Dark Lyrics


1. Exposing The Semihumans

Welcome to my circus of retards and obscure beings
Each one hand picked possessing
The rarest of anomalies the crowd decides
Whether they're animals or semi humans
Freaks and vile figures I expose in public
Attracting common humansWho seem to be amused
Visit my orgy of atrocities
While the submissive monsters stand indisposed
Brought to life through random acts of intercourse
Where human and animal nature collide

2. Visions Of Coming Apocalypse

Ignorant servants of a high power
Inhabitants of a decaying land
This world raped itself, a world misfortuned
A wasteland filled with lifeless remains
Your so-called evolution, is nothing but a lie
The world you create is internally decomposing
Visions of coming apocalypse
Driven by constant greed for wealth
Feeding on helpless humans
The fools are heading to their extinction
Disposal of the weak
Piles of dead bodies as the impure reign goes on and on

3. Extermination Of Millions

I crave extermination of countless million human trash
I will be convinced if i only watch them lay down dead
It's time for all to see my unstoppable delirium of murder
Nothing but my only way to be set free
I live just to see to fulfill my desire
Extermination - scum of the earth
Extermination- genocide
Fucked up - this hallucination becomes a reality I'd never believe
Obliteration of the human kind
Inferior than worms or leeches
Ignorant bastards their days meet the end
I am fed up with their idiocy
I define who's worth of living
Masses compelled in my own conceit
Mindlessly waiting for their final destruction
I abuse the right that me on my won gave to myself
I am delegated
My mission completed and as i stand
I breath the air of salvation
Humanity is extinct
I laugh as I'm supremacy
I breathe just to see to fulfill my desire
Extermination - the Earth becomes a burial place
I am perfection

4. Forced Prostitution

Out in the market for a better day
Self - inflicted torture, it's too late
There's no way back, you will rot way to fast
My eyes already foretell your future
In this life you created you live in disgust
Rape, theft and murder
As a lamb among the wolves they lewd the fuck out of you
Now you can cry in misfortune
By knowing it only gets worse every day
There's no escape since you entered a world of shit and decay
Forced in this life of sleaze, to earn your daily fix
For every whore there's a filthy pimp
Hand in the cash or you 'll have your throat slashed
I rape your body and soul
I 'll be there to watch
Your fall in the depths of impurity
This situation has gone out of hand
Forced prostitution - you 'll deal with it
My eyes already foretell your future in this life you created
Standing on your knees and sucking
Anyone's cum dripping from your face
This is not some kind of job for the weak

5. Shrouded In Solitary

Non existing reason, there is no one
In my domination I envision
Eternal solitary
All life erased by sheer hatred
Human existence burnt to ashes
Strong delusion of a diminishing world
Non alive but still i envision immortality
Non existing reason, there is no one
In my dominion I envision
Eternal solitary
No signs of life all erased by hatred
Human existence burnt to ashes
A vast necrotic field is all that surrounds me
The only witness of a world in misery

6. Vicious Pretension

Depreciation of your existence
I will deteriorate your insolent life
Soon you will have a corrosive liquid to die with
I'm getting stronger - don't even resist
The lust for punishment lives on
Now i prepare to loath you more
Sliding in with ease
You 're twitching, you've lost control
As i pound my fists on you
The pain is unbearable, I'm unrelenting
Staying inside 'till the whole body is infected
With the disease I carry for years now

7. Behind The Walls Of Derangement

Hell behind bars
Suffocate, struggling to survive
A stinking pit of total despair
The light of day never to be seen again
Screams that go unheard
Once you cross these walls
It's the point of no return
Gates close behind you
Staring through iron bars
Man is one with animals in this hellhole
Beasts, ready to devour
A place packed with human waste
Convicted for rape, theft, murder
And any other kind of illegal act
The scars of imprisonment will never heal

8. Slavery

Bound to the blackest of futures
The human race is dependable of higher powers
No way or hope to get through
Strings pulled at random will
Abstract fear of extinction yet so obvious
Condemned to forever serve
Ageless treat to all eternity human treachery
Blessed are the ones never brought to life to join mankind
None to decline their inferior state of mortal substance
Predetermined failure ceases the thought of life
Embodying submission
Indicating the secrets of subsistence
Seeking after what ages hide beneath
Recurring servants of sightless upmost forces
To ensure the blindness of living continuum

9. Era Of Submission

Epitome of my blackened creation - unclean
Hardened by this intense reality
A vision of another world
I pray ford death
A world out of light
An era of imperfections
A time now so distant
Anomalistic superior beings living splendidly
An essential part of my immense empire
Powerful sick desires dwell in my head
I am subject to hallucinations
Forced into a life of conscious enslavement
Never returning to humanity
Monumental failure
All thoughts ceased
Drowned in dark solitude
The seeds are sewn to end mankind
The salvation I seek is near
I count the days to the misery's end
Ready to fade away - cleansed for all eternity

10. Raped

Lying down violated, beaten and despoiled
Watching her efeminated, let her blood paint the ground
Disinfecting you from sin by lewding on your naked body
This horrid torture remains as I'm violently touching your skin
Screams never heard, abused to the extreme
This horrid torture remains and nothing can stop your demise
Reaped - she looks like she's dead
But she's just been raped
Raped - Abandoned - Disgraced
Raped on the floor, dead naked whore
Disinfecting you from sin
By lewding on your naked body
Screams never heard
As I'm violently touching your skin

11. Before The Uncreation

Soon comes that time when everything will turn in nothingness
The uncreation of all will establish what was meant to be
The hour of perdition draws near but will be unpredictable
And it will lead the earth to return it's primal condition
Back to an era where no life dwelled
And every form of any existence was truly feeble
Humanity will suffer the consequence of it's ignorance
And constantly growing greed, misled into sin
The end isn't yet to come
Before this world of disorder falls by itself
Too late for repents of any kind, our final time has come
The earth will collapse just the same way it once was created
And then there's a blaze of fire, the ground opens to devour
And nothing left to show life in this goddamn place ever-existed

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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