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1. A Picture Of Beyoncé Pouring Sugar On My Dick

If you smoke weed, smoke weed
If you drink beer, drink beer
If you’re straight edge, be edge
Whatever you do
Be your fucking self
Just be your fucking self
And we’ll be ourselves too
And party till the day we die
Until the day we die

2. Jacuzzi Cassanova

Come on, come on, let’s go, get up, get out the door
This is the one night of the week you have to get out on the floor
And show me what the fuck you got, yeah show me what the fuck you got
If you’ve got something to prove, then here’s your fucking shot
Let’s see you move from side to side
Let’s see your knuckles turning white
Turning white, dance with us tonight
Come on, this is a celebration
A champagne jam, a rise to the occasion
We don’t give a fuck that you think about us
You live your life loving your dreams
We live our dreams, loving our lives
So if you wanna live like we do
Meet us a t the party and we’ll fucking teach you
We’re going to the after party
The only way to end the night
So meet us at the after party
And help us fucking do it right
Let’s go, grab a thirty rack and follow me
A stack of red cups and a couple balls so we can play b.p.
You’re goin down, you’re goin down
We’re the baddest mothers ‘round, on this side of town tonight
Oh shit, nice shot
I can’t believe that went in
We’re gonna win, we’re gonna win, and now you’re through
If you have a problem with me
That’s my friends, my band, my family
Oh man, here we go again, a bounce shot for the win
We’ve been dominating this table all night
Tomorrow let’s do it again
If you want a rematch, you know where we’ll be
Next time, think again before you try to beat me

3. … And This Is How I Met Tyler Durden

All you ever do is lie
And every day, it’s all the same and
Nothing ever seems to change
The only thing I can thank you for is
All the dome you gave me
You worthless fucking bitch
Everything you ever did was fake
You weren’t even that cute in the first place
How could you think I wouldn’t
Catch on to your lies
You think you’re sly
Come on, let’s keep this professional
Not let our feelings grab a hold
Look at us, breaking all the rules
We have everyone fooled
Too bad the only fool is you
If only we had done what we wanted to
Throw you both out in the cold
Leave your body for the wolves
You’re such a dirty girl
So Full of dirty little holes
We’ll leave your lifeless body
For the wolves
All you did was lie, all you did was lie
All you are is a fucking liar
And everyday it’s all the same
Nothing ever seems to change
But now you’re gone and we’ve moved on
You sent this friendship up in flames

4. It’s Like Killing A Unicorn With, Like, A Bomb

We’re all here, let’s drink until the beer is gone
Come on let’s have some fun
Yeah, this party’s number one
I’m looking for a girl to…
We’ll drink beers and smoke until the cops come
I’m looking for two girls
Ménage à trois what’s on my mind
Don’t go thinking that you’re special
You’re just like the rest
This band will eat you all alive
We got game like they’ve never seen
And we will do whatever it takes
To get exactly what we want
Has anybody ever told you
That you have really beautiful eyes
That’s right, December 31st 1999
Y2K could be any day
So fuck it all, let’s burn the whole world down tonight
It’s Friday night and I’m all like
Welcome to the party, it’s time to have some fun
So grab a couple drinks
Come inside and try to fuck someone
The girls are all single and the guys are all hung
It’s the making of a orgy, all that’s left to do is come
I’m done
If this is all I’m living for, I hope I live forever
This would be heaven for Hugh Hefner but better
Better, better, oh!
So won’t you come inside
It’s been an awfully exhausting week
I think I’ll have a few drinks
To take the edge off the night
And get me feeling just right
Welcome to the party, we’re here to have some fun
Come inside, we’ll show you how it’s done
Excitement is high, the girls are all down

5. You Play With Fire, You Get Cut

Watch as we stomp your dome into the concrete
How will you talk shit with your mouth sewn shut
I don’t think that you can say you know me
Based on all the little things
You’ve seen, you don’t know shit
If your band has something to Say
Come and say it to our face
But be ready to back it up
I think we should take this outside
And finally finish this once and for all
I’m so fucking sick and tired
Of all these assholes wanna slander our name
And think it goes unheard
You’re all as good as fucking dead to me
Sometimes I want to carve my fucking eyes out
Instead I’ll take my rage out on you
And when everything’s dead
You will know I am through
Fuck you, fucking trick
All I wanna do is slit your throat
And rip out your eyes
Someday you will day, for everything you’ve done
This will be the end of you

6. Sharks Live In Water, There’s Water In My Toilet. I Rest My Case

What a beautiful day
To go out and play on the beach, in the sand, in the sun
We are gonna have so much fun
Swimming in the ocean together, forever
I will never miss you babe
This is the end of our days
Here comes a shark, swim for your fucking lives
Oh fuck, here comes a shark
A mother fucking shark

7. We Used To Be Pussweeds But Now We’re Metal, So Get Over Here And Put Out!

This would burns
We have nothing left to prove
And every time we fail
We take two steps towards the right direction
We just want to see the kids move their fucking feet
The music that we make is for you and me
If I ask for one thing, introduce some swing
Add some style to your step
Someday you could be king
We have everything that we could want and more
We’re taking this world by storm
This isn’t just my dreams. This is the life I lead
And if you get in my way, You’ll be the one I reap
I’ll find out where you live
I’ll find out where you sleep
The moral of the story is
Don’t ever fuck with me
Our hearts are in the right place
You can’t take our lives from us
We will not stray away

8. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

One, two, three, four, go
So let this fucking party begin
We’re bringing all our friends
Too bad this night is gonna end
The way it always ends
A fight between one, two or three
Let’s hope it’s not between you and me
So let’s keep these red cups filled up
To the brim
Fuck, I can’t believe that I have done this again
Oh shit
Drank way too much and fucked up someone else’s friend
I’m way too fucking drunk
Banged this dude’s girlfriend
So go and bring your girl back ‘round again
I’ll show her what it’s like to be with a man
Oh damn girl, you’re so fucking fine
Let’s do this again and again
If we had the chance to fuck all night, I would
And if we had a few more beers, I know I could
Oh man, there’s gonna be a brawl
Some guy nailed someone else’s girl
Hey guys this bro’s been talking shit
So let’s bring this fight into the streets
To introduce his teeth to the concrete
First I nailed your girl
Now your head’s beneath my feet
How does it feel to get fucked up by the guy who fucked your girl
But at least we brought the beer
So you can’t complain
Get the fuck out of my face
Everyone let’s chug a beer

9. Diabolical Dick Shrinking Mother Fuckers

Call it karma, call it what you will
It never meant the same to me
And every time I drink like this
I can’t remember anything
Come on, come on, black out with me
And I have been here before
Too many times to count
Drinking to the point of where I fucking black out
Got drunk, Blacked out, passed out
Let’s do it all again tonight
The clouds in the sky, suck my dick
This bitch ain’t worth my fucking time
Can you understand the works coming out of my mouth
Hey girl! Hi, how are ya
Let’s hop into my car and
I’ll take you out for a drink, then home with me
What do you think
Get fucked up
Bang your mother fucking heads
And let’s have some fucking fun
Show me what the fuck you’re fighting for tonight
And stomp this god damned dance floor
Bang your heads and dance
Like you can’t stop, let’s move
Girl, I have to tell you tomorrow
Tomorrow I won’t remember your name
I swear it’s not you. It’s me
I can’t help but take advantage of these situations
If you wanna have some fucking fun
Then throw those fists and stomp the ground

10. It Doesn’t Matter If You Win Or Lose, It’s What You Do With Your Dancin’ Shoes

Summer loving, had me a blast
Summer loving, happened so fast
I met a girl crazy for me
I met a boy, cute as can be
Summer days drifting away to, oh the summer nights
Tell me more, tell more, did you get very far
Tell me more, tell more, like does he have a car
I took her bowling in the arcade
We went strolling, drank lemon-aid
We made out under the dock
We stayed out till ten o clock
Tell me more, tell me more, but you don’t gotta brag
Tell me more, tell me more, cause he sounds like a drag

11. I’ll Bet You Twenty Bucks I Can Get You Gambling Before The End Of The Day

Would you shut your whorish mouth
And every time you talk, I wish you’d fucking stop
You would fucking stop
No point wasting this night on useless conversation
I don’t know what’s left to say
I’m nothing more than a pig
So I’ll get quick to the point
I never want to see your ugly heart again
It’s not worth shit in the end
It’s a simple idea that you can’t understand
We fuck first then I leave with my band
Don’t bother getting ideas that this will last
You’re just another girl that will stay in the past
So if you want to fuck, no one will ever have to know
This is the point in which I say something real negative
Tell you all to kill each other, come on pussies
Let’s see what you got
Let’s see some blood on the floor
What are you doing out there
You’re playing like a girl

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