Dark Lyrics


1. Overture


2. Provider

Are you inside, provider, or am I?
Immersed in all the darkness and decay
Denied the sleep to dream myself away
Said I was bright, too sensitive to fly

Can't tell you why you don't already know
He reins the horse for those I cannot see
Will I like him a gallant rider be?
The skin is pale, the sunken eyes are slow

3. Subterranea

Belly first, unrehearsed, I'm thrown from all I've known
A silhouette set among the badlands paved with stone
Photographs, fingerprints, fragile refugee
Higher rise fire in the sky society

Can I hold on, can I believe in
All the things you are?
There's no sane in, chaos reigns in Subterranea

Cadillac heart attack, back of this beyond
Pusher king, TV queen, accommodating blonde
At Traitor's Gate while you wait gender reassigned
Surgeon carves the matching halves
The blindfold leads the blind

Can I hold on? I cannot count them
All the things you are
Were I stronger I'd hold out longer in Subterranea

Without the walls, comfort is freezing in my veins
And caught within chemical rain
My dreams have turned against me
And fatally have fenced me in

Above me cold light and below me over all
The time I've lost, how can I know?
So I keep forgetting what I am half recalling
On a bed of fallen flowers
Hold me now as I was held before

Powerhouse, sacred vows, trigger happy punk
Driven by hidden eyes and figure hugging junk
Heaven knows if I'm close, am I unreleased?
If I'm in hell I may as well be famine to the feast

Can I hold on, can I belong to
All the things you are?
There's no sane in, chaos reigns in Subterranea

4. Sleepless Incidental

Sightless, he watches the columns collide
As he wanders the canyons relentlessly wide
Empires are burning, the rain cuts his skin
And in every direction the sound closes in
Time, only time, have I
And already I'm not okay

He falls in with the unwashed and unfed
He will sleep for the first time, no crib for a bed
In these extraordinary lanes
He is blind again, unaware still

From the greatest height and to the furthest end
Without association, he will bend
And walking with the wounded, old and thin
Made to be paraded, bring the misfit in
How to overpower the avenues of steel
In my illusion, what of this is real?
Sleepless incidental, what I really need
Is how to now avoid the full stampede

I'm only taking time
And I'm not where I want to be now

5. Failsafe

"Do you seek enlightenment
Are you to frightened to speak?
Short of experience
Here where the flesh is so weak?
Trust in these hands
Let them attend to you
We understand
We all intend for you
To stand among friends"

"Are you remembering
Do I revive your neglect
My one?
A price must be paid for your sin
And I'm here to collect
All that you are
Is all that you'll ever be
Unless on your hands and knees
You put all your faith in me"

Leave me alone
I don't belong here
I'm not your candidate
Guaranteed failsafe
I'm on my own

I don't know
I don't know

Bible-bashing fashion victim
Should have kicked him when he couldn't
Get arrested; uncontested
Will to carry on is gone
Inside his head, he's dead, he said
"I never was alive--I died with
Knives and nails and nightingales
This is all the anger I can hold"

Kennedy, remember me, I
Cannot bury you until I
Stare into the mouth of hell
Time alone will tell me how to
Spend the time alone without you
Listen to the songs about you
Run for cover, gunners unrevealed
Will aim to please another son

I can't go on
Help me make
That Golden Dawn, because
For all we know
We're done and dusted
Must it end like this
Here and now
Here and now?

I don't belong here
There's nothing now my eyes can recognize
I'm all wrong here
Let me go, I'm not for changing
I don't belong here
I'm not your victim and I don't believe
I'm not strong here
No religion, nothing more
I'm telling you know
I'm not your candidate
Guaranteed failsafe
I'm caught in a headrush
And I'm out of control

6. Speak My Name

Whenever I was silenced
Ahen I was on my own
A brutal cold existence
I believed I was gone
Now I stand, no longer nameless
Though I've lost more than I'll find
A simple moment set aside
And I feel like I'm mine

There are times when I remember
But in my heart I'm not the same
And I feel myself connected
Every time you speak my name
You speak my name

Without the darkness in my soul
With arms to call my own
I face a future unafraid
And I won't be alone

There's a place where all my dreaming
Will free me from what I became
And I know no-one can reach me
Every time you speak my name
You speak my name

There are times when I remember
But in my heart I'm not the same
And I feel myself protected
Every time you speak my name
You speak my name

7. Tunnel Vision

Don't want to lead a revolution
Let another go ahead
Don't have no need for elocution
No desire to raise the dead
You can't avoid the circulation
Amend the circumstance
Don't want to lose the combination
Still want to hold it in my hands

Can't see around this tunnel vision
From inside of what I've found
When I was wracked with indecision
When my hide was hunted down
Under a moon of innovation
A many-splendoured thing
I need the company I'm keeping
And I feel the hunger

Something happened inside and I can't explain it
I'm in a critical way
When I didn't believe it I couldn't see
Now I live a life in a day

All at once she is gone again when I turn back
Cracking up, more than I can take
Make it come right

And I'm dead on my feet, hesitating and down
In a dangerous mood where I shouldn't remain
Straighter than an arrow never-ending emotional ride
(Raining from the harder sky)
Waiting for survival, are there no words left to right?
Don't want them anymore

And now something I couldn't hide has happened inside
And taken the meaning away
When I didn't give in I couldn't begin
Now I live a life in a day
Something happened inside and I can't explain it
I'm in a critical way
When I didn't believe it I couldn't see
Now I live a primitive life in a day

8. Infernal Chorus

Hard on my heels I feel him
from dusk till dawn he stands
Astride the elevation, avoiding confrontation
In this infernal chorus
He follows where I lead him under the ground
Who watches he who watches ?
Non-one above suspicion

I want an explanation, one final word of wisdom
"Said you were bright-eyed wonder
Set you up right, you're finally where you belong"

I am your murdering Angel of Death
I will despise you until your last breath
When I cut into you, will you not bleed ?
Decidedly you will provide what I need
Give me a focus now, give me a name
Who is responsible, who do I blame ?
Back to your maker, return to his side
Unressurected, unrecognized

9. King Of Fools

King of fools, you'll never bring him back
He's got them where they want him
Hanging high, is this the way it ends ?
On bended knee, not with a bang
But with a fatal kiss, I won't twist again
For you can bend me, shape me
Won't escape me
Now I've got the reason for the rhyme

Skintight stupid substitute
You don't come close, no sense pretending
Dr Suess's golden goose is
Too seductive, too demanding
Idle handsome fascist with his
Love-me-love-my-velvet-fist attention
never meant to leave me
Now I'm unintentionally fine

10. The Sense In Sanity

Ignited by the realizing eyes
Unwrapped around the solitary sound
A failing voice is railing under walls
Collapsing on the unfamiliar ground
O, empty heart, am I the only one ?
On pins alone or are we many born ?
Well, either way, you are what you've begun
And by the way, I never did you wrong

Nothing here is guaranteed, nothing's understood
Now that I am far beyond beginning to belong
Maybe I don't understand the sequence as I should
Can't tell left from right from wrong
God from bad from good

For all you know, for all you made of me
It's hard to keep the skin from tender bone
No earthly ties to hang me from on high
I wait beneath your overcrowded skies

Nothing here makes any grade
There's nothing I can do
Fed and watered though I was barely half alive
Time enough to tire me out but now I'm sleeping
I've lost the sense in sanity
Got the bad in good

11. State Of Mine


12. Laid Low


13. Breathtaker

Beyond imagination, born of blood and fire
In splendid isolation, I have lived
Corrupted and conspiring
All I wanted, all I was living for
An end to all the silent sweet revenge
And nothing more

No longer God's Apollo, no more Mercury
Down among the unbelievers
Fuck the wild and wasted, look at me
Got pills to sleep, got pills to get awake
Eternally I ray no-one my breath will take

The honesty is gone now
There is no other way in this state of mine
The resolutions halted
The innocence betrayed by your hand

All I can do is keep uncertain company
I get this murderous intention
With a tendency to fly
How can I hold on?
If I'm not living who am I?

He knows that I'm about him
He feels me in his skin, I follow him in again
Confidence is shaken, his conscience is unclear
One of us promised more

I know you lie with me, breathtaker
To dream my dreams
You steal them for the maker of rain
Get out of my subterranean heart and I'm alive
Asylum is everything and it's mine

Are you made of stone?
And are you there at all or here in my head?
Anyone with half a brain would do the same
I know your name

14. Capricorn

The shadows fill the corners across the square
They come a-crawling to offer shelter, to haul me in
Without a needlepoint in the light
And the steel to still your tongue
The night hides a multitude of uncovered sins

The heart beating in Capricorn, I take on a guise
They won't define me anytime in the English rain
Will I feel an automatic release from all this pain?
With no movement, undiscovered, I lie in wait

So what if you're sentimental
And I'm out of tears, out of sympathy?
I'll make it look accidental
And I'll leave no sign to say your life was mine
No-one I think fell out of my tree
No-one I carried just the same
Thinner than most sinners and saints alive
Dare you speak my name?
So what if you're temperamental
And I'm out of tears, out of sympathy?
So what if I'm elemental?

15. The Other Side


16. Unsolid Ground

All my life I'm governed and controlled
At someone's beck and call
Made to walk a balanced line
Before I've even crawled

All the time I hungered for release
On independence day
Without a contact or a name
I waited anyway

Torn apart and written in the starts
More I cannot see
Blind enough to follow through
Unsupervised devotion

Forever I was losing sight, sound escaping
And all the world was tuning upside down
For every move I tried to make when I was stranded
At least I'm standing on unsolid ground

All my live I'm governed and controlled
At someone's beck and call
Maybe there's no genius
In having lived at all

All my life I'm taken by surprise
I'm someone's waste of time
Now I walk a balanced line
And step into tomorrow

Forever I was losing sight, sound escaping
And all the world was tuning upside down
For every move I tried to make when I was stranded
At least I'm standing on unsolid ground

17. Somewhere In Time

Wakes up forgotten, makes up his mind
Sets out to question if he's one of a kind
On and on, want to feel somehow
Somewhere in time
You'll see it all the way that I do now

Gives in to impulse, reaches in between
Gets back a notion, still remembers a dream
Gone again and I don't know how
Some other time
You're going to look like I do now

Sprawls across the walkways, recalls another place
Finds the faces hidden, no names upon a stone
Raises up a fever, he rails against the skies
Careless what he wishes for
And what he's always known
On and on, want to feel somehow
Somewhere in time
You'll see it all the way that I do now

In and out of daylight, hung on for dearest life
Stumbles on misguided, is rousing from a sleep
On the street civilians display a common band
Roaring like a cry from Heaven seven thunders deep
Gone again and I don't know how
Some other time
You're going to look like I do now

So many held in firm array, each one anonymously files
In every kind of every way and every mother's only child
And all the time identified, it's hard to take it in at all
There must be many more besides
Those to watch us while we're sleeping

So many here, so many held
Aligned and catalogues for good
And punching in and punching out
The empty voices keep repeating
"I don't live on the outside
I'm provided for in here now
Love us where we stand, lead us through this land
We all know the score, that's what living's for"

18. High Waters

Wherever the faithless are
With any other prey approaching
Come hell or come waters high
Believe it or surrender nothing
In all that is envious
He's sworn to continue
And he will contain you all
No one salvation anymore
You're right in the sights
He moves on all sides
Now as I turn

19. The Narrow Margin

Divided by loyalty, surrounded by emotion
Nobody under here, remembers any mercy at all
We stay down
Deciding the borderline
Maya, did no-one tell you?
I couldn't have made you mine
'Cause I feel your pain more than my own

All the love gone astray
There will be hell to pay this time
For those of us born to die
There'll be none to testify

Time and time again I skin the world, keel it over
Spinning on its side, beginning as it ended
Through these diamond eyes
Maid of Morphine settled in my side
Did she intervene?
Well, I'm the cleanest that I've been

Don't know where I know you from

Time and time again I've lived enough in silence
It's getting harder now to keep the violence in me
Someone I once was, raised upon a gallant rider's knee
Mortal memories lost among the unrecalled
Set the cross of fire (if I live)
These are the only ones (if I've loved)
Remember who they are
If I look, I see them everywhere

Don't know where I know you from

Told me, go the way of your heart
I'll be waiting for you
But wherever you are, you're not inside me now

Told me, try to sleep, I will come
But I'm still waiting for you
And wherever you are, I'm still inside you now
I'm never going to cut through without you now
If I get ascension or die
All the love that was mine denied
All the love that you qualified
Like a desert I'm open wide
There's nowhere for me to hide at all
For your love, I can never go back

Every one of us is herded and contained
Not a single one invited
Voices circulate around the musty hall
And the kerosene's ignited

Through the rising flames that lick against the flesh
Incandescent in the crossfire
Do my eyes betray the longest night of all
Do I see or dream of Maya?

But he's got us where he wanted us to be
Undivided, under control
As the narrow margin finds us face to face
As he laughs across the foxhole

Nowhere was ever safe enough for all of us
No one contender cared about getting out
Tied now behind the hungry fire meant for us
Scattered like dust and finally free Held together by fear
I can't be the same, too much has changed
Undeniably real and it's better left unsaid
All the love you said was nothing
Find a rhinestone not a diamond
I never wanted this
Left alive and laid to rest

Told me I was brighter than most
And I believed it all then
Through the dangerous times
I needed more than cold eyes
I want to be alone
To dream myself away from darkness and decay
As I try to forget it

No-one entered into my mind more than Maya
Someone she believed I could be is burning in me
Now I want to be alone like a stronger man
Then I can understand
As I try to remember where I know you from
Provider, are you inside or am I?

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