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1. Flesh For The Twelfth Omnipotent

only by destruction my lust will be satisfied
established glorious his kingdom will soon go to ruin
eternity is a lie by their hateful god
time spoils the prosperity decorated by your feces

ugly beggar, eat your own entrails
to survive, until the day of liberation

only by butchery your deadly sins will be cleansed
banshee cried to tell me the beginning of the last

your beating heart for the new genuine king
your bone for the massacred race by your lie
your flesh for the land devastated with despair
your boiling blood for the dried up ocean

my number is twelve, the number of omnipotence
when the skies are dyed red, i will sublimate

2. Banquet In The Darkness

at the moment a huge infortune star was placed there
the gate to another world opened
the unknown world was widespread out there
a holy light of hope is eroded
the black sun is materializing an evil shadow
our guardian angel
the advent of the dark satan glows

oh, lord, give devastating pains and fears
to the satans!!
give despair to blind lambs wander for the
god and looking for grace
holy moments of us, the creatures who live
in the darkness embracing pains
lead by the golden rule of the grand evil space

the massacre is gonna happen by the disciples
avalanching from the gate
although the insane shout of the saints is bursting
the god never helps them
the earth is dyed black with the blood of the dead
it emits resentment
death tide billows, it engulfs souls

this grand moment leads us to the evil era of darkness
to our dynasty of lust where evil exceeds saints

3. A Curse Of Baal

in the darkness of the night drifting mysteriously
being an omen and the voice of curse
the gravity slides and overlaps the axis
of the other world
what doesn't exist in the real world
will come into existence

materialistic notion will be resurrected
it doesn't exist but makes itself exist
the mentally weak who rely on god
can't maintain even their existence
the reality that couldn't happen in the
human world pushes people's soul into the darkness
the fools who were called saints cry out
forgetting prayers for the god

those who have ancient wisdom become the kings
they and the materialized baal spread curses
the cross hanging from the neck is the token
it brings curses together
the more you pray the god
the more the negative gravity increases

plague is spread
the earth is covered with bodies
sticky resentment floats in the air
the idol gently opens his eyes
then gives a freezing smile
in the never-ending night
the dark red sun is drifting mysteriously

4. The Genuine Tone

an aria echoes like a wolf's howl
growing rising it leads itself to ecstatic madness
the genuine tone of the name with a great power
strong words backed by our will

reverse of the creating process
everything constructed shall be destroyed
space destruction
it'll be done

an extraordinary psychic excitement rises up
the self-hypnosis effect is increasing
occult intelligence wakes up
the name of genuine devil

vibration, it affects everything it touches
free the force that controls anything in the universe
inside the magic square various names vibrate
the force called up is ejected into the universe

5. Principle Of Causality

beget the deviation of causality, alter the form of process
it is a law that depends only on mutation and evolves itself rapidly
the density of material and life increases and
the current of time flows faster
the big current that is not supposed to exist in the universe
stars to move

i am the omnipotent who knows the essence of time
nobody can rebel against the supreme intention
everything is necessity that i assembled
the realtion between cause and effect:
(that is) the principle of causality

hiding in blood (gene) for thousand years
for generations, i've bided my time
it was made by transcendental intelligence
mady by intention that nobody can understand
you won't know the meanings of causality for a long time

intrusion into the genealogy of life gives birth to the
unusual principle of causality
then it flows on with a little distortion

my sons were born from the distortion of causality!
life is evil. killing is beauty. this is the truth
forgather on that land, you will see everything there
your lives have been spun into a yarn for this day

the aspect of this obnoxious planet starts to warn
something is gonna be born
on the road to the obvious extinction
it is an existence that transcends even
the principle of universe
he governs all the currents of time

6. Memory

the place only for existence, the spiritual world
in this static space the memories were abruptly freed
the reality becomes vibration and it spreads
in front of you
the scene crossing your mind
shows the answer to the truth

in this iris the shape of past is seen
living in a big and invisible stream
threatened by big and invisible pressure
you will wander in the big forest without a trail

the prayer invites the light and deletes the sun
the blood streaming in the body loses the place to go
the bound earth sinks in the red sea
men are slaves of the fatally vindictive light

the light filled with greed
the brainwashed justice
what do you pray for? what do you swear?
oh darkness, free your great power
to complete the liberation of the earth

the memory being inherited in the endless time
awakens the earth of darkness without any
slight glimmer

7. A Keen


8. The Avenger Full Of Vengeance On God

drifting on the ocean of darkness
the heart is freezing
the negative resentment flows in
many deaths pass through
accepted every pain
the thought goes in, it never stops
i have the only mission

exceeding every phenomenon
new ego is being made up
i sleep covered with black wings
until the time to fly comes

black flame of vengeance
swinging gently
falling into the deep darkness
something comes into my view

sewn eyelids with the eyeballs taken out
feel the fear of losing light
a stick penetrates into the peeled and exposed muscle
the ultimate pain destroys the brain
a flatiron is put on the skin and it smolders
smell the skin burning
the joints are broken off and the bones are crashed
the deep crash seduces you to a nightmare

god, you betrayed me! a forceless hypocrite
pray and cry, but you don't come down
just look down from the high place
on fainting away, i saw him sneering at me
you are not qualified to mention the salvage
a bystander

it is a guardian angel that came down responding to my cry
a great emissary of the king
i am going to fly with a sword in my hand
swearing vengeance on you for the next thousand years

9. A Knight Appears From The Lake Of Blood

a neigh of a horse echoes under the moon
evil spirits of forest start rustling
the horse is waiting for the owner
looks anticipating tonight's hunting
a ripple slowly runs from the center of the lake
lit up by the moonlight
then, at the moment the ripple is reaching the waterside
the lake suddenly turns into bloody red

the rusty odour
the disgusting evil
the freezing air
the silence and the black moon reflected on the lake

the knight of blood, the hunter of darkness
those who don't accept the sacred
those who act in the night
the black helmet, the black armour
the angel of darkness and death
as evil spirits of forest start dancing
the knight appears out of the lake
standing at the waterside and soaked with blood
he is dimly lit by the moonlight
the horse is drinking the blood from the lake
the knight walks to him to mount
getting a sword out and glancing at the moon
he runs the horse, looking for prey and blood

there are tombs for those hunted, but no bodies beneath them
stabbed by the knight, the preys are taken away as they are
the bodies are thrwon into the lake
they turn into the new blood of the lake
which satisfies the knight

the glorious neigh and the sword craft attract those who see them
a the very moment, the sword gives a sweet pain
the one who brings the pain to the earth from the hell
the momentary death from the knight becomes the eternal pain in the hell

10. The Planet

on the planet filled with creatures
people lament over death
the don't recognize all the creatures on the earth are evil
no one can live without eating others

the planet itself is abnormal
abandon the stupid lesson
to kill creatures is to contribute to the planet
the number of lives should be reduced

fools say life is important or god blesses us
having eaten so many lives by themselves
fools won't hesitate to kill and eat animals
that plead for their lives
they do so just for their survival

the euphorie a killing creatures
it is the joy of contributing to the planet
provide death and feel the joy
that will tell you the true form of life

11. Born But Buried, I Can See The Light

mistress lilith, the master of fear
let me die, a release from the original sin
in the lowest place i am buried... dark and cold
but the time has come... shall we all be damned?

i saw the most inhuman rite
obsessed fanatics, entranched by voodoo spells
raptured feast, supper
ritual of descent, sodomize the sanctities

i feel the need of the dream
i whispered to imagine the warmth
i drowned in the whirlpools of deadly conflicts

in the lowest place i am buried... dark and cold
isolated, i can't see the light... born but buried
the moon of sorrow, she has its darkland... banshee of doom cry
bonded by hate, raped by greed, with misery and pain

i drain my blood for all sins... darkness, he has seen my end
i shed my body for all beggars... decayed in the ground
...feel no mercy, i prostrate
marching shadows, awakening of the void... may god have mercy on us
in the eden of the damned i saw an illusion... or was it a truth?
there is nothing but butchery in my vision

the time has come... death only knows
the gate of hell awaits beyond the realm of humanity
fate has decreed that blasphemy should be done
all of us will be butchered by the hands of glory
restless torment, no return
echoed in the voices of insanity
isolated, a can't see the light
made extinct by the void of obscurity

they collapse in helplessness
i know i am the messiah so i must subject them all with tortures
restless torment, no return
echoed in the voices of insanity
born but buried, i can't see the light
a am made immortal by the obscurity

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