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1. Substantial Guilt vs. The Irony Of Enjoying

And I lay numb, waiting for something worst to happen

Sweet innocence, it happened so suddenly

She crossed my path on the way to nothingness
I knew that was encountering an angel of Purity
And in the process I've quickly understood
That I dont deserve her, none of us, humans, do

Beholding such a fatality leaves you empty with bitter grief
Life seems to be tarnished and sour, raped in its very essence
But sorrow is rapidly replaced by frustration, envy & despair

Dressed in White,
A child so alone, so fragile and beautiful has dawn
To hold her close was exhilarating in a most vicious way
I felt so weak, yet empowered somehow

One thing leading to another,
I knew then, that if I could not experience nor possess Purity,
I would at least try to take it and choke the life out of it

And I did, oh why, I dont know but I did...

Violently, I've pummelled her face with my bare fists
Until she became awfully deformed, bleeding and dying, all twisted up in terror...

I have forcefully replaced every teeth in her mouth by razorsharp shards of glass,
Slowly inserting every pieces of glass in the little one's gum

Why was I laughing? (In complete (dis)harmony with her screams)

I guess that is my Art,
To inflict upon Purity the only thing I can give,
And unfortunetly its not love

I should've feel guilty, I know,
But it simply didn't occur

2. The Bud Dwyer Effect

It takes guts and a gun
Just like Bud Dwyer lil' surprise
A defect, a defect
No one will ever see it coming...

I'm indulging myself in a strategic advance
Orchestrated by the Enemy
It dwells deep, yet grows strong, within...
(I'm working against myself? Well am I?)

Everything dreadful happening, imagine how I should feel,
When realizing that it was planned
From a beginning that I don't even recall, (Recall!)

From a beginning that I don't even recall,
You might call this a tragedy; seem more to me like simple standard habits

Wishing to be finally saved, waiting for something/someone that would order me
To follow a certain purpose with both convictions & devotions

If you only knew how I'm tired of your paintings.

Your bold landscapes sucks and have ceased to amaze me a while ago
Be a pal and let me add a little fantasy of mine, abstraction
Of scarlet red, pure... so pure

(Drained away by violence, insanely driving to kill)

Are there any written rules related to simplicity
I guess not, so how come your judging?
You won't the day that it will all end,
Drenched in vital fluids (.357)

As you are forced to witness
The spontaneity of the events,
And I won't be a bother no more?

3. Failure In The Process Of Identifying A Dream

Shadows are finally freed to hover...
The wintry landscape, apart from their mated-masters,
They seem serene has they dance childishly
As for my soul...
It is floating over some greyish magenta, watching me losing conscience from a good distance...

Solaris is dimly shinning,
And he's desperately trying to pierce the pale wall of mist, blurring his vision

I cannot exactly describe this weariness in which I am drowning
Yes... it's possibly the darkest day that I've ever experienced

Yet misery don't seem so heavy anymore,
It seem more or less constant and relentless?
Sorrow slips over me like rain usually does on soft skin...
Cold as marble stone...

I'm overwhelmed by this sudden state of neutrality... of weightlessness
I am lost trough an emptied Heaven...

I sense that I am no longer alone in my foreign journey
Around me they swirl silently, those little aerial beings

Little angels of demise whispering music to my hear,
Exquisite yet inaudible
I cannot understand a thing of what they're saying,

Silence is the beauty that I behold,
Profound has an eternal slumber, holding the strangest of dreams
Blindly I follow,
For I am simply drugged by their livid smile

I cannot stop... not now, so close... (to the unknown)
Frost is gradually spreading trough my veins,
And toward my darkened heart,
Crystallizing my blood after its passage...
Luring me far away from what I might have once called;

Those little spirits are slowly killing me, with Purity
I know now that they want me to die, as much has anyone else

And frankly, I don't really care anymore...

4. 101101110110001

Gazing at a silver screen, I wonder not...
What am I waiting for? Streaming?
Wait, Wait, loading binary instructions
Drowned in surrounding CPU resolution,

Absorbed by this unique light of Datas


In this machinery's lore, I'm constantly seeking some...
Some pixel-rendered answers.

Powerful imagery and sweet numbers A.I.
Yeah man, you really are the master, masturbate on/off your pitiful little creation of yours...

That's right outside you ain't shit, you porno-induced zombie!

Shut my conscience!
It never helped me anyway; it's a critical error.
What is it?
A discreet anomalism... and I'm distracted, from this not so obvious purpose that I'm trying to reach (in vain).

Disturbed, yet its just a coffee spot, lyin' on the table.
One of many, and maybe the only fragment of reality I had in weeks
(Can't tell, have'nt count)

I remember now; this substance must be injected by oral means.

5. Binary, Part II

Narrowing days seem to stop before my utopic interface,
But 5 seconds without it, ain't worth eternity
Here's another story;

Logical Function: it "keeps me awake" Awake?
Cafeine, it must be friend of mine.

This body has treacherous ways, it must be replaced.
I'm so tired, so verily tired... is it day already?

One of many, and maybe the only fragment of reality that I had in months

I'm tired... (I never want to wake up)

But sleeping seem of questions.
Guess I must now hit the reset button.
And my comfortable world crumbles again,
Leaving me defenceless against the Outside.

Shaken and afraid, I'm filled with remorse and disgust at the reflection provided by this dark mirror in front of me
Staring back at me, laughing at me.

Wait, wait, for how long must I wait?
Until it starts again... and I'm saved.
Windows to my freedom, my life.

My head hurts... aching a pleasant disease.
My head hurts... aching a pleasant disease!

Brand new, my world is at last.

6. The Death Of One Man Is A Tragedy, The Death Of 10,000 Is A Statistic

You're not important!
Being unique is a concept!

Yeah, its You!

Who are investing way too much time,
Over the uselessness of the Self
The Guinea Pig, nothing but another stupid loathful subject
Say it, Shoot it, Tell Them!
Say it, Fuck it, Shoot THEM!

And it compels you,
The complete lack of goals and values
Repeating without ever learning, futile attempts
To upgrade your condition, lame as ever

To leave the cushion comfort of your flat existence,
What a curious thought?
Isn't it?

Under the gaze of a lavish sky, how can you not feel humble?

You're so pretty in pink,
I'll think I'll grab myself a cold one and watch you explode...
Except I'm no messiah, well damn....
Come to think about it, I still own my .357

Shout it, Shoot it, Human!
Think about it you Fuck and Shoot THEM!

7. Oceanic Motion

All around, back & forth,
The sickening smell of insignificance
I'm used to it now,
I must reek of it

The densitiy of the air was tangible today,
It was way too heavy for me.
I woke up an hour earlier,
I am eager to amaze myself for all the things that I could do,
But most definetly won't, during this loose hour.

Another day, predictably mundane,
Another scratch on the 7" ep that is my life,

That is my life...
It keeps on bouncing! (all around, back & forth)

My Columbian coffee
Expensively tasted like sewer water today.
The "normal & subtle" sour taste could'nt be sweeten at all, no matter how I sugared it,
How many times have I wonder if this taste wasn't impregnated in my mouth?

And once again (and as always), I'm having a delightful conversation
With the refrigirator by my side, he's always complaining,
I'm use to his points of view now, his constant mumbling...
Drastically sarcastic, almost as bitter as my coffee.
He seem to have an opinion about everything?

An instant passed, then I remembered that I have an optic sense

Ah, there it is, my 4th floor morning-view of a sunlit backalley

Down there, an ant-like human is wandering,
Nervously looking around, back & forth
And once the tension is gone, as he's sure that nobody's there,
Unzip his pants and ungraciously expose himself
In order to piss his way trought my alley...

I am almost has relieved as he is, once he's finished,
But for obvious different reasons

Happily confined, thoroughly hollow and unfulfilled
I think I'll go back to sleep

Is it possible to be sea-sick on firm ground?

8. The Girl Next Door Is Always Screaming

Amy, sweet lewd Amy...
The way she moans, it's so obscene
Whether she's crying or complaining aloud,
And the way she's getting beaten, it's arousing

I cannot differ the sounds anymore,
They all seem like a relentless buzzing discomfort
Fuck this treacherous imagination of mine,

If you only knew the complexity of the scenarios emerging from there
It feels like a bad soap-opera, yet you cannot help yourself from watching the next episode

She must be so beautiful; I guess that is why I hate her and her voice that much
The mystery, of her real self, is far more interesting than actually knowing
Introspection, yes I do fear its return

It has forced me to review most of the basics concerning females

I hear them, again and again, throughout the night
I don't remember the last time I slept,

And I'm not feeling well, here, alone with my thoughts...
Staring at a blank wall

Battered and bruised, bleeding on the floor
Worthless piece of meat, I know she's crushed
But I am useless, unable to save her, and maybe I don't want to

Oh how I beg for complete silence...

9. A Regular Dose Of Azure

As a flower, she bloomed
Once her wrists were opened

I remember her scent, intoxicating

My communication with her was clearly enhance
But hers was quickly fading, discontinued and frail
Her eyes reflected a hopeless apprehension,
For a compassionate smile, a misplaced melancholy

Liquid-Azure, she stared at me...
Like when we used to drink to much cocktails
On Sundays afternoon...

I remember her heart-breaking smile, now beautifully distorted
Agony and orgasms combined, I swear

Don't worry girl, everything is going to be alright

Can't wait till she sober up and realise what is truly happening
She seem gently desperate, numb and on the verge of collapsing

But that I cannot allow
This is a Test and I couldn't get more sentimental

I'm feeling her pulse, slowing down, foreshadowing a very long and quiet season,
Of dreamlike serenity.... I'll miss her so much

(Ether died as a martyr, unknown, in a secluded asylum)

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Thanks to miyamotoson for correcting these lyrics.

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