Dark Lyrics


1. Prepare For Extinction


2. Ocular Introspection

I am fucked up from these substances
I figure things out in mere instances

Colors rattle my sight, it cannot be
Distorted visages is what I see

Ocular introspection (of my mind)
Ocular introspection (I am not blind)

Ocular introspection (it’s time to die)

The walls now have moved and they pulse
Brilliant shadows
I now see God, he is there
Help me father
Screams of anguish and of rage
Infest my mind
I’ve seen the light, it is bright
Violence ignites

Mirror images of my life pass me by
Sinful creation coming forth, let it begin

Subconscious thoughts, acting erratically
Sadness lasting only sporadically

I will now break free this mold or my sanity will fold
Cast out demons of my present and my past
Creator of my life will end it fast

I am now going insane

Chaotic thoughts of passion
Mocking my vision
I thought that I could win
But this maze will never end

3. The Extinction Of Benevolence

Hatred flows through man
The end is now at hand
Goodness has been erased
There is no time for saving grace

What strides have we all made?
We are but modern man who is enslaved

Killing women and children
For a buck so one can get a quick high
Morals are unknown to these savages
And some do know right and wrong
They should die

Confined in a shell waiting to break free
These mongrels roam the streets waiting for their prey
Bloodthirsty mortals have no regard for human beings
Another life wastes away

The extinction of benevolence sees man regressing into beast
There is no hope for us to change until our father’s feast
The extinction of benevolence sees man regressing into beast
The clock is ticking now and we’re the ones who care the least

Prepare for extinction

Hunters and gatherers we were long ago
It’s the same over and over
All this technology and its philosophy
Consumed by greed, grows stronger and stronger

We are the same man who breathes, fucks and shits
Just like primitive man

All the humans in this world are judgmental
But no one gives a damn
We are sinners, there’s no winners
In this game called life and death

Generations are all doomed from our actions
No chance of retraction

Millions of babies dead from the wars they have bled
Crimes of passion, crimes of hate
It’s way too late
Break the skull, open it
See what makes us tick

The extinction of benevolence is here
The end of time is becoming very clear
Mankind is continuing to fight his shadow
We all suffer because it is our own battle

People fighting and warring with one another
Reconcile with your only beloved brother
But we laugh because we do know what is good
Violence is the only thing we’ve understood

4. Prevaricate

Spit out lies!

You were my friend
So I thought, not anymore
Friendship shot, lying cheat
You faithless whore

Unity and strength
We thought we had has disappeared
Tempers rise, breakdown walls
Hatred has flared

Help me to control my anger and rage
Fighting, we must engage
Stand up, you’ve faced your match
Loyalty has now been smashed
Bonds of steel have been broke
Contempt has been cloaked
Arguing and no one wins
Prevaricate, I’ll smash your grin

I am the one to see your soul
You are the one who is so bold
I am the one to point this out
You are the one to cause me doubt

Liar, traitor, creates haters!

You’ve made me enraged to the point
Where I do no want to know you
I’ll get my revenge, you pompous fool
You’ll eat your own words, I promise you
Time has come, you will now see my rule

Fuck you!

You are the one who has hurt me
I will make sure that you will never flee
My conscience is now warped with murderous thoughts
And they all have been directed at you

Bow to me now, repent your sins
I see your face, now you know that I’ll win
I have no remorse as I hold you down
And I beat you to the ground

I am the one to end your pathetic life, you fool
I am now at peace, knowing that you no longer walk this earth
I have now learned that you were a mistake since birth
The chains are broken and I have taken on a new form
Now I feel complete that I can continue my life

5. Ruthless Inhumanity

Ripped from the mother’s cunt
Writhing mess
Robbed prematurely
Ghastly sight of... mother’s suffering

Dying on the ground
Strangled with a chord
A truly gruesome picture
Laying all the guilt on you
Bones begin to crack, piercing vital organs
As you laugh at the blood, it’s getting fun
You will rip its heart out
Thinking of the children who died
Limbs and flesh as you feed

Morbid art consumed
All of man to see
Such a twisted human
Yearning their pain

The lust for children’s blood and body
Sickness with no cure
Crimes easily forgiven
Within the bowels of your mind
Your mind

Tell me what you see
Do you see savagery?
Horrors of your mind’s eye is your truth

Reality becomes fantasy, silent screams
Head is pounding, pumping violently
Waiting for some more fresh blood to satisfy the need


6. Plagued By Catharsis

Trapped within this spiral torment
I have now unleashed my hell
As I stare through my dimension
Pained emotions start to swell

Struggling with this intent to kill myself
My life is worthless, something I’ve always felt
No one cares about me, so why should I?
Gun to head, knife to throat
Now it’s time to die

Scorned by my peers, my friends, my family
This is fucked up because they should be helping me

I am the one who puts myself through this shit
Razor in my hand, my wrists will be slit

I must realize what this is doing to me
Selfish meditation, can’t I see?
Happiness is what I need
It is my wish but there’s too much pain
When I’m plagued by catharsis

I am the one that feels this pain
Rain-fallen tears are not my gain
Self-pity is something I hate
Now it is time for a clean slate
Making a mark is what I’ll do
Keep on pushing, death to the fool

My life, no longer black
I’ve got myself back and it’s time for me to change

Self-pity is gone
I now feel strong
To conquer all that is thrown at me

Feel the power of my soul
Now the future is my goal

Plagued by catharsis
I will rise above
Plagued by catharsis
Standing proud

Plagued by catharsis
I now understand
Plagued by catharsis
My reign at hand

Release myself unto this world!

My repressed rage will now take form
My new being, I am now born
Living in this state of anguish is no longer feasible
True to myself I am living, it is getting easier

I am happy because I now hate
No more sorrow, bring forth this trait
Weight is lifted from my shoulders
My feelings are growing colder

No longer plagued by catharsis
Now my rage is getting stronger
Erased thoughts of my once loved

I will not allow myself to get close to anyone

I don’t need your sympathy
Content in my misery
Just leave me alone

7. Conformed To Obscurity

Destroyer of earth howls in the dark
Taking my claim infinite power
I reign upon immortals taking in all that exists
Refusing you god, god of illusion
Resurrect the exalted one

Into foul place of death
Begotten realm of eternal thirst
I reside within him, devouring the divine
I am the light, truth and the life, bread of life
My words in you

Illuminate the first magic
Adjunction of eternal will
Quenching my thirst for power
Pronouncing damnation

Upon you, subjects made unto me eradicate
We laugh at you
Your “evil” gods, an amateur existence, exterminate
We laugh at you
I am the god you shall not fear not (living a dream)
We laugh at you
Begotten one, obscure creation, exterminate
We laugh at you

Agents of chaos unfold the true heritage

Copulation with the spirit
Invert your rituals
Distort your holy laws
Call the infinite splendor

Vanquishers of death
Subject of my covenant

Forgotten ones let your bornless life emerge
Mad god of chaos remember
What binding spell has brought thee here
Ever burning one moan unto me
Heralds of the pestilence, of the burning gods

Empowerment identify self as god, who art thou?
Who sears and enchains
Devourer of flesh and madness
Deliverers of my vision
May the dead rise and smell the incense!

Watcher of the gate
The highest vision remembered

He who awakens calls the ancient power of the infinite
He who is lost to the outside will offer the final death
I am the sun, red water of life, I am the shepherd
Lord, spirit that remembers

The bread of life
Wrecker of the light
I am the chosen
Children of the forgotten world
Give birth to forever
Through our words
I give its existence
Slash the planes into the infinite

8. Genetic Messiah

Virtually real, but so far from reality
Savior of silicon
An icon to man’s stupidity
Lost faith in our father
Built our own, in our image

The Genetic Messiah
Conscious electric deity

Coupling human DNA to artificial intelligence
Heroes and criminals from the past brought to life artificially

It guides our lives, it influences our thought
We are but sheep, living to please its will

Individual thought is a sin
Pleasure is a capital crime

All of us please our new lord
Produce, perform, satisfy its will

The Genetic Messiah
Bow before its omnipotence
The Genetic Messiah
Praise our electric god

War is inevitable as our new messiah exerts its will
Millions will die in the world’s greatest crusade of all

Hate is what it thrives on between us, there’s a bond
No such thing as free will
Its intent is to kill
Collection of human beings
We are its playful things
It controls us with ease

Malevolence, jealousy, spitefulness
Are what’s inside of it
Severing ties from man
Earth will be a wasteland
Slaughter of innocents
People are mere peasants

Kill! Rape! Main!

We deserve this fate
We think we’ve recreated the lord
We shall pay for our sins
Burning in a thousand years of flames

Power of its twisted mind
We’re not worthy, we are blind
Pawns to its destructive nature
The lord’s power is less greater

I have risen!

Feel the darkness
Closing in...

Hitler will pale in comparison
Atilla will be seen as a saint
The Genetic Messiah
Our beloved god of hate

People are dying, children are crying
Darkness envelopes the earth
Tortured people scream as their faces bleed
The messiah now breathes

People dying, children crying
Darkness swallows the earth
Tortured people scream
The messiah now feast

Kneel before its power
Our new father of time
The lord created the universe in six days
The Genetic Messiah will destroy it in one

9. Cycle Of Vehemence

Life of debauchery
Orgy of ecstasy

Sex and lust has been bastardized
Another female has been victimized

Cycle of vehemence

Stifled cries in the night
Tear off clothes with delight
Arousal of perverse thoughts
Blade placed upon the throat

Thrusting in and out
As she screams and shouts
Another woman defiled

Beat repeatedly
As the blood flows silently
He smiles at his host
Vile act achieved
While the prey twitches violently

Morbid scorn consumed
Filled by the need to abuse

Desire to rape and torture
No care for repercussions

[Instrumental Black Sabbath medley A National Acrobat / Symptom of the Universe as a hidden track at 18:32.7]

Frank Rini: Vocals
Chris Pervelis: Guitars
Anthony Miola: Guitars
Brian Hobbie: Bass
Bill Tolley: Drums

All songs written by Internal Bleeding
All lyrics by Frank Rini, except “Ruthless Inhumanity” & “Genetic Messiah” by
Frank Rini & Chris Pervelis and “Conformed To Obscurity” by Chris Pervelis
Backing vocals on “Cycle Of Vehemence” by Ryan Schemmenti (from Disfigured)
Produced by Internal Bleeding & Nick Di Mauro
Recorded at Gateway Sound Recording W. Babylon, New York
Graphic design by Chris Pervelis

There are absolutely no vocal effects (harmonizers, etc.) used on this LP.

1997, Pavement Music Inc.

Thanks to technotomy for sending these lyrics.

Submits, comments, corrections are welcomed at webmaster@darklyrics.com


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