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1. Born Of Suffering

From poisoned womb grows soulless life
An existence born of suffering
Agony too great to endure
The bearer of your life
Breathes now her last breath
Her time of agony finally over now
A vein tapped and a line drawn in the sand
From her tragedy comes a new hope
The sound of innocence yet to be corrupted
These precious moments are so very fleeting
A mother’s embrace is so cruelly lost
What light now guides your way?
What path lay ahead for you?
Taken under abusive wing
Lessons learnt from filth and decay
This upward journey embarked
This erosion of virtue

2. Scourge Of Humanity

Spit on the ones that kneel at your feet
Nothing but disgust for them
Take them away and silence their cries
Defile them with torture, a madman
May their suffering be a warning
To all those who challenge this
Old man there will be a time
When I will rise up against you
Judgement day approaches
Let your guard down and I will have my revenge
Now I stand above you
Don’t worry I will make you pay for this
With shovel in hand I will strike you down
I will leave you in a bloody mess
Exhilaration floods in waves of blood
You will cause no more harm
In your face they see the crimes
Unspeakable acts of cruelty
No remorse behind those eyes
Prepare to receive your judgment

3. Mala Evolutione


4. Amarathine's Departure

Beauty that was so seldom held
So pure in her fucking way
Crimson lips on porcelain white
Glowing aura follows her moves
How could one be so perfect?
Urgency to make you mine
An inception born of darkness
A will consumed to destroy
I call out to you, a moment frozen in fear
My dear your innocence will be your downfall
I stare at you through the veil of leaves
Excitement builds in anticipation
The blood pumps as heart rate quickens
Time approaches when you will be mine
The darkness is upon you now
The devil lay behind these eyes
Sick intentions hidden in shadows
This wolf let loose on the lambs
My first, my perfect one
Please don’t struggle my love
I claim your life and take as my own
No protector to keep you from harm
A sacrifice worth dying for
Fulfill these darkest desires
Now we’re all alone and all is quiet
We have all the time in the world
Enjoy the beauty of your suffering
Your death as pure as your life

5. Portantes De Morte


6. Bleeding The Innocent

Don’t cower from me
There’s nowhere to run, your screams echo
But soon will be silent, death circles my innocent one
Let me guide you from this world
I have played this out in my dreams
So many times before
The way the light leaves your lifeless corpse
There is no forgiveness in my torturous ways
Such beauty in this world that I must destroy
My entire existence has been leading to this
And now it is done I feel no relief
Anticipation has left me wanting
I must relive this ritual
The floodgates open now
In destruction I will reign
Feeding off the terror in their faces
New search for the next victim
On and on the search now begins for the next in line
In these eyes lay no mercy
In this heart no truth
Skin tears and with it resolve of the helpless
Mercy not given here, even in betrayal
Bleed for me my precious one

7. Solace In The Arms Of The Dead

This is your own personal Armageddon
Ruins of a broken world
Blood soaked and scattered all around
I revel in such naked honesty
I own your existence
Control your every breath
Suffer for me now
Taken into me
Consume all your flesh
Be as one soul now
Taken from the confusion of this world
What we have is pure now
As blood soaked as it may be
There are no false pretenses
These visions linger in me
Comfort on sleepless nights
Your screams like a symphony
Know I’ll be there at the end
It’s only in this act I find peace, quiet from the noise
Solace can be found in the arms of the dead

8. Mortuary Procession

Welcome to this infernal nightmare
A place where death feeds off the living
Caged and trapped you struggle to be free
Lambs to the slaughter
In this eerie place where dreams turn to nightmares
All that is sacred and pure is lost
Cold black of the earth waits to greet with open arms
What seems so right on the surface, is merely a facade
The true darkness dwells underneath
Writhing, twisted deformity
Watch on in terror the show is about to begin
This futile dance you are forced to watch
You can run, you can pray, for your life
But the ending is always the same
How quickly the eyes of the innocent
Turn black with greed
Empty smiles disguise the intent
Knives hidden, waiting for backs to turn

9. Merciless Carnage

There is no end to my wickedness
My thirst for victims is unquenchable
I yearn for the trickle of their blood
The slicing of their flesh
The lifeless stare that follows
This ritual I must repeat
Before I’m done the whole world will cower
I will write my name in red
I exist in the fear of many
Thrive on the terror of the few
Mercy will not be given
The voices won’t let me stop
The process begins again
I stalk my prey, I am the taker of your life
All honour taken, feel my sickening embrace
As I consume your soul, become one with me
Cower in the shadows, your life meaningless
Buried in a shallow grave
Forgotten in time

10. In Death... Absolution

Even now when I listen closely I hear
The first of many, my beautiful one
My innocent Amaranthine
The way she pleaded to be spared
The look of betrayal in her eyes
Trust In Me, I’ll set you free
If there is a hell, it’s truly where I belong
I ask for no forgiveness, just truth
The weight of this secret, it crushes me
Not through the burden of guilt
But from the restraint needed to conceal the
Were there tears of insult shed at my loss?
Did they gather and mourn?
Did they say I sleep in a better place?
How the fuck would they know?
At least when I’m gone
There will be no deception
No clichéd words of condolence
No mourning for me
In death... You gave me life
In death... This truth revealed
In death... We are all free
In death... Absolution

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