Dark Lyrics


1. Rage

Locked inside this cell
Caged like a beast
Burning to be free
Misery envelops me
Drawn closer to insanity
Yeah. Motherfucker, you'll pay for what you've done to me
No more pain, had enough of your misery
Find the key to unlock my dignity
Can't you see freedom is my destiny
I'm a beast and I'll hunt you night and day
With baited breath slowly stalking my prey
Eyes burning piercing through the misty night
No where to turn your destiny is sealed tonight
Die. Your end is what I seek
Writhe in pain and agony
Time has come so be prepared
I have come to exterminate
Rage. Rage. Rage. rage.
Ruthless ambition
adrenaline flows
Senses awaken
Anticipation grows
I am rage an uncontrolled animal
A living thinking hate machine
I am rage an uncontrolled animal
Subsisting on death, fear and pain
One with myself driven by instinct
Burning hatred fuels my death-quest
Be prepared to meet your life's end
I will revel in your suffering

2. Driven To Conquer

Those who share our dreams of a new world
Marching line by line toward our fate
Subjugate the poor, enslave the weak
All those who oppose shall be ground into dust
On this hallowed ground we stake our claim
Victory or death before dishonor
Those unfit to live shall be erased
Plague of human trash cleansed and relieved of life
Driven to conquer destined to succeed
Driven to conquer for selfish needs
Driven to conquer hunger and greed
Driven to conquer on victory we feed
And if I shall fall
Will you carry on?
Struggle for our cause
Pursue victory!
Justice and freedom
For those deserving
Triumph through force of will
Destroy those who hold us back
Persevere or die
We triumph!
Let nothing stop us - destroy
We shall overcome all odds
Driven to conquer destined to succeed
Driven to conquer for selfish needs
Driven to conquer hunger and greed
Driven to conquer on victory we feed
Weakness overcome, replaced by strength
Covered in glory. Victorious
Defeated masses crumble and fall
Hatred burns our souls
Driven to conquer all

3. Falling Down

Confusion, depression, rejection, falling down
I'm at the point of no return
I've reached the end my rope
The pressure builds I can't cope
Stare through my soul watch it burn
Live a life unfulfilled
Tired of emptiness
Weakened by pettiness
The grind it wears me down
Low life fuck, I'll get you
Tried to destroy my life
I'm turning the tables
Now who's fucking with who?
Lost control of myself
Blind violence masks the pain
I'm falling down
Long gone
Burned alive
Ground to dust
Crushed by life
Writhing downward
Spiraling hell
each day drains my essence
Hurting those who displease me most
Leaving this world of hell behind
Falling down
Hating self, hating life, hating all that surrounds me
Mind's gone blank, soul's gone dead, watch me snap in front of you
Animal instinct rules
Desperation defines self
Falling down
Falling down
Feed the scorn that tears through me

4. Six Shots In Dallas

The future forever changed
Six shots, power maintained
With death no peace
Hot war, profits increase
Ambushed by guns for hire
Grassy knoll erupts with fire
Cries of grief and pain
Tears they flow like rain
Sorrow, it grips the land
The future is now at hand
Dreams lay unfulfilled
The reason he was killed
Six shots in Dallas
Shattered the American dream
Six shots in Dallas
Reality is not what it seems
We seek but we'll never find
The truth, as seen by the blind is false
But do we care?
We live our lives as sheep
Herded and led like fools
Deceived and misled
Warren Commission ain't nothing but lies
Missing evidence cannot be disguised
Kennedy had to lie
A puzzle whose pieces fit
Into the shape of pure profit
If we ever learned what really occurred that day
Our precious halls of power will crumble in decay
Six shots in Dallas

5. Conditioned

Fought your stupid war and died for you
Thoughts awash with blood and pain
Suffering through loss of pride
Humanity is stripped away
Conditioned to hate
Returned to empty arms - abandoned
Nothing but vacant stares - neglected
Feel my rage start to grow - hatred
I'll show you what I know - prepare
Conditioned to hate, conditioned to hate, conditioned to hate
Pre-programmed to kill
Conditioned to hate
Pre-programmed to destroy
Now you'll feel the burden I bear
Gave me no compassion - fuck you
Watch me as you die - fucking traitor
Look into my eyes see the rage
I reached out for you
you left me there to die
You closed your eyes to hide
As thousands more died
How could you be so cruel?
How could you abandon me?
Left my soul in that world
Never will I get it back
Conditioned to hate, conditioned to hate, conditioned to hate
This is my fate

6. Inhuman 99

Oppression in thy master's name
Leaving only you to blame
Die alone in your sin
Waiting for the depravation
Feeling the searing pain as your mortal soul chips away
Devoured in a flame that burns with hate
Your crucified mind stops as you slowly die
Repentance for the slaughtering of God
Beyond those hallowed crypts lie cursed souls of the damned
Prophets of damnation, rulers of the dead
Now you shall join them
in the crypts of the dead
Your body before you slowly turns to dust
Your presence is fading in a well of scalding blood
Your soul sacrificed to the master of the flame
Banished. Inhuman suffering, your afterlife
Inhuman torturing, inhuman suffering
Afterlife, torturing, inhuman suffering
Your afterlife, inhuman torturing
Inhuman suffering. Inhuman suffering
Wrath of God on your flesh, on your soul
Fear His holy coming
As you shall not inherit this Earth
Your years of tyranny
Of your misbegotten life
Inhuman suffering. Inhuman suffering

7. Invisible

Screaming cries you can't hear
Drifting through time in currents of fear
Drowning in oceans of pain
This misery will drive me insane
This emotional cage keeps me locked down
Searched for the sanity I never found
Pass me by might as well die
Let me free please release me
Bound by shame blessed by fear
All I am invisible
Ignore me just walk right past me
Don't see me you can walk right through me
Misery my only company
Burn my heart my spirit crushed by life
Black hole soul empty yet full of strife
Rejected breeds fear and depression
Like cancer it feeds on emotion
Invisible to you. Invisible to all
Don't want to live nothing to give
Sick of these lies
I can't handle this
Hate. Myself. Totally. Rejection. Futility. Depression. Insanity
Self doubt burns inside me
Like lightning it strikes me down
Here it comes the end is near
Closing in light's growing dim
Slip away gone for ever more
Once again I'll try to die
Lights go out I say goodbye

8. Slave Soul

Parasite. Leech. Like a monkey
Wight on my back
I give to you
You won't give back
I work for you
Slave through the day
Making your future
Wasting my days
Lift this burden
Off this scarred back
I'll seize control
Of my own life
Slave soul
Slave to fulfill your desires
Slave soul
This slave's no longer controlled
Broken free of these chains
Destiny beckons me
A new day has arrived
No longer your slave soul
I'm now left on my own
My soul will plot my course
My sweat will profit me
My dreams reality
Monkey stay off my back
Stopped you dead in your tracks
Your hands can't reach my heart
I'm free to be myself
Slave soul. Slave soul

9. Anthem For A Doomed Youth

Choking clouds of death
Drift across the land
Mustard gas burns lungs, blisters flesh, ends life
Grotesque spasms
Wrenching up blood
Thousands lay dead in the trenches
Soldiers drive forth
Break through the lines
Strongholds have fallen
Many more to die
Stalemate broken
Anthem for doomed youth
Testament to man's greed
Bloody mud clogged with death
Gears of war grind poor souls
Anthem for doomed youth
Testament to man's greed
Pulverize human flesh
Trenches filled with dying souls
Accepting death without question
Years shall pass by
Will we learn?
Are we so blind to such waste?
Will we ever learn from the past?
Pain, misery, death, suffering

Bill Tolley – Drums, Percussion
Chris Pervelis – Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Brian Hobbie – Bass, Vocals (backing)
Guy Marchais – Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Ray Lebron – Vocals

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