Dark Lyrics


1. No One Will Find Your Body

I've got a shovel and a motherfucking gun
A big bag of lime and a change of clothes
Just get in
We're going for a drive you stupid ass slut
To a different kind of lover's lane. What?
Don't be scared.
Bitch get the fuck out of my car
I don't want your blood on this bitchin' interior.

2. Bloated Remains

Sitting in my bathrub with dead eyes bulging
Her body turns purple and black, bloating
Methane gas fills her corpse, making her expand
Good Thing I didn't marry her, I knew she'd get fat.
The stench of putrefaction wafts into my bedroom
Sweet dreams of bitches wearing methane perfume.
Insects are crawling through the cracks in the tile
Maggots consume the creamy rotten flesh.

3. Masturbate

If you're not going to fuck me
Then you're gonna watch me masturbate.
I'm sorry bitch but that's just how it is
You don't have to watch until I jizz.
Coating your face with a full serving of semen
Rubbing my bulging cock all over your lips.

4. Kidnapped And Stabbed To Death

I waited all goddamned day and finally you came out
On the way to your car I came and knocked you out.
I'm so excited I can't contain myself
You're mine you bitch you're fucking mine.
Inserting my cock into your moist, tight vagina
My hands around your neck as I pump fucking harder.
I can feel the cum as I pick up my knife
Stabbing you, stabbing you, stabbing you fucking over and fucking over.

5. Petechial Hemorrhaging

Strangled with some fucking panty hose
Choking and pissing and shitting on her clothes
Blood fills her eyes as she struggles and tries
To keep breathing but she doesn't, she just dies.

6. Covered In Her Blood

I've been watching you for a fucking week
Every fucking day I sit here and beat my meat.
With my cock in my hand, I fucking stroke that shit.
Tell me you like it bitch, tell me you like it.
Covered in her blood.

7. Worms In Every Orifice

Maggots swarming flesh is creamy
Bloated bitch melting into putrefaction
Decomposition insects eating
Fluid flesh pouring out like green vomit.

8. My Knife In Her Chest

Stabbed in the goddamned face
Blood fucking splatters all over the place.
My knife in her chest,
Stick my swollen cock in next.

9. Slurping Up Rancid Phlegm

Fingers down her throat
She gags and fucking chokes
Heaps of festering vomit erupt
Sizzling bollous of gastric juices.
Chunky but smooth as it slides down my face,
Vomit and food particles all over the place.
Fuck me in the ass you bitch
Vomit on my balls you slut.

10. Gagged And Tortured

I don't give a fucking shit if you don't think I'm going to kill you,
Fucking bitch, you don't even know what the fuck I'm gonna do.
I'm out of fucking control bitch!
Look at me! Look at me you fucking slut!
This is me now because of you, this is me because of you bitch.
Decapitated head boiling on the stove
Flesh peeling, pussy lips burning.

11. Nursing Home Scat Party

Yeah baby smear that shit all over my face
Suffocating in moist creamy chunks of shit.
Flaccid cocks and wrinkled, discolored balls
Fat ass black pussy lips and stank ass pubic hair.
Yeah you're gonna suck that cock.
You fucking old piece of shit.

12. Oh My God

Oh my god oh my fucking god
I stabbed her I killed her oh my god oh my god
Oh my fucking god.

13. Look At Me Bitch

Turn the fuck around bitch shut the fuck up
Look at my cock look at my cock,
My scrotum and my ass. Is it pink bitch?
Is it pink you fucking slut?
Lick my ass you bitch whore fucking lick it
Lick the shit out of the crack bitch rim job slut.

14. Molesting Her Swollen Corpse

Fisting her dessicated pussy
Fondling the crusty and bloated pussy lips
Methane blasts out of her orifices as I fuck
As I lick as I pound, masturbating on her dead fucking body.

15. Twat

I hit that bitch with a fucking hammer
Blood sprayed all over me
Shoved her fucking body into my car, soaked the inside with blood,
Piss and shit soaking her panties,
As she cries and screams and begs for her life.
Fucking bitch shut your fucking mouth.
Nobody is gonna help you bitch fuck you shut up.

16. The Terror In Her Eyes

There is nothing more fucking erotic than the terror in her eyes
She is so fucking scared she is fucking terrified.
I've got a big fucking knife bitch I've got a shotgun bitch
She knows she is gonna die tonight baby it's all about tonight.
You fucking bitch slut I've got a big goddamn knife
You hear me bitch? You fucking hear me bitch???

Intestinal Disgorge is:
Pissy - bitch screams
Ryan - guitar, bass, drums, vocals
Jacob - vocals
Eddie - electronix, noise

Recorded at home September 2006
Mixed and mastered by Intestinal Disgorge.
All songs ©2006 IxDx
Guest Vocals by Randy.

Thanks to evolutionatgunpoint for sending these lyrics.

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