Dark Lyrics


1. The Author And Architect

I am endless
Pure potential, the author & architect
Both the master and the apprentice
Free from the confines of the mind
Broken the constraints of matter & time
Beyond self righteousness, transcending the I

A crucifixion of fear
The Phoenix rises from ashes
Prevailing, out of the flames
As always I sovereign

Your dominion is futile
For want of power, your ruin
Prevailing out of flames
As always I sovereign

I am presence, I am consciousness
One with all that is
Alone I prevail, the alpha and omega.
In order to soar over mountains
One must tread lone though the wilderness
Get up off your knees
Get down from your throne

A crucifixion of fear
The Phoenix rises from ashes
Prevailing from the flame
As always I Sovereign
My virtue limitless
Omnipotent, relentless
Prevailing out of flames
As always I Sovereign

Crowning the kings of the wretched
As they sacrifice our kin, on alters of gold
Filling their cup with of the blood of meek
And we watch.....
We watch as we cry bloody murder
We protest as the cup spills further
drunk on woe & sorrows, siphoning crimson red
Yet our oppressors will perish
by the strike of their own hand
The earth would swallow them into its depth
Binding the sword of their tongue
Banishing the imprint of their presence
Their empyreal nightmare
Yet beyond the grave, our elysian Fields

A crucifixion of fear
Rises from ashes
Out of flames
In faceless violation
Your arrows ricochet
As always, I sovereign

Buried beneath the avalanche of your own disarray
The accusers, the tricksters
Dead and alone
You tyrants, you traitors, forsakers of life

2. Arise The Heretics

Long before there was the word, there was the truth
The veil of amnesia fell
Dual archetypes spawned of separation
Out of fear emerges a saviour outside ourselves
A sacrificial lamb for the darkness that resides in the psyche of man

Stirring fear and chaos
False torch bearers, death dwellers
in cloaks of ashen white
Cult of deceit, masked in light
As remembrance spreads like fire
The heretics arise
Born of flames so bright
There was another, formed of the aether
The old paradigm falls as the elders step foot on the soil.

Wolves in sheep skins bow, baring fruits so foul
War, War, War!
Myths and distorted half truths, ammunition to confuse and control
In war do they trust, the children of the new doctrine
Pledging allegiance to the false idol of their cognitive construct
Arms raised to the skies, awaiting triumphant arrival
Only to see their own face

Stirring fear and chaos
False torch bearers, death dwellers
in cloaks of ashen white
Cult of deceit, masked in light
As remembrance spreads like fire
The heretics arise

Enslaved by a delusion
Stripped of virtue, left desolate....forsaken by I
When the 'I' is found, I find you
Atma आत्मा

3. Dosavastr

Evolved cadavers
I am become death destroyer of worlds
To demolish the earth and dance in the wreckage

The first sparks fly
in the mist of atonement
Exorcize the phantom of

Night falls
Thus illuminates
The shadows fracture
Morning Lights strike disarray
Blood spills from the chasm
peace and dread, stir all at once
A gift, so much as a curse

Death engulfed
As vultures they prey on the disarmed
Yet they emerge, seen standing in embers

The first sparks fly
In the mist of atonement
Each ending made anew

Karmic discordance within and without
Imbrued in dust of the old
a communion of lifeblood
Engulfs every cell
Internal hurricanes

A ruthlessly powerful force
On the brink of the greatest

Tearing holes in dimensions
potential turned disaster
tainted by the hearts of men

locusts swarming from within
crawling on your knees
The blinded curse
had you clenched
in the throes of suffocation
the twisting blade
in your temporal lobe

4. Holographic Webs We Weave

This dark night of the soul
All to familiar
Those halls I dread to wander
In cold solitude

Impermeable material fortresses

All I could scream
could not move these walls
A life spent in its entirety
Possessed by its call

Holographic are the webs we weave
Hidden from common sight
The dead end realms I create
Only ends in ruins

No one could convince me otherwise
Such tangible evidence
testament to the deceit of sight
Truly I miss knowing what I once remembered
Truly I miss seeing what sight fails to see

You were given the gift of illusion, unknowingly
Just so you could find peace
In the silence, the truth always whispered
You are alone, yet....you are never alone

I am stranded
So swallow me up into your void.....Your lie
Unravelling webs, endless circles
Are taunting me, emptying me
In this barren wasteland
I am
Divided to pieces

5. Leviathan

It covers them in its bleakness, sinking beneath greying skin
Curdled violent words....cursing with their breath as they speak
rampantly anchoring its disease, a la mort
They Dance on graves as
Deranged martyrs march to the slaughter

In one hand you offer the sun
In the other clasp your choke-hold round my neck
Just like the hydra
cut off one head and another takes its place

A hostage race
The cult of inertia, stretched over eternities just like a plague
Behold your culprit is the one staring back in the mirror
token offerings that grip you to your enslavement

speak not above your breath in condemnation
the hand that feeds, also draws the blood of the servant

In one hand they offer the sun
In the other clasp a choke-hold round my neck
Just like the hydra
cut off one head and another takes its place

Indoctrination, a ruthless form of oppression
In secret
A burial ground
One for long forgotten dreams

6. When Dreadful Storms Bring Upon Metamorphosis

Can you sense the storm coming?
The rise of the morning star
A baptism of flame
Burning in transformation
Your Apollyon

The serpent of light quenches the thirst for knowledge
A blazing radiance beyond macabre
wager of war, bringer of doom
Polymorphic....as gentle as dreadful
Behold Kali
Her pestilent storms
Bring down the sun into eclipse
Jar the phlegmatic into dismay

Inner temples will be defiled
Reverberating throughout the one
Striking down the inner tyrant
The unbeknownst passed
chant in disharmonious tune
An overture finale

Eyes shrouded in grey, visions distort by mere interpretation
Euphoric karmic flame
Evil certainly lives here
It’s encoded in the trees
every branch and every leaf

Cast your eyes to the wondrous curiosities
Walk with ghosts
And dreamers

7. Stark Grey Malaise

Footprints imprinted on lurid terrain
Gasping on the air, the thick stench of decay
Frost bitten Hands
My blood curdles, amidst sinister voices
Tapping thoughts that plague a fragile mind
Sending waves of anguish
Why am I here? What do you want?
The dead realm won't let me go
The gatekeeper holds a sign that
Makes no sense at all

My inner voice had betrayed me
Luring me straight to my enemies
This oppressive deceiver distorting my visions
The buzzing of soulless boneless creatures
Hatred builds in my weary heart
So this is how the malevolent reign?
For indeed my detestation and malice
…are the same
Quod est infernum
Crawling in circles
I can no longer stand
Deception, insulting my soul
I thought I'd found the light
Then I remembered that lake in the desert
Alas, my own words came back to haunt me
Darkness pierced my very soul
As kingdoms crumbled around me
I lost my life, and you gave me another
I beg to be pardoned
Encase me in your cocoon
Hidden away from this foul voice in the air

Some long to remember, some sleep to forget

8. Rememberance

Upon my last breath,
I inhale new life
I am exulted
Dancing across night skies
I am free
Mourn not, remember me
I am not here, I do not sleep

And then there was no-thing
No form, just infinite void
Silence stretched as vast a lifetime
Yet as short as the pause of a breath

Beyond flesh I embark
Toward the grand ancestral hall
The divine summons me
Beckoning me across endless
Celestial fields
Unto immortal

I see you
Ghost in the water
The skin that imitates life
I see you, just as you were
A quiet equilibrium

I recall many names
Many faces and places
Motionless yet limitless
this mortal coil
from bones to dust
In reverence I bow as I
meet my maker
From bones to dust
Be not grieved
Just Remember…

9. Severed Earth From Sky

She was like fire
Burning through anything crossing her path
Drowning in tidal waves
he was like water
Devouring the blaze
The kiss of sorrow

A brick fortress built around her heart
Woe cloaks her vision
The perfection of his innocence
Left her in suspense
Of unnerving terror

Scatter thee, on welkin soil
The brightest fall hardest
For they fly so high

Dragging through the mud
Their children siphon her spirit
Her light was dimmed
by those who ravage her flesh, the earth
Like a hunter, Strikes at night
The spear had been broken,
Yet protruding from his heart
The earth groans and trembles
All creation, bowed to the dead
A sombre hymn of severance
All under the moon shifted
A tomb of discord
eternally dim, aglow is he

The great divide,
Mother Earth
father Sky.

10. In Linear Lights

Are you so smug to proclaim that you embody only of light
One who never would step foot in a lepers lair
How can you claim to hear only the voice of god, without first facing the devil?

I am a being of both the light and dark
I travel along the outskirts, along the path of separateness & free will
I hear the ones that whisper in solitude, in the tongue of the ancient familiar.
My cells recognize your voice, summoning distant memories. You are another me. I am another you. The temporary vessel fails to show, the magnitude of what lies within.
That which you seek, seeks you

If ever there was an impostor, an opponent, a villain, a segregator, it's name would be ego. Know thy ego, know thyself. Because I give in, I am defeated by you. A hardening of the heart. A wall barricading my authenticity. My truth hidden beneath layers. Greater truths revealed. The bitterness of alienation oozes a poisonous venom

Do you remember the mother breath on the wind?
Overshadowed by the things that had died while you lived
semantics to heavy a burden to bare
Return to absence of duality

Emerging from stagnant waters, putrid and vile beneath halo smiles
Shrouding the repressed, and suffering in denial
Do not so easily dismiss your demons

11. The Paradox Of Embodiment

We are.....yet we are not
Life is a dream, yet a tangible phenomenon
Speaking the same language, in different tongues
Not one word memorised, yet familiarly comprehended

Unique fragments in the boundless ocean
Moving simultaneously though the timeless matrix
A multitude of ways of being
Footsteps that ripple monumentally

And the end is just another beginning
Each devastation, a transformation
Each death a rebirth in disguise
The order amongst the chaos
The calm amidst the storm

held in the core
words have no meaning
the subtleties of silent speech
The more the things change
the more they stay the same
The universe shaping itself to our vision

And when we cease to breath, consciousness remains
An endless cycle
In perpetual motion

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