Dark Lyrics


1. A Missile

Hardest nails, impaled and war-torn
Water vapours trailing
Bloodshot down, I am drowning
Born of iron failings and fear
There is no faith can be sustained
No original sin to blame

Breaking back, unreactive
Shaking my perspective
Solid state, armour plated
Deadly unattractive to all
But you hunted me down again
Man, you ran me aground right then

Now I know
Whatever lay beneath your skin
Was all that pulled me in

Weighted scales created fiction
Empty revolution
Essential trial, day of all days
Silent retribution begins
No expression that self contains
No ulterior gain remains
Now I know
Anything hidden in your skin
Enough to pull me in

When I leave that sunrise
Without a missile
Someone flawless moves in
With every potential
What I thought could save me was artificial
Raking across my nerves and taking possession
Cutting a chainsaw swathe
Through all defences still in place
Because it's crazy and nothing existed
It all escapes me
I'm not even making a promise

There is no faith can be sustained
No original sin to blame
Now I know
Whatever lay beneath your skin
Was all that pulled me in

When I find I've carved out another profile
I will leave that sunrise without a missile

2. Rise

Could have been anyone
My will to live inspired
No one knew
Maybe I should have guessed
But now as then, I rise again
I lay beneath
I barely breathed

Stranger now
Explaining this unknown face
Even after I stop believing, I rise again
The only one
I stand alone

Angels die, redemption rages
The age of man on an empty page
And chances are
This will save your soul
Or break it in pieces

Traitors stay where they may stay
They will not take my courage from me
They make me blind when I can see
It goes together and it's free
I'm waiting, I'm waiting, I'm waiting, I'm waiting, I'm waiting, I'm waiting
I rise again
I'm waiting, I'm waiting, I'm waiting
I'm waiting there

Angels die, redemption rages
The age of man on an empty page
And chances are
This will save your soul or break it forever

Independence the best defence
From way up here
When my judgement fails and lets me down
I rise again

3. Stay Down

May you never live like this
Without the world you've known
When every turn reveals no way home
With time standing still
I dared myself to feel something
The same winds that sailed you skyward
Will steal you back
This last change
That we've been going through
The time I would spend
With no-one but you

Days when I can't see where you go
The times that I don't know
And then I remember
With the life torn in two that I'm born into
That's some making of me
In time my undoing
Time stood so still

But if I mistake those vital signs for real
Then should I resist
All the strength that failed
As it held me derailed in the silence?
Anyone left alive in the fire
Hope expires without a sound
Damn your eyes and you stay down

Never again will I be out of my head on my way down
Hold out your hands where I can see you complaining
As you stay down

If I don't make success out of real life
Nothing doing
Fall back, break out, inside, can't see, can drown
Shut up while I stay down
The less I can handle
The more I can blame on my breakdown
Tomorrow I bring in a better opinion
When I stay down
Nothing doing

4. Alampandria

Repentance I'm involved in
Faithful lives dissolving
Eyes dilate, infiltrate us all

5. Shallow Bay

And nothing will be the same
Now this moment leads me
To strains that sound from overhead
Stay hidden by a starless night sky
Lest we forget

In defiance of all this
Without provision, I take that risk
And in a shallow bay
All best attempts fall through, misguided
What can I do when I'm inside it?

Still divided now
I carry all connections, imperfections
Every stolen interlude
Life imbued with different daylight
Like a fool believes it's all right
Won't fight anymore

In spite of me, no substance
The rumours lie undisguised
Beyond the life of my intentions
When everything divides all convention
And finally we'll come together
You've set my mind again
I shall obey

So nothing will be the same
Dimensions long since gone
No, nothing will be the same
Now this moment leads me on

6. If Anything

All the days
When light unbound shone amazing
Only one occasion wouldn't change a thing
Not anyone could take my heart
And send it soaring so high
Far above the setting sun we'd fly

There's a way
We make our lives run together
Let yourself reveal what you feel for me now
If anything
It was always here
While I've been falling to earth
Hanging on for all I'm worth

Stay close now you're needed
And when you're far from home
Remember how that shadow formed
You're not alone

Anyway you're safe inside
If anything should try to lock you down
I settled on a simple place to hide
And everything in time will come around

7. For Another Lifetime

Cold conversation
Is all I can learn from now
Uncensored crisis of confidence
Taught me how
Pall-bearing fakers making it fall apart
My heart is not unbreakable
Take the thing I dread
To somewhere else instead then

When you're endangered
Everything comes untied
Who do you love enough
To keep yourself inside
For another lifetime?

Somehow I have been slowed down
Something is in between us now
Somehow I have been slowed down
Something is in between us now

I'll die again on another day
But it's not today
I could make amends had I waited then
It was way back when I meant it
Weather breaks and the fire escapes
Through an open door
When the devil flies through a web of lies
And the wind ain't howling anymore

Always in dreams, in all ways unseen
Showers into sparks rained down over me
Hours after dark, still held shoulder high
And wave after wave divide up the sky

I planned it, just like I did before
I never wanted more

Land me where I should be
In a solemn place where I'm free
Beneath a landslide of uncertainty
Loaded gun blown away

And if there's no resistance
What am I fighting for?
An unsung renegade evading radar
And if there's no existence to worship and adore
A lethal chemistry invades, as dark as war

Revenge won't find me
And even I leave well alone, it's still surrounding
This world confounds me
How many times will I contest the smallest thing?
Tides are turning again
Red letter deadhead mourning
Can I commit to getting enough reminders?
If I learn to forget the reasons
I can't forgive or live it down
It's in the ground, beneath my feet
From miles below
It's in the air, it's everywhere I know
So it's all in the mind, jet-setter debt is over
Should I condemn preserving and old sensation?
If I live to regret those actions all my days
In and out of sight

I've seen the spirit of light
I'm nowhere near it
When you're endangered
Everything comes untied
Who do you love enough
To keep yourself inside?
For another lifetime, for another lifetime
For another lifetime forevermore
Forevermore, forevermore

Cold conversation turns
Remembered inside of me
Locations where silence lived
They're no longer mine to give
And this is where I will stay, holding on
Holding on, holding on

8. The Great Spirit Way

What kills the pain to bring me down
I should face it
Spin that wrong thing around
Bring back the sun, get on your feet
Keep that last temptation way out of reach
Out there

Some kinder fool to break the chain
Cut right back
Until there's nothing in the brain
Once I declined but not enough
Five bells ringing out their song far above
For everyone, for those to come

Night after night along the great spirit way
Try as I might, I don't play fair
This is where I take an eye for an eye
Long-lost innocence led you nowhere
Right in the ground like heaven
An under-land cavernous place
Never seen neither heard
By the ghosts of Odessa
Now they're done wasting time
With the language of living

Demonstrations in avenues
Dead-end granite halls, unwalked corridors
Cold as death, closed canyons
Mined in better days
Undecaying, now on display
Elevations wading through unlit catacombs
All stations abandoned
Longstanding stonewalled planning rooms
Resignations passed in empty space

Contradictions ready made
Reputations not worth their weight
Recollections come what may
I can't let you see me this way
What was broken can surely mend
We can work it out in the end
But if not, then it's not the end
Your distraction is well defended

Like a dead man waking up, not his vision
I will confess, in a heartbeat
I changed my mind
On reflection, I'd settled for less
If tomorrow should come too late
Preparations will go to waste
Wait much longer, I'll lose the taste
Late developer chased it underground
Stay, do or die trying

All the misfits in the world sure to change it
Though they've tried rearranging
Good for bad
Still the mad king reigns

Take after me, go right ahead
Just got to be alive here or dead
Fear is the key that strikes from within
Steps undetermined, a place to begin

When the greatest show on earth
Drew the headlines
Life sold out killed the goldmine
Not a chance when the dance is through

All the wisdom in the world
Would have missed it
Odds against, couldn't risk it building up
Just to stop again
At last alone, I'd make the grade had I stayed alive

If it's all stored in monotone
Voices out of life belong to stone, in history
Sometimes I deny the memory
Make myself remove reality, once and for all
What my mantra lacked in radiance
More than made up with experience
Day by day

I can find enough recovery
Still confined in blissful agony
Final time of death, where is your sting?
Make me unbelieve most anything

Played and paraded like a hopeless thing
Made a kaleidoscope of early warnings
Greyed-out in photographs
Laid down an understanding
What an ode to pain is medicine
One intense for all
Take enough responsibility
Shaken up for all eternity

Innovation from accidents
Hard-worn evidence, dark and permanent
Lowdown breath, stone inventions
Lost inheritance
Lone assassin gone, unknown all the way
Designations of elegance
Waiting skeletons line the streets of Odessa
Stand preserving unmarked residents
Not in penance
Last in empty space, last in empty space

9. Fire And Security

In ambient asylums
They live, sane as I
These emptiest apologies
Decay now and die

In fire and security
You flash through my brain
My all-intact identity
When I was losing my mind
That was all I hoped to retain

The towers of the universe
Align way up high
The sky completes their symphony
If they can measure the hours,
Why oh why can't I?

It's only forever now, a matter of time
It's only another wall as yet unclimbed

Am I still the sum of nothing
Misguided, suddenly drained?
If I'm about this new corrosion
The slow emotional rate of change
Have I shown an easy target
Distractions that follow so well?
I rail against that ultimatum
Delivered in this untidy hell
Alone inside the passive house
Disaffected, looking back
When time left no memory,
No dark circumference that I could see till now
It's only forever

Immortal remains contain who we are
We burned like the sun at night
We realigned the stars

It's only forever now, no time at all
It's only forever

10. Perfect Space

There's nothing like this anywhere
Not a thing compares
All else pales into shade
And here I've stayed
Without evolving and making good before
After all where could I go?
No return, not anymore

Sleepwalking through the rank and file
With a different sense of style
Love and loss led along a crooked mile
Was I resolving?
The die was cast that lost afternoon
Welcome to phases of the moon
Cutting back our chance to soon

Stand up this time, these are my reasons
Your special needs, my speed of life
Falling behind in open ended spaces
Your star will guide you, my undivided one

Life today, can't give it away
So my empire, such as it is, will fade

Stand up this time, these are my reasons
Your special needs, my speed of life

This now becomes where my perfect space is
Your guiding star
My own decision was wrong
And when uncertain times are gone
You're soon in and moving on

Overdressed, keep your best out of earshot
Impressive noise signifying
Not a whole lot shining someday
No way I could ever know how this happens ever

And the more I save my own skin
So the more I've strayed from within
But I have the feeling
That I'm in a dangerous mood
Break enough like never before
To shake it off
And get without this thing in my head
Remain beautiful, aching inside again

Everything I'm thinking of
Through the years I stayed for love
All directions that lead me
To the places where you are
Not a thing compares
Nothing like this anywhere
I will always stand beside
Your guiding star so bright

11. Fallout

Down, unbowed, chased the omens
Found in the clouds
Drove the highway a thousand miles
To catch but a glimpse
Stole a moment from the distance
No other shade of influence would I invite
And I've held tight ever since
Before I could start, I'd made it this far
Time was I knew
Though I couldn't somehow get through
Now I'll never be going back
To what was untrue
All remembrance I'm confined in
The end for us was obvious
And heaven knows I don't need reminding
Beyond the thrones of kings
They sing that love is the thing
Turn way in flames
Have you nothing left to say?

I'm not ready until
I make trouble for myself
No non-starter loved you harder
Staying hidden, reconsidering
Raised up weightless, made that skyline
Left behind so much wasted time
High from siphoning life from everything
Brought to bear but no final reckoning
Wiped the smiles from those stupid overfed faces
Another star replaced

Nothing will come from nothing
No matter when
No love will stay unchannelled in any event

Rock still rolling, thrown off kilter
No exceptions, flown in, filtered out
Feels like long nights getting nearer
Then again, I've been wrong before
High from fighting back fires that rise above
Spark ignition, the sky's lit up
When I wasn't here
Blew the stratosphere open
Another starry place

Nothing will come from nothing
No matter when
No love will stay unchannelled in any event

Interrogation will bring out the worst in me
These contradictions
They breed bitter guarantees
No intervention
No sleepwalking to attention
In times like these

Anything lost that once belonged
Big in a small pond
Couldn't have ever preyed upon
The life it stole from
And this energy and this casualty
Breaking deep in the heart of me
That intensity's still alive

Once I get inside my head and I'm flying
I can stem the tide ahead without really trying
Talk about the unimpressed perfectionist
If I never get to claim second best
I'll anticipate more than this

Every little oversight tears my world apart
When I can't hold it back anymore
And it's all about the battle
Want to see the first attack
Breaking metal in this century
If it's effective it's justified
The means outweigh the plan
When I get up into space I'm flying
There's no coming down
Keep me so alive
Making my name across the planet lines
Fall outside the light
Hiding when I'm high

From sight unbowed
While the signs inhabit the clouds
Drove the highway a thousand miles
And I caught a glimpse
That stolen moment from the distance
No other shade of influence will I invite
Till I am seen again

Thanks to Alan Pierce for sending these lyrics.

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