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1. Agony In The Stone Chamber

Two holes where eye have been gouged out
Seem to be darkness which makes us feel the deepness of the abyss
Tonight sew shut your eyelids and wait for twelve days
You shall receive blood-red eyes

Scalding with boiling water
Deteriorates his wounded body
Burned by a searing iron
His skin scorched
Dull sound of cutting his tendon
Casts away his hope
Feelings of the iron bar impaling his flesh
Makes him forget his human life

This sweet agony is your sustenance
Rite to break the connection to this world
It should be pleasant
You are the missionary of agony
You must have seen
Gloom writhing in the abyss
That is where you should be

Oh, our king, please accept this torture

Many children look forward to
Seeing their new generation
A world where love is respected
By your descent everything changes
Night world, without light
Our power augmented to the maximum
To the gods who have oppressed us You will attack again

Let's peel the skin off of your head
As it's something you don't need
On your exposed skull
Horns of the king will be placed
Stark and stiff
How do you feel now?
With the rich agony
Are you slipping out of consciousness

Five fingers cut off, slight trembling
Evidence of remaining corporeality
Cut off earns, Broken eardrums
Silence, feeling only vibrations

Weakened pulse, sluggish blood flow
Feel the weakness of human existence
After the sensations are dulled
Supreme feelings appear

2. Cry For The Black Sun

Though I see nothing without eyes
It is surely in my sight
Like a far way mirage
A vision that will bring me peace

Stare at it drifting with dark red shine
A feeling as if it is me
Symbol of my agony and spirit
My guardian star, the black sun

As if swallowing my perpetual agonies
The black sun grows
Feeling splendor as of creation
The black sun I will bring forth

The sense of my true self
Myself in the other world has gone
I am about to recall my past
I need more pain

I feel another spirit in me
I recall what I am
Locked away during the ancient war
My true spirit will be awakened soon

3. Longing For Birth

Blood of pure virgins has been
Emptied into a stone tur
It is your amnio
It creates new flesh
The curse of the virgins
Remaining in the blood
Must taste most delicious for you
Sleep deeply and discover what you are

You had died and been reborn repeatedly
Escaped from attacks by the gods innumerable times
To heal the wounds we received in the ancient battle
To attempt a war for vengeance

This glorious moment
Birth of the Lucifer

Hypocrisy of holy ones has been unveiled
The numbers of people longing for evil are growing
Behaving brutally at the mercy of their instincts
Venerating us, the Lucifer's kin

This triumphant moment
birth of the Lucifer

Curse melted into the amnio
The cries of agony begin
The time is coming
Frozen mind and dark curse
Supreme evil and a symbol of night
You lead the evil
Saints are terrified and crying out
"Six black wings"

A wave of motion expands within the stone room
The room is filled with a stench and miasma
In the stone room in the different dimension
A tremendous force field has been created

The black sun is floating like a mirage
The only god who bears the king

4. Awaking

Rebirth of the internal power
Awakening of the ancient memory and thoughts
Feelings of ecstasy as if floating
I cannot recall the dreams that I had seen up until the day before

Frozen heart, brutality
Nothing can control me
Fears enter me
No feelings of sorrow within me

Boiling amnio turns black
Effuse sickening stench
When the boiling amnio reaching the critical point
It suddenly hardens and time stops

Hardened amnio becomes transparent
My children who wake me
You have served a great role in this chain of events
Surely our evil brethren shall prosper

Time begins to move again
Inorganic vapors solidify around me
No one can be like him, the black angel
Finally he descends upon the world

5. Wind Of Death

You figure remains the same as before
The indescribable color of your skin
Suits the king of this evil dominion
Fly away on your wings
A curse is released, a suffering worse than death

A world where illness is spread to humanity
Corrupt smells are filled
Angels suffer and fall
In the eternal night a black sun burns ark red
The symbol of despair
Our guardian star

Furious winds of death are blowing
Black rain showers the world

As long as the black sun is in the sky
Our power is unlimited
Brethren of evil
Now show your power
The lord of night awakes
Light can never defeat us
Swords are longing for blood
The blood of saints

6. Dark Surface

Is there such a thing as feeling?
Is this the thought of a ruler?
Eternal darkness
where no mercy exists
Fear and agony of the people is piercing me
But my mind never wavers
There is no ripple in the dark surface of my mind

Six black wings spread over creation
Dawn will never come again
There is nothing for us to feat

I used to exist as shadow
The shadow could not exist without light
Now it ends
The order is changed
Because of my existence I'm not a shadow anymore
the light can not exist without shadow
Reversal of hierarchy

Omnipotence is born
Which is beyond reason
They are so small before me
No battle is needed to prove this
I do not feel nostalgia for the days I was dreaming
Because I cam across the truth
The king of the world and his cosmic consciousness
I will create

7. The Massacre

Ripping wings of the seized angels
Impaling through the mouth with a pike
Ripping arms and legs of the men
Put them into the cracked belly

They are running away and crying
I am fascinated by their behavior

Wake up, brutality
As it desires
This feeling of pleasure is all
Give me more blood

They recognize that they can not escape from death
Everybody is losing hope
Despaired sight is beautiful
The ultimate art

Give you death with heavier agony
Never give your death by moment
Until your life terminates
Show your insanity

Hunting is continuing
endless hell
Screaming of death is always echoed
And invites you to the nightmare
People are frantic with the coming fear
And losing themselves
They are hungry
Wander around and eat bowels of rotten bodies

The weaker men who relied on the god and escaped from the reality
The more profane the god when they die
You are idiots who can not continue to believe yourself until the end
Your are not necessary in the world

Dead bodies are filled on the ground
Diseases are prevailed
Another fear is infected

Corrupt smells
Smells of the evil world
Fermented smells revitalize us

The one whom you worshiped is still just looking
Throw away your hope
Just wait for death

8. Ultimate Instinct

Open the gate
To the place where I used to be
Fly through spacetime as instinct
Proceed to the abyss of reason
Raise my instinct
Now I am coming back

My foe that was called god on the earth
It is intelligence that I had confronted for thousands of years
Two intelligences with no other equals in the universe
We reigned spacetime and controlled virtue and vice

Vortex of causality let me down on this star
Causality of thousands of years now ends
Wicked golden order expands through the universe
Darkness absorbs the brightness of the stars

Light is swallowed into myself
Darkness and silence, time is slowed

Enemy of mine, let's begin
From this cataclysmic moment

This is the end but also the beginning
Can't understand as a human spirit
Your angels are falling
Boundless deep darkness envelops

9. Galaxy Of The Black Sun

Battle between virtue and vice now ends
Golden order is faced toward one direction
Orbit of stars has changed drastically
Another galaxy is born

The black sun is a mirror that reflects this star
This star is the black sun

Decaying light, does not return
Reasoning of mortal world has been changed
Species who respect love are fed to evil species
No one doubts such a situation

Brutality hidden in the past is not false
False reason has repeated hypocrisy
Abuse by hypocrisy has ended
Anything can be allowed
Era of desire is now coming
It will be remembered through the universe

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