Dark Lyrics


1. Fabricating Bliss

In my mind's eye I can see
a pitiless fantasy
simphorophila all consuming
driven by insanity
lust, excitement, perversion, pain
can't stop
the pounding
in my brain
I am drawn to the macabre
I get enthralled by others pain
arousal is achieved for me
through sights of human carnage
I can't explain the thrill for me
the smile adorned through tragedy
the sickness afflicting me
has intensified proclivities
cacophony of voices streaming in my head
contemplate the majesty of what they said
tingle of my skin as pleasure touches me
ecstasy abounds
the catastrophe
my morbid
feats to feed my sanity
a gifted imagination
to satisfy my lunacy
I must now create
my fantasy
give birth to the chaos
commence the havoc

build my dreams
plan the scene
it's killing me
the fear I see
a drug I can't resist
the misery
way they flee
it's sex for me
it's ecstasy
fabricating bliss

fire burning
ground is in your sky
screams so deafening
the moment that you die
climaxing with
every stretcher I see
the humanity of my peers
no longer a concern to me
the joy of tragedy
reflected in my eyes
burning flesh
twisted steel
hasten your demise
ecstasy is building with each tormented scream
the precipice of that moment where I achieve my dream

all consuming
this sickness
afflicting me
arousal achieved
thus is my life

2. The Visitant

salvaging the remnants of my sanity
staring back a tortured version of I used to be
clock exhausts a minute nine
soon I return to recesses of reality
I am a prisoner of my own mind
soon I invite a never ending serenity of death
bodies torn apart
the children burn
the dancing flames beckon me
feasting on still beating hearts
orgy atop the defleshed elders
pain absorbed unwillingly entices me
vicarious display of what I can never be
lean to the left my purpose now defined
epiphany bequeathed upon me
my mental state
a chosen trauma
sweat cascades
I shan't resist the sadist's siren
wanton thoughts embalm me
all the years wasted
serving the consensus
hoping my reward waits in agerlife
humans are voracious
endeavors are contentious
never to obey and be patron to a lie
now refute me the ills of my philosophy
exist in the act of the theater of the absurd
a world without hate
connotates the irony
causing misery and feel the remorse
the visitant
one cannot survive
without the other
all the years wasted
serving the consensus
hoping my reward waits in the afterlife
sign of the time
enslaves me
it traps me
vicarious display of what I can never be
moving to the left my purpose now defined
the epiphany bequeathed upon me
the visitant

3. The Pageantry Of Savagery

Just as a child that requires nurturing
Forces inside us compel us to ascend
Past accountings paint the mind a picture
Lesser still suffer—strong becomes the victor

Tribulations verify theory's veracity
Realization of an unsavory necessity
People must fall for the ones in wait to rise

Indoctrinate the next inheritants
The students of malfeasance will propagate
Forces of the diatribe escalate
Compelling ignorance into a feverish pace

Study man's depravity
Fear tears through your shadows
Decimate equality
Pageantry of Savagery
Divorcing reality

Abhorring society
Paranoia breeds
The sociopath

Panic feeds the susceptible mind
The scenes of horror
Respect it commands
Projections so majestic
Formulate the twisted
Plan set forth to rid the world of those who are deemed, unfit and malcontent
Unfit and malcontent

Siphon on society
No more allowed
To infest with treachery

Utopian vision doesn't seem implausible
Utopian vision doesn't seem improbably anymore

Hands rise from the ashes
Chance to survive
Defying all logic
Pageantry of Savagery
Realization of an unsavory necessity

4. Patterns Of Force

[I. The Discovery]

in this new world
a brotherhood of man
the epoch of tranquility
spread throughout the land
but below the surface
lies cruelty and hate
and the ancient animosities
that bind our fate
the long dormant texts
of a madman's mind
plan for unraveling
all of mankind
the wisdom I have found
shall brant unto me
the knowledge to implement
the age of hostility
you shall worship me
in prayer on bended knee
come to me
gather thee
helpless ones (covet me)
flock to me
bow to me
swear to me (fealty)
fight for me
all for me
die for me (incessantly)
slaves to me
never free
eternally (in misery)
implement the plan
of ruling this weak word
with blood and sacrifice
our flag shall be unfurled
desecrate the land
and bathe yourself in sin
fight till your last breath
I command you to begin
in communion with my words
compelled masses start to rise
in lockstep they marched forward
towards harmony's demise
movement born of hate
progeny of a father long since dead
soldiers swathed in black
just waiting to be lead
the time has now arrived
to victory
I compel thee
the future dawns
humanity's legacy of violence is now a distant memory
lost in the mists of time
peace, contentment and conformity
utopia has achieved
but there are those who still abhore these virtues
men born of a different time
who long for strength
and lust for power
zealots who seek dominion over the weak
with the knowledge of the past unlocked
they seek imperium
through genocide and war

[II. Plague Agenda]

dawn of a brave new world
devoid of those deemed weak
subhuman rabble disposed
through the retribution I seek
morning rise
the troops amass
the lines now set for the first wave
a haunting silence coats the land
while in the distance tanks crush the sand
buffer the lines with the kidnapped man
masses gathered
the storm approaches
propaganda feeds
feeds the feeble minds
assembled en masse
to do their bidding
sacrifice to quench
sacrifice to quench the greed
dominoes the bodies fall
these human shields
killed by their own
hospitals harbor the artillery
awaiting the unknown
houses of the lord
blown to pieces
for the caches they conceal
the visage of a god
fails to exist
in these winds of war
too many still die
those to be spared
already chosen
merely slaves
merely slave for the reconstruction
pace of death needs new direction
seek new methods of mass extinction
horrifying seed kills regardless of gender
enter phase two
plague agenda
eyes open
to new possibilities
smiles paint the faces of the elite
through it lethal efficiency
now die
my children
this victory
sacrifices thee
dehydration paradox
drowning by thirst
blood seeps from every pore of the skin
aborting all birth
doom the unborn to death at birth
a lifetime lived in mere hours
mothers clench the weakened children
as the agenda devours
their world

[III. Aftermath]

upon the horizon shows
plumes of the residu
of a bloodbath
the horror of the death toll grows
pure impotency of the opposition
falling to the enemy
inviting their defeat to ease the anxiety
soldiers valiantly defend the impossible
waiting for the kill shot to achieve the inevitable
such unreal weapons
that appear improbable
no hope of surviving
a nameless corpse
discarded as human flotsam
victor rejoices in celebration
revel at the images of the foe's devastation
propaganda appears to vilify
the infidel
mankind is the infidel
new world shall rise
new world
shall thrive in the aftermath
invading forces assess their holocaust
lesser beings
slave forever
destined to serve
weak ones
those who die allegiance
to the god that never comes
waiting for the god
that never
the discovery lead to their existence
plague agenda decimate the power of the enemy
new perfect world shall rise in the aftermath

5. Placate The Ancients

scores of the population die
no one contemplates its meaning
simply dismissed as inevitable
final phase in life
complete exhaustion of the soul
man lives completely benign
apathetic to the moment
when time comes to take its claim
lamb's blood fills its coffers
henchman rise
behest the masters wish
pay the homage
appease the gods
as the elders punish
blood of man their sustenance
to tame the wrath that lies in wait
to tame the wrath that feeds on hate
to tame the wrath that seals our fate
to tame the wrath that we create
all the violence
man inflicts upon himself
holds a solemn purpose
all the hatred
satisfies their need to feed
death our dowry to the liege
we must suffer to save the world
from horrors never to be seen
rampage of minions
never to be thought mythology
weapons of the gods once horrified
never to be thought mythology
now is full of murderers
world awakes
to a horrid exposition
ungodly entities rise and breathe
the skies turn gray
with creations of fiction
hammer of the gods bent on ending humanity
besiege for our insolence
tridents wielding fire
rivers of blood to feed the beast
talons tear the flesh
rolling meadow of the dead
avenge the heresy
the armistice was broken
when one life prevailed
with the stench of the weak
the cycle never grew to fruition
reiterates futility
man kills man with impunity
elders now rise from their slumber
placate the ancients
suffer to insure existence
placate the ancients
bleed or life will cease

6. (In The) Absence Of Soul

with no morals
no compassion
no respect for what his eyes can see
the center
of importance
holding himself
to a level no one achieves
he is the paranoid
scorn the egotist
excoriate the pure worship
a new deity
free of will
no wall
fall to thee
branding himself
a messiah
bow to his foul words
his presence reigns supreme
he's the one who decides who breathes
judge and jury
an inquisition
with blood
he rids the world
those he deems unclean
his rapture now begins
he's stalking
he's blinded by a
rage so consuming
hate so compelling
stench so revolting
mankind sickens him
race undeserving
creed in need of purging
none escape the terror
mankind sickens him
this child must die
the product of a cretin
union cannot exist
these are the words of your lord
dissection of the min of a madman
juxtapose the core
of his darkest seed
force fed
taste of betrayal
as neglect culminates into which we fear
slice of the martyr's blade
his vision is portrayed
painting his masterpiece
with his peers
this emptiness cannot fill
no matter who he kills
set expectations low
this wicked child
achieve the convoluted logic
we owe him a lot
neglected through life
bow down
to the nihilist throne
the scars that he bares now tags his victims
purity dissolves in the absence of soul

7. Castigo Corpus Meum

my path to absolution
is found within my screams
I must achieve redemption
to have my soul be clean
I offer up my body
my skin is free to thee
I'm sacrificing my flesh
my faith grows as I bleed
self inflict empathy
pain is my homage
shackled and tormented
to feel worthy
on my knees
arched back
the lashes commence
kisses of leather
rub flesh
I'm at peace
bit my lips
and taste my flow
and clench my fist
and swallow
the agony
I watch the day
before my eyes
slip into
a tortured paradise
I feel his swath replace my blood
the masochist's worship
man's diseased
his hedonistic ways a plague to all
I'll show them the wrath of god
I pray for thee
their salvation and uncertainty
I'll show them the wrath of god
father forgive them for they know not what they do
fall to earthly vice
I surrender them to you
castigate my body
strike my flesh
save my soul
mutilate my body
this vessel
of damnation
castigate my body
burn the flesh
blind thy eyes
my elevation
salvation I shall rise
the ecstasy
of my misery
from the purging of
my impurities
rise above
my mortal need
for faith and love
and worldly greed

Brian Hobbie — Guitars
Keith DeVito — Vocals
Jason Liff — Bass
Chris Pervelis — Guitars
Bill Tolley — Drums

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