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1. The Last Human Gateway

Across the plateau no clouds storm the sky,
Above the riverbed the world's run dry,
I beat the air, for those who hear,
And through the night my call goes out unheard,
I cry for company and get no word,
The silent groan, God only knows,
I stand alone.

The wind devides the empty shells below,
Deep in the valley night begins to grow,
The memory, the best of me,
From out the shadows something takes my hand,
To lead me homeward through a foreign land,
The silence grown, the palest eyes,
I'm the only one.

A mother's son, a father's pride,
How can I run and where to hide?
I close my eyes and hope tonight,
My healing flesh will be all right;
A baby cries, another ghost,
A different side to claim the most,
My blood gone black and down to dust,
So save my soul or let me die,
I'm still alive.

I'm on the other side,
Shaken down, lovely but cockeyed,
No wonder I feel nervous,
Lord, they don't deserve us anyway.

I want to burn these wings,
You can see how it's happening,
Still they're telling me to smack the enemy,
It's killing time!

I should have known before,
Only bad's half as good as dead,
I can't go any faster, stuck like alabaster,
White as I know.

We stand in lines of old, staying cold,
Swallow all the anger,
Releases get away, coming down,
Across the fields of amber,
To the water, ocean far below.

As the mirror to the sun,
The colour of the evening, never let go,
Hold my stomach, keep it tight,
They're pulling out the breathing, let it go;
If you ever change your mind,
Don't be caught alone, no, it's only me,
With all the hopes and fears combined,
It's hard to care for living anymore,
I wouldn't let you down again.

Inspired by hunger, fired by lust,
I sold the children's faces, painted gold,
Something moving taking hold,
Is gathering but never growing old,
I did everything I could just to say,
Believe me, you're not alone,
But with the winter in my bones,
Oh what else can I do now?
It's only me,
I wouldn't let you down again.

Break back to back lately,
Oh and how they moved when I was
younger than this,
Get my spirit caught beneath the surface,
See me play dead today,
I love my daydreams, leave my doldrums,
Armies of priests
All come to practice their party pieces,
Pounding like metal from side to side,
To shoot, to save,
And risk that horizon,
No smoke can shield, it stays unhealed,
Safe in our stillness,
At last we see him rise from out the earth.

I set the silhouette that leaves me scarred,
Lost my condition from the perfect star,
I caught the fire, can't help but see,
There's none to carry on.

I knew these plains before the world was mine,
With no escape in mind, I'll be resigned,
Inside alone, I know for sure,
The future's all gone.

2. Through The Corridors

When the feeling takes me over, what else can I do but run?
Through the corridors I follow, I shoot into oblivion;
If you close your eyes and listen, you can hear the children play,
I love it when their eyes are watching, I'll have it when they disobey.

It's a different kind of loving, such a dirty rigmarole,
But just in case there's no tomorrow, I'll dring fire from their souls;
If you close your eyes and listen, you can hear the children shout,
I hate it but I win't be happy till I've turned them inside out.

All day long, here I go!
All day long, all day!

3. Awake And Nervous

So the certanty is I can get no air,
Getting nowhere at all,
Open-ended and suspended one by one,
In the slipstream,
And Harvest hold the horrbag,
Emotion starts to lag,
With panache I keep a-crashing,
Through the sky,
No compassion have I.

Kick a kiss of superstition and I cry,
"Just a guide or I throw
All the panic I can muster,
Threatening to the cluster";
The hangman's whore so obvious,
Discretion's such a drag,
But I know his apparatus snows my mind,
When it gets too far out.

Guard the ribs and fall,
I long to catch my breath, condemm it all
As the number I become,
They count me out a volunteer.

See how they run in silence up the belfry steps,
Each unaffected by the sight of the blistered skin;
Someone to calm me till the pounding in my head stops,
Over the tens of thousands find no way out of in:
Through the pandemonium, My heart is beating like a drum,
Barricaded in here, crawling's getting creepier,
With my head in my hands, all the heaven in my heart.

Get me out of here, let me get away,
Let me go from here, get me out away,
Get me out of here, let me get away,
Let me out of here, let me go today

4. My Baby Treats Me Right 'cos I'm A Hard Lovin' Man All Night Long


5. The Enemy Smacks

Helplessly held by the weeds, we are grown,
I tried talking sense to you, leave it alone;
I give in to the weight of the kick,
So weary of waiting and hoping for this,
The two of us alone, no-one else to see,
I promise not to miss you and no more jealousy.

Careful of my gender, it comes, how it goes,
Love me tender so nobody knows,
Nobody knows the trouble I seen,
Each time they asked, I said something obscene,
The splinters shower down, I shelter from the rain,
Against the grain, against the moon,
I waxes and I wanes.

No ecstasy sent for taking a line,
Right through the stokehold they rip, run and shine;
I awake and the feeling won't drop,
Each time they slam down, I swear I will stop,
The two of us alone, no-else to see,
The damage brings us closer to murder, can't you see?

Here in my rocking-horse house,
I keep the curtains drawn;
Inside my little head,
I hear them screaming out my name.

Here in my rocking-horse room,
I keep my eyes shut tight:
Inside my peeping-holes,
I know that if they're empty I can sleep.

Don't you believe her, deliver a shiver to me,
Is this what you wanted?
I'm haunted, my eyes grown cold.
I still got second sight,
I still can see at night.

Here comes the enemy, the beast in me,
Alive a little more,
On my hard shoulder,
The warning goes deeper than before.
I still got second sight,
I still can see at night.

6. Just Changing Hands

[Bonus Track]

She blacks and blues
She wear new bruise
'Cause he beat her senseless
He hit the booze

Whenever she's
Prey to his disease
As she take some beating
Fall to her knees

It's only love, he told me so
He's coming home to my bed
I wouldn't bleed if only he'd
leave me along now and then

When did it start?
I can't recollect
I'm still alive,
if a little wrecked

He makes it so i'm
so old before my time
He comes from behind
it helps him to unwind

It's all right, love, he told me so
He's promised me no more pain
I wouldn't bleed if only he'd
leave me alone now and then

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