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1. Through Lycanthropie's Trod Communion

To morphe of angels into animal warfare
Demonic philia old to tilt constellations alight
Horrors in the pack that ply steamingly to hog
Tread inveighed against the light 'o night and shades
And of orpheus to sing enchantments drear
There, where nymphs haunt of fauns, furies and centaurs
To wear their sapphire crowns as with the twilight
In principesque lore communion perplexed morphed deities
And so gazed upon the clustering locks
Wreathed thence in orient liqour of ambrosia draught
Of phoebus as the potion of beastly antropomorphia
Through lycanthropie's trod communion
Swift as the sparkle of burning heavenly gardenia
Therefore intemperate thirst fond
Not to still the wild winds when they roar
But hush the waving flames to eden's glancing disgrace
Through lycanthropie's trod communion
The wild winds haunt and roar swift and merciless
Hear asphodel descending to fetch upon the sheep
To abide and arm for war as bidden to the carnal garden
"All other parts remaining as they were,
And they, so perfect in their misery;
Not once perceive their foul disfigurement"
Soon as the potion works, their human countenance,
The express resemblance of the gods, is changed
Into some brutish form of wolf or bear,
Or ounce or tiger, hog, or bearded goat"
Clutter'd round morphing beast in joint community
Through trod wolven anthropomorphic twilight
Loathe shattered upon the feeble
But boast forth in lycanthropie's trod communion
Draught liqour from ambrosia's own womb
To change the resemblance of the mourning heavens
"These my sky-robes, spun out of Iris' woof...

2. Linger Venom

And I will bring thee where no light stays
Inequality, narcissus
Ominously innocent vanity
And thence be summoned
Like consort to thyself cans?t nowhere find
Auspicious, prune to th'expanse of heav'n
Thiter went
Under a shade of flowers multitudes like oneself poisoned
Against the eastern gate of paradise levell'd his evening rays
"of alabaster, pil'd up to the clouds,
Conspicuous far, winding with one ascent
Acessible from earth, one entrance high:"
And shed sumissive flowers
Juno smiles no longer and impregnates the sickness
Jupiter charms
Sight hateful. sight tormenting
Imparadis't to one another's arms
And bliss to hell be thrust
"betwixt th'unarmed guards awayting the night
Celestial armoury, shields, helms and spears,
Hung high with diamond flaming, and with gold,
Thiter came uriel, gliding through the even
On a sunbeam, swift as a shooting star"
Fierce desire, with pain of longing pines
Forbidden to taste
The paladar of the bane that shadowed light
Linger the venom sombre
Corrupt harmonie, tenebrae
Linger venom
Senses of ruin flaming the destructive act
Thwarts the night, when vapours fir'd
Impress the air, in compass to beware
Yon flow'ry arbours manuring ungrowth
"silence accompanied, for beast and bird,
They to their grassy couch, these to their nests
Were slunk, all but the watchful nightingale:"
And I will bring thee destruction
Descant, narcissistic
Ominously melodious disaster
And invoke thence the beast
The consort th'hour declaring manifestation
Slumb'rous, prune to th'elimination of light
Eyelids in closure
In utmost disgraceful sights
Where heav'n and hell meet through
Earth and ocean, corrupt by the venom that lingers
Weight inclines poisoned
Envenomed body of light - nigrium nigrius nigro
Disharmonic diapason dissonant
Sombre and corrupt - tenebrae, linger venom

3. Grandeur Tenebrae


4. The Horrent Damaskt

Stood whispering soft as the vine curled her tendrils
And ill zephyr bloom cold the sulphurs of hell
The horrent damaskt
The nectar compliant to th'infernal yells
As the serpent sly winding of evening nigh
Usher the rose pastur'd with the blood
In grieving nether gardens pursue to tempt
Rumour next and chance,
And tumult and confusion all embroill'd
And discord with a thousand various mouths
More of woe,
In fumigating flavour
Whom forlorn dwells henceforth
To unfold and compell to abhor
So flourish forth obscure threshold
The horrent damaskt
Of the infernal nectar in fumes
Whence rushing all embalm'd horror
And spake o'horrent throes to ruin the heavens
At height of noon
Prime orb obscured
Impetuous whatsoever shape
Through evening thwarts when vapours fire
To flesh,
To bone
You flow'ry arbours in radiant decay
The horrent damaskt
Of purple disease in vapours
Eerie, eerie
Bloom flaming damaskt
The clouds rush to attend the firmament
Twilight grey in sober mortandity clad
Descant the beast,
Whose darkening flames devour hesperian fruit
"And of those demons that are found
In fire, air, flood or underground,
Whose power hath a true consent
With planet or with element"
Approach unpleasant silhouette
Lie bestrewn unsmoothly mean
In radiance ordain the damaskt
Of graceful evening mild
Then silent night with charm
Her solemn flairmoon
And the ruined gems of heaven

5. Thunderchaos Pentagramma

Fast by the oracle thence rose out of chaos
Th'infernal serpent against the throne
Thunderchaos pentagramma
Vanquisht karma
Durst fever defied to arms
In horrible a furnace in sulphur thread
" Hurl'd headlong flaming from th'ethereal sky
With hideous ruin and combustion down
To bottomless perdition, there to dwell
In adamantine chain and penal fire "
Linger the flames in wrath to clad
The flavour of blood to challenge
Doleful shadows of sorrow
Ah sight of woe
Thunderchaos pentagramma
Everburning mouth the adverse harmonie
With wirlwinds of tempestuous howling fire
And so thunder conducts hosannas in horror
In moods of warfare the threshold demands to chant
Woe sung of chaos from the utter depths
Thundering might with lightning arm'd
Misery hath joint of lustre
To bloodful battles in the plains of heaven
Twas marching the abysm forth
Once more grace to conquer
Yeld chaos' substance over
As chaos was sung by the heavenly woes
Through symphonic horrors held in fires deep
Thrall nether the storming firmament
Thunderchaos pentagramma
Of the woes of heaven dire
As midnight chimed through the garden of hell
The glimt of gold
The gems of heaven
Giant wirlwinds howling of tempestuous fire
Conducts hosannas in horror by thunder
Ungentle muse unshroud the damned urn
Alas! forbidden of all chastity the sun
The adverse harmonie burning thus the mouth
Chaos was sung by woe from the utter depths
Thundering might with lightning arm'd
Sickness,joint misery with lustre
To bleed in battle the plains of heaven

6. Grace Dementia

That in trim golden gardens death breathes the abysm
That the dark nymphs sting on heavenly failure
And bid the soul of orpheus to sing such notes as
Apocalypse and unbridled holocaust
Thou hast entombed
Sphere born that harmony consumed
Attired with stars and able to pierce
High-raised saphire-coloured death inbreathed
A shrine
Scythed in the palest shades of black
That minute drops from off the eaves of damnation are nigh
That rotten trophies such as fecal angelical heads were harvested
And let the horrid tunes hung feral beneath the firmament
As solemn tunes have sung
Of the end drear and grace dementia
Death, where is thy sting?
To bite cruelty in a silver platter
Euphonious ravens to choir for a tragedie
With undiscording melodious noise with harsh din
Old of dying essence from where ambrosia blooms
In perfect diapason and tuned with the fiery hell
And in depraved delict, delight or denial
Open wide the gates below through velvet curtains undressed
Haste thee nymph, and bring forth
The winds that froze the golden zodiac

7. Ov Satyrv's Rotting Blithe


8. Once Atrocitie Has Hacked Upon Daylight's Throat

Torn, hacked and slashed
Painted from within as brushes to detune
Hordes of the firmament cumming nails as heavy rain
Bright sun extinguish'd as the stars did wander darkling
Rayless, pathless and disfigured
Thus swung blind and blackening in the moonless air
Morn came, with no day to forget it's passions in the dread
Of heavenly desolation dwelling beneath the throne of atrocity
Consumed, detached within the eye
Set on fire with malice clad, so hacked fell and faded
Torn, hacked and deeply sliced
The feeble ashes and breath both remnants of the rayless ra
Atrocity with open wings
And all was black upon the hacked throat of daylight
Unearthly darkned flashes ruin the despairing sun
And both gods and angels hid their eyes and therefore wept
"funeral piles with fuels with mad disquietude on the dull sky
Malice gnash'd it's teeth and howled as daylight terrified did shriek
Flutter'd on the ground and flapped it's useless wings..."
Once atrocitie has hacked upon daylight's throat
Tame and tremulous, hissing stingless
Crawled and twined to be slain by blackned atrocity
And war did glut the sun to gorge in gloom
Atrocity famine fed upon daylight's entrails
And it's meagre rays were gloriously devoured
Raped, torn and grimly hacked
Void and seasonless, and that was death
A chaos of hard clay once atrocity whets the scythe
"...The waves were dead; the tides were in their grave,
The moon their mistress had expired before;
The winds were withered in the stagnant air,
And the clouds perish'd; darkness had no need
Of aid from them - she was the universe"

9. Finis Abyssvm


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