Dark Lyrics


1. Languish In Despair

Altered from man to a living nightmare in a blink of an eye. All my hopes and dreams are just passing memories. Despair and depression are where I find my sanctuary. This pain is now taking control over me. Burned all over my body, I now resemble a faceless corpse. My body has been emaciated away. Barely any skin to keep my life bloods in. I am now skeleton in nature. Bone showing right through my charred limbs. Once a human, now a freak of nature. Dependent as a child. How I wish for death. The stench of decay is setting in. My flesh burned beyond recognition. Lightning quick pain searing through the walls of my skin. My body spasms with every strike from this foreign entity. Stripping me of my defenses. I am a helpless mortal. As my life is slowly being drained away. No one hear. Not a soul in sight. Now I can embrace death. With open arms I tear loose these tubes and machines. My body contorts in deathlike convulsions. My life is now coming to an end. Drakness is setting in. But the thought of being at peace has become my dream. Now death wraps its arms around me and I drift off towards my destiny.

2. Anointed In Servitude

Oh mightiest Chanajah merciful unto me, in thy holy names. Mightiest Chanajah bestow souls unto me answer my call. Recreate, unto this world from infernal grounds. Rise up from your bliss. Give me the father's crown. Incarnate as me in the likeness of the invincible. Breath of Kephra. Skeletons of gods. The unspeakable now enraged. Anarl I conjure thee. Jazar turn the wisdom over to me, by the power of the words: HOR TAL ELL AH RACH NAH MAY. I command thee to rip up the dead. Awaken the sleeping god in the charnel mess. Anointed in the servitude. Speal your words trough me. I regurgitate, spitting out words of power. Spurning lands. I vomit forth, vomit forth. Behold he is in me, I float over his firmament. I travel upon high, I tread on the firmament of Nu. I raise a flame with the flashing lightning of my eye. It's the unseen force which creates the gods. I am reborn again and again the ancient one. Inhabitant of his head, utterance of me who brings the flashing flame of the bornless light. Oh mightiest Chanajah merciful unto me.

3. Reflection Of Ignorance

Hypocrite. Ignorance is what you preach. Owing more likeness to a separatist. Hating others, while lacking intelligence. Streams of prejudice reach far and wide. It is a fear that you do hide. Violent urge towards a certain race. Human population is disgraced. The glass shows no imperfection as you bathe in a reflection of ignorance. Create something that is hidden unremorceful presence. Initiate deadly intentions, reflection of ignorance. Righteous man, or so he thinks. Deceiving others has been achieved. Freedom of expression. Freedom of thought. Freedom to hate. Is that what we've been taught?

4. Epoch Of Barbarity

Barren. Wasteland. Devoid of life. Barbarity reigns supreme in this land. Nirvana is burning, man's fate at hand. Lord Jesus crying. Father god dies. Famine and bloodshed, amongst the desperate cries. Humanity's greed, corrupt to the core. Slaughter for power/profit from war. Epoch of barbarity, man against man. The evolving of humans to fit Darwin's plan. Feeble fools wait and see. Kill yourself, while facing nihility. Crushing the weak, feast on the skin. Delicacy of man's flesh, the ultimate sin. Feeble fools wait and see. Feeble fools wait/see. Epoch of barbarity. Feeble fools wait and see. The shadow of death looms-eclipsing the now cold sun. The horsemen they ride again in search of the Nazarene son. Rivers running dry, the earth is parched and cold. Dying by the millions, like the prophecies once had told. Epoch of barbarity. The world will surely die. Tears of sorrow flow, like rain from the bleeding sky.

5. Gutted Human Sacrifice

Torture. Flaps of gutted flesh upon the altar. Hunger for flesh we seek. Spellbound victims for my ritual. Eviscerate, innards clogged with blood. Sacrificed to King of Hades. Ceremony of death. He from the depths, rise from the filth. Receive the holy word. Desire to strip the bones from your flesh. The songs deliver my soul. Crush breath of life. Overlord manifests. Summon the foulness. From the wretched depths of the burning pit. Now death is all you see. Ejaculation of the black beast. Now we feast upon your flesh. Necrophobic lust, engrossed carnage of the young. Strips of tattered flesh, torn from your bones, now we feed. Feed on the young. Pray to your god's fiendish hands for me, now. Plundering your rectum for my god's of the pit. Reign. Brutal stabbing of the virgin in the face, you're left alone. With the slaughtered corpses, come with me towards doom. It pleases me to hear the screaming bodies for my bloodthirsty god. We fiend for sounds of gushing blood. Embrace my theme womb. Open the gates. You're gutted. Sacrifice.

6. God Of Subservience

You destroyed my being and my sanity. Tried to break my shell through the slaughtering of my family. You ran away unscathed, but not for long. As I wait in my asylum, temporarily my mind is gone. You had better fear me. I'll make your life a living misery. Once I find you I'll punish you unmercifully. I will feel your pain, an orchestrated symphony of cries. But now I wait, you'll soon die. Sitting here alone, I wait in the darkness, plotting my revenge. When I find you my family will be avenged. Motherfucker. You will submit to my punishment. As I wait in limbo I know this isn't it. Dreaming of a time when I have a piece of mind. A time of dreams and pleasures, a life without crime. Now I'm over the edge, towards the brink of insanity. But now it's becoming a part of me. I'm starting to enjoy this new existence and loathe all of humanity. Hate monger inflicting pain. Through years of waiting I'm finally free. Fooled all around me, into believing I'm sane. Now begins my trek, into this torturous game. I know where you live, where you sleep/hide. After these years, you thought I was away to die. My hate increases, my spirit is renewed. I feel alive again, ready to strike soon. I can taste your blood and your pain. This punished existence is a burning flame. A flame of hate, sorrow/grief that's embedded in my name. Oh it will feel good to tear you apart. Limb by limb your flesh will be sore. You will scream in anguish and I will punich you more. I've got you now bastard, in my clenching grasp. You can't escape me as you breathe your final gasp. Your life is being snuffed out with each slashing gash. Your screams of torment excite me more and more. Your life's now over in a flash. Now my quest comes to an end. Is it over? Or is a new beginning at hand?

7. Prophet Of The Blasphemies

I dominate the hell blackened night. We now destroy arcangels in their flight. I am Thanatos. Prowling in the shadows. Messenger of Hades. Extinguisher of light. Sealers of your fate. I dominate the hell blackened night. Cross the styx. Cross the styx, for you must die. Eternal torment, demonic cries. Cross the styx, for you must die. Eternal torment, demonic cries. Face the cenotaph, blackened and burned. A monument for the victims of those, who never learned. Lord of Suffering, Prophet of the blasphemies. God of hell's fire. consequence of your fate, destined to perish. I shall now rape the innocent and the pure. Let forth the horsemen to spread their wretchedness. Famine & Disease. Pestilence & Death. Baptize the Holy world in my righteous name.

8. Humanicide

Secrets from the past denied. Plague is spreading far and wide. Biological warfare, sentenced to death without no care. Liquefied organs, blood from eyes. Hemorrhagic fever intensifies. The only thing certain is death. Lesions over body, mutating cells take over within the hour. Systematic shutdown, there is no hope to see tomorrow. Horrors to man. Will the government gain the upper hand? Transmit the final phase. Germs are spreading like wildfire. Government breakdown 'cause of liars. People rounded up like cattle, to wage war, the final battle. Humanity is dying. All hope is lost with no great cost. Greed is too strong, man has been wronged. Faceless facade, pray to your god. You have now confessed your sins, there is no hope for a win. Death will be the only cure to make the earth once more pure. Faceless facade. Where is your god? Armageddon is now here. Judgement of the living. Mercy for the dead. Rest in peace.

9. Inhuman Suffering

Oppression in thy master's name, leaving only you to blame. Die alone in your sin, waiting for the depravation. Feel searing pain as your mortal soul chips away. Devoured in a flame that burns with hate. Your crucified mind stops as you slowly die. Repentance for the slaughtering of god. Beyond those hallowed crypts lie, cursed souls of the damned. Prophets of damnation. rulers of the dead. Now you shall now join them, in the crypts of the dead. Your body before you slowly turn to dust, your presence is fading in a well of scalding blood. Your soul sacrificed to the master of the flame. Banished. Inhuman suferring. Your after-life. Inhuman torturing, inhuman suffering. Wrath of god on your flesh, on your soul. I'm inhuman suffering eternally. Fear his holy coming, as you shall not inherit this earth. Your ears of tyranny, of your misbegotten life.

10. Despoilment Of Rotting Flesh

Quietly you rest, waiting for the light. Six feet below reality, where the world is so black. Eagerly excavate partially rotted body. Pry the wood casket open and see what's waiting for me. Body/Sight now to behold. Bove your bloated body and love is all I see. I penetrate the folds of flesh, a chill creeps from your thights. Despoilment of rotting flesh. Pumping, pounding, motionless you lie below me. All you see. All you see, me. You're the only one who loves me. All you see. All you see, me. All you see, everything is cold. Pumping and Pounding again and again. Your cunt is dry. Feeling a love that is out of this world. All for me. Feel the love burning inside me. Things are pointed to, pointed to me. Things are out of control of your body. Restless thoughts well through me. Pump and pound below me. Scream. C'mon scream for me. Where the world is so black. C'mon scream in misery. All my love lost in this paradise. In the Act of Despoilment. Waiting for the Infinite Being. Come to me.

Frank Rini ‒ Vocals
Chris Pervelis ‒ Guitars
Anthony Miola ‒ Guitars
Brian Hobbie ‒ Bass
Bill Tolley ‒ Drums

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