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1. Frequency

Before I was undiscovered
When I was invincible
Nobody could kill the silence
And probably no one will again

The future was unrelated
Alternatives all pursued
The lives have got separated
When others were split in two

And I don't
Remember now where I'm
Supposed to be
I slide between the waves and ride
The frequency alone

They might have agreed to listen
If I didn't lose control
But I was as lost as they were
As still as a heart grown cold

And I don't
Recall how I became
The one I used to be
I heard the strains of life begin
Within the frequency that night

I walked through the walls

Hold on tight, lives are gonna change
The king of his kingdom is surely falling out of range
Stay a while in the present tense
All in good time, you'll find your innocence

As a final fire
Climbs into the senile spire
High above the wireless world it harvests

As the brightest child
Sinks into the safest arms
Tied against the bomb that hangs above us

I could've stayed
If you were mine
If time remained
The reasons would've rhymed

But I don't remember now where I should be
Find me where you don't believe me
There's a warning in between the memories
Can you hear me through the whitest noise

I slide between the waves and ride
The frequency

Light and sound conceal me
They shield me
From danger signs
Make me understand it
How can I quit
These powerlines?

2. Life Support

When I think of it now that it's done
How it might've gone without a place to belong
I can see we played into their hands
And they picked our bones until we proved them wrong

It's only a moment
The minutes and hours, they fly from me now as then
It's all in the detail
I've been here before but still don't remember when

As we stared in the face of the storm
And the change began to gather over the bend
There was always a chance it would come
But if you can't make it happen nobody can

It's all but forgotten
The minutes and hours, they're nothing that can't be bought
It's all in the detail
Hold onto your head, you're living without your thoughts

3. Stronger Than Friction

The light that strikes against itself is hard as stone
A dream too many full of memories not my own

They're only shadows, they'll disappear
Their only destination: anywhere but here

There's nothing permanent below me and above
For every time it's all too much, it's not enough

We're unconnected, we're unafraid
We only miss each other from miles away

Tell me again, am I the same when I'm not there?
Gone in a second, impossible to bear
Hard to remember the way I lived outside
Stronger than friction until our worlds collide

These hands are useless, not even mine
They do not serve me, they lose the line

I have my version of vital signs
But there are complications of a different kind

Tell me again, am I the same when I'm not there?
One single moment and changed beyond repair
Hard to remember the way I lived outside
Stronger than friction, the balanced will until our worlds collide

No one ever thought about it
No one had the will to wonder why
Only you refused to die
For now there is no isolation
Keeping the experience at bay
Any time
Any day

It brings me to my senses, this poison in my side
The raging heart defenses a turning tide

Seen upon the television screen
'Cross the boundaries of my head
We're entertained by the dead
Stayed awake to make the morning
But it came too little and too late
Take your time, I can wait

Is this thing going to kill me
And tear my soul apart?
If not, it never will be
The one to break my heart

You're really something good
What's got into you?
This is the consequence
Of what you've led us to
These views are shaped by thoughts
Which you have never owned
You take all my opinions
Claim them as your own
I don't expect you'll ever
Let yourself be told
No easy way to say it
You've been bought and sold

Who'll defy me now
And chase the lightning all to soon?
What kind of mercy will you gain
Under the shadow of the moon?

The shadow of the moon above

And when you know what it's about
You'll stand upon a hollow heel
Those empty eyes look in, not out
Seeing the water deep and still

The shadow of the moon above

4. One Fatal Mistake

There's nowhere I'd rather be
'Cause no-one can mean more to me
In tenements racked against the wind
Our desperation reined us in

You drifted so far out of range
I held on but everything changed
How can you be everywhere at once
But nowhere to be found?

Imagine all you could have been
Eventually you would have seen
The wanderlust and all you dared to dream of
If ever you make
One fatal mistake

You broke me, you have no idea
In darkness I see more than hear
Impossible, even I can say
Many would have walked away

A lifetime of living a lie
Like daylight shot out of the sky
So did the truth ever set you free?
Got nothing but that hold on me

Remember all the promises you planned on
The only one whose arms you ever ran from?
The best of you was locked away for so long
Don't wait another day

Imagine all the mysteries you're made of
The great adventures you would love
The wanderlust and all you dared to dream of
Don't say it's too late
One fatal mistake

5. Ryker Skies

I'm reeling, fighting for breath
Running on empty
A fortress carved out of steel
Black and surrounding
No other survivors, the walls without end,
So where have I come to?

Welcome, hero, to Ryker Skies
Where all your hopes are stored
You can leave responsibilities in ruins at the door

Get it knocked into your thick skull
It's really not that hard
It's a cast iron binding covenant
And this is just the start
There are insults and injuries
You've heaped upon yourself
But you play the victim
While you pile the blame on someone else

So before I state my intention
To live or die
I command your total attention
In Ryker Skies

They're unspoken, these accidents,
They leave a bitter twist
It's a no-win situation
But I know you can't resist
In walks Trouble without a sound
A deal across his face
He's a won't-stop, screw-top work of art
Mechanical disgrace

So be sure you cast not a shadow
As you walk by
No, you won't be chasing no rainbows
In Ryker Skies
You'll never fly
There was a time
It flashed on by

Nothing to break the iron crown
Tearing imagination down
Strung out and overwhelmed
I've had more than enough
The wings of butterflies
Are made of sterner stuff
With all those years to kill
I'm yours until...

So before I state my intention
To live or die
I command your total attention
In Ryker Skies
You'll never fly
There was a time, it flashed on by
In Ryker Skies

6. The Province

Before the veil was lifted and brought to light the facts
The whole deception was complete
The sons of fathers buried their unconnecting tracks
Beneath the layers of deceit

Another place and time we'd have known
We would have seen the last of the lonely

A beast of burden heard in the tangle of the wire
It's gone like it was never there
The great colossus rises and crackles under fire
The static charge is in the air

In other realms of reality
My imitation heart will defend me
To make secure
What you believe

And surely as the day ends the night
It becomes a feast set for parasites

Another place and time we'd have known
We would have seen the lost and alone
In others realms of reality
My unrepentant heart will defend me
Again somehow
Not here, not now

Safer on the waves
Too dark upon the shore
Pressure builds again
More ragged than before
When the will dissolves
It changes everyone

Something worse than us
Is waiting in the wings
Can't prepare for this
Can't think of everything
Is it obvious
What is and isn't done?

The province of the king
The wilderness of stolen things
The untold legacy
Inertia keeps it out of reach
Till I bring bad tidings
The phone rings
There's no-one there

You always said it's the one you needed
You should try to not be defeated
It's what you wanted, a supernova
But now it's landed--don't think it over
It's no invasion at all

You understand this: it's no solution
Still under sentence of execution
No-one like you can create confusion
Embrace the negative, with absolution
Your final positive reward

And I will follow you down
To where the silence is lost and found
Beyond the light that shines only inside
The province of the king

It comes to all of us
Until at last there's no-one else
And if that's what it always does
Then saviour, save yourself
How am I amazed?
How is it still concealed?
I cannot count the many ways
Because there's nothing real

What ransom do you bring
Before the wireless king?

7. Closer

What began as hope
Became the fate of many nations
Founded on a lie
Believed by everyone
Slandered and betrayed
A character assassination
Watch the guilty fade
Now the work is done

Ghosts of early days
Gather round the late arrivals
All parade upon
The earth to which they're bound
Silent in their course
They steal across the icy stations
Words are useless now
They fall upon the ground

One and the same
Parallels remain
In air as in the flame
I can see everything get closer everyday

Hold on
When I'm dead and gone from you
Remember me as light breaking through
Stay strong
Any time you feel you're lost
I will carry you back across

Call out
Send the word from there to here
Promise you I'm always near
Know now
Nothing anyone can say
Will keep me from you anyway

And in the end
When other days have passed you by
If beauty has a name
Waiting beneath the ruby sky
One and the same
Wanting to keep the pain away
In errors made again
I can see everything get closer every day

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