made me then
And by them now I am defined again
You always knew

In the sunken water shallows, imperfections yet remain
Set beneath that mask of sorrow lies a face without a name
Don't tell me anymore it's what this life is for
Until I stand alone, your light will shine never again in this lifetime
In this lifetime, shine on me again, shine on me again

4. Ocean

How do I contain all the hours of change?
Why do I give in to danger no one else would bear?
How do I believe in all I’ve failed to give you?
You return from nowhere when I’ve learned to live without you

Now, now you say those vows couldn’t heal you
How? You made all dreams seem real and somehow you still do...

Fingerprints concealed and destinies then were sealed
Ever since you burnt inside me
How do I convince you?

Now, now you swear that time was only sleeping
How, how did you release all that we were steeped in?

Found a heart a home when the mind was blown
Hiding in an unsafe haven
What if I’d never known you?

Still an ocean cried in waves I know won’t reveal you
So feel the second tide inside as it leaves you reeling
Now you shield the need that compels you
How? You set my soul on fire and somehow you still do...

5. Until The End

Words spawned from fire scrape across the sky
Where once they failed, now they strike
Endless dreams have fallen through, lie unresolved

One sentence is gone, intentions were wrong
Unravelled the strands, the damage done
Where I stand, the function fails without you there

Knives so set and ready-made cut the wedding cake
The cold sideways room, the ring that never breaks
Bride and groom take the empty floor
And they breathe in other fumes, exhumed within that law
Caught on film, they fill their page
And build their own gilded cage

Hounds, cast-off clowns with anxious hands
Compare them there, the perfect pair
And the parasites descend as one
Man and boy alike, a thousand strong

Stand down your defences
In shadows drawn from your future tense
There attends the spectre on the causeway
For this time, I'm not forsaken yet
Live on through me
Forget you ever knew me at all
When I'm reckless and I don't belong
Say again the words that I'm founded on
Shout them out and high
They scrape against the night sky in the startlight
Putting the charlatans and frauds right behind me
Any other day, you'd return and stay by the firelight
Taking again the empty place right beside me
From where you are, bring you back home

Will you stay until the end?
When I'm down upon my knees, will you defend me then?
And wreath my form deep in your velvet arms one last time
Before my heart

6. Knucklehead

And I can't go outside any time of day
Soon as I'm revived, thoughts take flight
Sometimes I'm dead inside, sometimes I'm out of sight

Knives deeply flawed cut the cord, I was sworn right in
Lives spun around, cradled down in distortion
Hopeless, useless, worthless
Hateful, vengeful, numbskull.

Somebody out there decided I never should have got born
Deciphered the warnings
Stopped and found it's a long way down
Toll taking, core shaking
Not a day goes by I'm unanaesthetised
Words I can't command, let alone understand

Novocaine attack, never going back to lawless insane insomniacs
Special decision heavyweight, let me in, I'll asphyxiate
Impossible universe in my way, these are the blues I can't escape
Kucklehead, one unlucky drop and I can make the noises stop

And I don't condone this, any answer I'll deny
Time when we're allowed to say goodbye
Though you were seldom true, sometimes you fell too hard

Irreversible change in circumstances, keep my perspective all I can
This is enough it's serious, wake up the stark interiors
Unorthodox end to self-restraint, tell myself mental blocks they ain't Knucklehead, keep your heart intact, secretive mad amnesiac

7. 1312 Overture


8. Constellations

Is this the way that we begin?
Made our connections when the stars rolled in
Do you recall those constellations
Or did your lose them when tomorrow came?
Gone past remembering your all time low
Can't you keep it all?
I see surrender in your eyes
We miss the deadline and I don't know why
How many others did you bring down?
All unfamiliar till you showed them how
Can't think of everything every time
Trouble will find me now if I don't make a move
I thought that there was nothing left to prove
We said it all, don't say it anymore
Nothing anymore
Since time's not on your side or mine
If I meet you halfway do we land so blind?
Can't change the contours from within me
Got disconnected from the shape I'm in
Gone past remembering, it's over now
Certain to catch your eye, sure to change your mind
More alive than some strung out on the line
I'm held spellbound till now I'm carried away
After the calls fell through, all of the guns fell too
Where in the world would they begin their march?
You better than anyone would know
Where in the world they hide, wouldn't we hide there too?
Man of the moment played a lonely hand
Then suddenly everything became part of another plan
When memory failed, vile bodies were all we had
Some covered their own, laid under a layer of ash
Long said over lines, stones keeping forgotten time
When memory failed
Man of the moment, your time has gone
More unknown than unknown and holding on
Love song vagabonds, bags of bones
Skins tones in monochrome, carbon codes
All best intentions intensified
More known than unknown and open wide
Love song got it wrong every night
Outside, dead inside, out of sight

9. Fall And Rise

The undecided voices circle down
The conversations all but done
Stake your claim, drown in flame
Still appointing blame.
The only answer I could hear escaped me
Among the lives I couldn't trust anyone
Even so it's hard to know what was here before.
Futures are calling, all around
Over the boundaries, past defences
When it consumes me, love is lost
Love is lost again.
Believe enough and I'll be found alive
The undecided voices sail over sundown
Fall and rise, something dies many miles from home

10. Ten Million Demons

If I could make believe what you can see, I'd stop it where it starts
Because you buried it, it bears your name, tears your world apart
The accidental life, the evidence evolves
Enough to cancel out real confidence
And in the end you save me, come another day, get away
Where is my dream time now?
Ten million demons breaking on through way down low
It's the hardest part of bearing scars that cut me when I fall
Knowing I alone will carry them and I must hide them all
Get yourself unwrecked, a chance to resurrect
Nothing more than this will happen unless you make it
Where is my dream time now?
Ten million demons breaking on through way down low
Dreaming more than some, no earthly good will come
Poison ivy, Penny Black, Jack O'Lantern's back
Spring-heeled spinning wheel, made the wrong deal
Couldn't make it worse
Take it back, take it back, take it back
Where is my dream time now?
Ten million demons breaking on through way down low

11. Hardcore

Situation's now understood
Indications all not so good
Problems contain contradictions
Take a bullet and fly where there are no restrictions
Pulled right out of context
Some pale, emotional pretext.
Never let it in, it's airtight
Tell yourself again it's all right
Last one to leave is the firstborn
Hardcore identity gets careworn
There's no strategy
No means to take the weight off me
Constrained by anxiety, consoled by belief
Saved your sorry skin
I hauled you from the broken wreckage
All gone, from this point on
Instead I stay dead

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