Dark Lyrics


1. A Perfect Role

166 ways to kill and you choose this?!?
You wear sadism like a glove
Sitting there in you suffering chair
Watching your love joke on it's own blood
Have you no concept of regret?
I know you can pretend you do
A thousand times you've rehearsed those lines
But you still fumble the last delivery:
"I'm sorry"....
Your black eyes betray your heart
No amount of eye shadow will hide you
Not 'the you' I've come to know and hate
Run away from me again and hide
Maybe someday I'll stumble across you
Then I will be sure to bury you
So you can lie in the unmarked plot beneath my feet.

2. Decay

Tonight I let loose the dove
In futile hopes of its return
Watch bleeding feathers and flags unfurl
Free with the breeze that burns me
I know that I pushed you to fall apart
These eyes are blackened now to what is real
Someday I'll touch you with my heart
This prosthetic heart has broken itself
Torn in string and letting loose all it had
This shell can only contain its screams for so long
Blackened brow, blood as oil to burn
Boiling over to fuel this loss
These eyes are black and blue and imprinted with you face
An image I will never forget
Today I will staple myself back together
With black hair stitches I will be whole again
And on that day the madman will raise his eyes
Staring at me with a tear and a laugh
The oldest of phrases falls from his parted lips...
"I told you so..."

3. Sever The Leech

I never believed in much of anything
But I believe in this strong enough to kill
Hook in mouth, you wont let me go
A state of separation, self-imposed
A breath of fresh air for these black lungs
What I wouldn't give for just a moments silence.
A suture for bleeding hearts
I'm further than a phone call away
And I wont be getting any closer
Avoidance is my only relief from you
Stop casting you shadow on me and mine
It makes every breath as ice
Set to pierce everything inside of me
Its time for me to cut you off my back
Severing the leech never felt so good......
And I have never felt so just.
You have died to me in my eyes and my heart
Now turn black and crumble
So I can bury you and be done with this.

4. Drawing Blood From A Stone

Sometimes I wish the shadow I hide in would smother me
Slowly rip the breath from me and set it aflame
Burn away all my self-consciousness and fears of lies
Then, maybe, I could fade away like the nights fog
Thick and haunting, I could hide from everything and engulf all
Then fade away with a gentle whisper from you
Only to lay down and bleed in my gutter alone
Looking up to see you spit and walking away
It that you stopped trying
Turn around and walk away from this cloud
That lie has turned black and it's looking for blood
Occasionally it's better to seek solace and forget
It seems you've sought and found your place to hide.....

5. My Gift To Liars

Made pale by putrid light and shadow
Your face reminds me of the dead
Just a little less beautiful with twice the rot
I guess I'm seeing through that facade of yours
A little more makeup should hide that scar
You are perhaps the worst of all frauds
A lie from the inside out and back again
If only you were dead..........
Save me the trouble, my sweet angel
And quit while you are ahead
One more wrong step and you're in for the fall of a lifetime
Landing far below where I once held you
All alone in the dark and steeped in horror,

6. Memoirs Of A Drowned Angel

Today is the last day I'll stare at the sun
It reminds me too much of you
Burning bright and destined to fade from my sight.
God, you were always the most beautiful of us.
Holding your head high is dangerous and brutal
Careful those low hanging sickles, they devour
Will memories drown me in you tonight?
I can always cut them out with a leaf
Don't make me beg, I'm far below that point
I see you walking away from me slowly
Leaving a bruised earth at your heels
I love you so much it kills me to say,
Maybe you'll be happier without me.

7. A Pictures Worth

Shattered your words, broken in meaning
Fallen from grace on high
My heart is still bleeding
Centered in your hate
A fine night to walk in the shadows
Letting darkness fall over my face
The silhouettes ahead look familiar to me
I can tell it's you by the light in your eyes
Standing there with wings spread and arms out
Black hair hung over timeless brown eyes
Reach for me and I'll take your hand
Together we will stride through the murk
Fog curling around your heels
Gone, all of these days we have shared in hopes of love lost
In my heart I will find the truest feeling
All that has been, has been so right to me
The streetlights beyond pale in comparison to your eyes
I've been lost in them since first glance
Waiting for a sign to sink in forever
Look at me get lost in them all over again

8. Mona Lisa

Is this the day I forget you face?
Or maybe tomorrow when we ride the breeze of steel pins
It's never as easy as I remember
Burn everything that bears my name
And let me drift away from you
Forget those nights of twisted obsessions and bloody tears
And these scars of serial killer lust
It's those words I wrote to you that scream in disbelief
A wayward glance and a forgotten smile
I've seen this paradise die before...
Walking between our end and the crashing surf
My regrets disappear with the cherubs
Unbind my hands from razor wire guilt
This drowning man sees what burns behind your eyes
Watch me grow and wither in those dreams of yours
Sleep tight and awaken to my absence
I certainly haven't forgotten your face
And I don't think I ever will...

9. Porcelain

Take this phrase and bury it beneath you
No more battered faces and forgotten tongues
It seems you've renewed my faith in hate
I'm not as exacting as I once was
I've forgotten what those words meant to me
And your face looks a little dirtier now
Face down in this puddle presents breathing problems
Looks like you're not so righteous now
Just one more minute, that's all I ask
Then you will resurface and wipe away that masquera
A razorblade smile for all those tears
An ear-to-ear grin must have found it's home on you
Porcelain white skin wrapped in bloodstained carpet
Maybe this river will wash away all your demons
Maybe they will stay to hurt you until I come to meet you
Then I will have the chance to do it all over again...

10. Beauty Everlasting

The soveirgn state of Hell, A beauty to the last
One tends to hold a piece deep within
When she smiles, it burns a little hotter
With a glance, it melts its way to blue eyes
And retreats painfully to the recesses of shadow beyond
Lying in wait for the next chance to decimate a boy
"Let it go" is easier said than done
The boy has fears of his own to cope with
Sidestepping emotion leads to the collapse of everything
Her pedestal crumbling on top of him
It's hard to scream when it is impossible to breathe
It's all been done before, when the Angel fell
He's just trying to avoid a repeat of the past
But he's ruining his chance to quench the Inferno
The flame that is burning him from the inside out
Burn, Baby, Burn
As if he could stop it if he tried.......

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Thanks to hedonisticplague for correcting track #1 lyrics.

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