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1. I Got It From a Friend, Who Also Happens To Wear Bitchin' Ass Pants

Don't Let Friends
Fight Alone
Get Down
Show Us What The Fuck You Got
Bring This Whole Place Crashing To The Ground
Bring This Whole Place Crashing Down

2. Dude, Chicks Are For Fags

Right Now
This is what we’re living for
Here is your chance
Take off your pants
Climb into bed with me
Or take that chance
And fucking dance
Until your soul's set free
Do you think
That you are free
When you wake up
And go to school
Or go to work
Or get fucked up
The only freedom that we have
Is the freedom to choose it for ourselves
Do we live like this
Do we die like this

3. It's Not a Motorcycle Baby, It's a Chopper

Come on
Get ready to go
Look to your left
Look to your right
We are all friends
We do not fight
We're all here for one fucking reason
To dance all night
So make a fist
And through your arm
And kick back
Kick back again
This is the moment you've been waiting for
And we are pleased to present it to you
So let’s take a minute to remember this moment
And never forget it
Get it on
This is the moment we've been waiting for
And soon it will be gone
So take it in, so take it in
As much as you can
And live your fucking life for a minute
And jump right in
Yeah live your fucking life for a second
I promise you'll never regret it
Let’s dance all night
We're here to represent all of those who never quit
And if you live for music like we do
This fucking song goes out to you
If you live for music like we do
Let's see you bring the whole place to the ground
Bring it all down

4. I've Never Had To Suck a Dick Before... I Bet It Sucks Dick

5. Acetone, Turpentine, Benzine. He Calls It "The Dip

How many people have said
I'm awaking the dead
And a new kind of sound
And a new way to dance
Finally present themselves
Present themselves to me
Well here is your chance
Today is that day
It's about that time
So get your ass on the fucking dance floor
And show us what you fucking live for
Is that all you got
I know you can do much better then that
Come on
Take your best shot
Unless you're not a man
Man, am I gonna be in trouble
When they've found out what I've done
I mean no disrespect
But I gotta go, I'm on the run
I'm late, I'm late, I'm late
For a very important date
Oh my god I can't believe that this is happening to me
I'm gonna be on TV and I've got to get ready
Imma be so pretty, so pretty, so pretty
Come on down
You are the center of attention
Oh by the way, I forgot to mention
You're all so fucking dead

6. Avi, Pull Your Socks Up!

This time I reach for the sky
And fucking leave you all behind
From here on out I'm moving forward
Cause I'm the only one that holds me back
It's time to make my own decisions
Regardless of the consequences
That's all for now
Stay tuned to see what happens next
Why aren't you listening to me
I said I'm fucking leaving
And I'm fucking leaving one more time
I tell you
I don't know if I'm ready to go
If I’m ready to move on
But I don't want to ask myself what if
What if I should have gone
So long for now
Goodbye, fare well and bon voyage
I'm goin on a trip
gonna leave this world so far behind
That I never touch ground again

7. Yikes! Spikes!

You all are brutalizing me
You will be
The death of me
Well fuck that
I refuse to lose
And let you get the best of me
This is a tale of tragedy
Written by you and me
It all started back in the day
When we were friends until the end
Best fucking friends
Until the end
And no one could tear us apart
Joined at the hip, joined at the heart
We were one person and the same
Then tragedy came and struck us down
And she insisted on being friends
With her perfect smile
Blond hair, blue eyes and a body like wow
It’s the beginning of the end
This girl will tear us both apart
She’s just a whore like the rest of them
Don't say things like that man
I think I love her
Stop it, stop it, I can't live without her
If you say one more thing about her
Our friendship is over
This is a tale of tragedy
Written by you and me
A tale of friendship come and gone
A story told so many times
I thought that you would be the one
To stay there by my side
It's supposed to be
Bros before hoes
Fuck you, you fucking bitch
It's supposed to be
Bros before hoes

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