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1. Bleed By Example

In this season of death
I am my own weapon
Resurrect our spirit
We can't be divided

Cut to deceive
Defiance of threat
Learn to resist
Absence of cause
Compelled response
Learn to reject

The time has come to
Take up arms
The time has come to
Bleed by example

Essence of reflection
Arrogance of anger
My reaction response
Deploy all my hatred - hatred

You show that we're few
Encamped and improved
Now I challenge you
Let me see you bleed

The masses unafraid
We can't be defeated
The masses are prepared
We can't be defeated


2. Siege In The Clouds

Living below ground existing in fear
Hours of madness the ending draws near
Hellish inferno of fire and steel
Seventy-seven days of the unreal

Siege in the clouds - withstanding
Unending days of hell
Siege in the clouds - surviving
Beneath the mud I dwell
Siege in the clouds - I'm longing
For this to end I cry
Siege in the clouds - no warning
When the next soul will die

Misery and death
Amongst human trash
Await my last breath
In my mud-filled world
Eats away at me
As rats gnaw my flesh
Maggots dance macabre
On the friends who fell, fell...

With each day comes a loss of will
Why must I live among the killed

Friends who've gone - are the lucky ones
Those who live - just await their death
Does it end? Will I die this way?
Must I want to draw my last breath

Forget me - write me off - I am gone
End it all - stop the pain - I want out
Friends all gone - torn to shreds - before my eyes
Please God why must I be in this misery?
Misty days - ice cold nights - living hell
Hatred tears - as it burns - through soft flesh
Pray for food - cry for drink - gasp for air
In my home - deep below - the vile - stinking earth


3. Infidel

You awoke a sleeping giant
Now deal with the wrath
Site set on the East
Laying waste to all in its path
There will be payback
All life will cease
We rain down fire
We are the coming beast

I am all you hate
An eye for an eye
Bringer of death
The prophecy

Slaughter - I'm killing with precision
Not leaving one soul to chance
All heaven can't stop this now
As hell is unleashed on earth

Infidel proudly - and I wear it like a badge
Infidel proudly - succumb to my rage
Infidel proudly - overthrowing your cause
Infidel proudly - and I'll bathe in your blood


You've tragically misconceived my power
Now take your place amongst the dead
The fate of the world is at stake
As I piss your life away
Mass murder
Forced starvation

4. Far Above You

Your simple thoughts delude your mind
Steal your soul and leave you blind
Obsessed your own misery
Without hope you cling to me
Your attempts to harass me
Leaves no guilt on my psyche
Weakness masked in a world of lies
As tears drown your childish cries

So tragic your weakness
Pathetic ways of life
You dread the time you spend alone
Won't see the truth you've been shown
Let it be known I hope you die
As payback for all your fucking lies

Pathetic - obsession

The world know your game
That you are insane
Lie to all you see
Stories constantly
I have all the proof
You can't fight the truth
I have all the proof
You can't find the truth
Fuck you and die

I'm so far above you
You have to lie
Condemned by the truth
Imprisoned by your lies
I'm so far above you
You have to lie
Condemned by the truth
Imprisoned by your lies
So far - above - you - you
Lie - try- cry - die

Far above you way beneath me [2x]


5. Hatefuel

You blame me for all your sorrow
Take a good look at yourself
The temple of hate you built is
Supported by pillars of ignorance

Hatefuel [4x]

Speak with two tongues
See through blind eyes
Listen with deaf ears
Nothing but lies

Hatefuel - You're fueling
The fire within me
Hatefuel - you're hanging
Your sorrow on me
Hatefuel - you'll soon feel
The power within me
I'm burning with anger
And righteous truth

Unrestrained fury- armed with the truth
With strength of conviction - I extract punishment
Possessed of clear vision - I see through your lies
The violence my resolve - can be seen within my eyes
Oppression is the God - you worship to - and revile
Indoctrinate the young - mislead the weak- and the poor
Corruption of belief - belies the hate - of yourself
Cultivate the seeds of jealousy and despair
Lack of - vision - short of - wisdom
See beyond yourself - beyond the West - inside your soul
To the Mecca that you built - to house the lie - that's your life
Don't blame me when you fail to lift yourself - from your fate
I gave you all the tools and still you stab me in the back

In the back

Look - back - what you created
Rise - up - make a difference
Look back - at what you have created
Rise up and make a fucking difference

Hatefuel - you lashed out - and hurt me
You tested - my will
Now you - shall pay

Hatefuel [4x]

6. Arm Our Youth

War is waged - every fucking day
In the hearts and minds of our young
Black is wrong and so is white
They must be prepared for the fight of their lives

Blood in the street and social descent
Freedom is raped every fucking day
Imprisoned - hands tied
Too afraid to live their lives
They don't have to live this way
They don't have to die this way
You shouldn't let them live this way
You shouldn't let them die this way

Bleeding - it's a wound that will never heal
Clawing - at the soul of society
Hatred's alive walking the streets
Hunting you down right where you sleep
Bleeding - it's a wound that will never heal
Bleeding - it's a wound that will never heal
Hatred's alive walking the streets
Hunting you down right where you sleep

Defend your home, defend with force - we must arm our youth
Don't leave one thing to chance - we must arm our youth
What are we being taught - we must arm our youth
We'll never see things this clear again - we must arm our youth
Wage your war - wage your war
This is a call to arms
Wage your war - wage your war
Tensions are mounting [2x]
Times of testing are coming
Don't be frozen by fear
Survive - survive - survive
Survive - survive - survive

7. This Day I Fight

Born and bred to kill at will - for this cause
The times come to pay the price - for our loss
Will not be led to defeat - by your lies
This day I fight and you're - dead to me

Forty tons of anger and fire
Is erupting from my chest
It's time to pay it's time to die
This is American fury

Born and bred to kill at will for this cause
This day I fight and you're dead to me
I'll take back what is mine
For this I'm ready to die
You can't convince me I'm not right
I've chosen this day I fight

Arm yourself
Bare hands won't right the wrong
Sacrifice - victory through violence
I'm willing to trade - I'm willing to die
I'm ready to trade and I am ready to die

Take a stand don't be
Separated from your life

Stand up and take back your life
This day I fight

8. Contamination

We are a nation on the brink
Propaganda creates the unrest
That shakes foundations
Primetime TV bring us
Flesh dripping from bones
We all watch until we are trained not to feel

Upheaval - violent rise a puritan
Cleanse this land - unleash crime
Weed out the weak
Contaminate - the enemy
Puritan passion for war
Let innocent blood - moisten the sharpening stone
Humanity put to rest - in every nation
Not one death will be mourned - no longer counted
Contaminate - human waste - earth's every corner
Communist - terrorist - no longer matter

History - rewritten by a common man
Heaven and hell - die on earth
Heaven and hell - die on earth

No apologies
Ruthless unleashing
No refugees

9. Intolerance

Cut down- bleeding as innocence lay dying
Revenge - is the only thing that you see
Small price to live inside a cell
You'll die and it will be by my hand

For those that suffered
Our hate grows stronger
For those that suffered
Our hate grows stronger - Now you'll break down - you will scream
You will stare for one thousand yards
Broken by brutality - broken by brutality
Unequaled evil - within me
Awakened neck deep
In numbness - focused and violent
Disregard - for life
Alive in hell [2x]

Your whole life is suspect
Intolerance - conspiracy to overthrow
Intolerance - outright lies and savagery
Intolerance - I'm screaming out hypocrisy

You gave your life for nothing [2x]
I - am a product of your hate [3x]
Despite what you done, say and do
I will always see through your lies

Bill Tolley ‒ Drums
Andrew Hogan ‒ Bass, Guitar solo on "Far Above You"
Frank Buffolino ‒ Guitars
Jerry Lowe ‒ Vocals
Matty Bones ‒ Guitars

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