Dark Lyrics


1. How Low?

[music: Costea, lyrics: Boeru]

You're lost between darkness and light,
Spiting empty words of hate.
Now you know I am your fear
Lying in wait for your mistakes.
Forever prisoner of shadow,
You're doomed to live your life in pain.
I always lived behind your eyes
To control your life, to be my toy.

How low can you go?
You are crawling down below.
Take a blow 'cause you know
I'm looking down on you!

I am the Sodom of your thoughts,
The voice who screams to blow your brain,
I'm the whip, I am the snake,
I'm your apple and your Eve.
"Obey me, slave!" I slap your face
Until your blood mixes with tears
And the sound of your knees hitting the sand,
Speaks for itself, old fuckin' friend!

I'm the Sodom of your thoughts,
The voice who screams to blow your brain.
Now you know I am your fear
Lying in wait for your mistakes.
How low can you go?
And the sound of your knees hitting the sand,
Speaks for itself, old fuckin' friend!

2. The Stone Athame

[music and lyrics: Costea]

By the last sickle of the moon
I reap the soul of the night,
By the letter of blood
I mark the path of witchcraft.

Cut down the feelings of the flesh
Release the hearts of the profane in sacrifice
Release the hearts of wise in devotion
Rend ye the veils of matter and form.
Blade of stone, I conjure thee,
Attract all the things as named by me.
Earth and water, wind and fire,
Listen my desire.
Receive ye the harvest of the stars,
Draw down the light of Sun and Moon,
Receive the harvest of the void,
Draw down the darkness and rise up the abyss of night.

Lords of the four watchtowers
And all of you, Gods of the night,
Guardians of the palace of power,
Witness and guard my rite.

Athame of stone, hear me alone,
You are now the key
To open the gate of all the secrets
That I would like to see.

By the seven earthly metals forged
And the earthly Sabbath's circle bind
By the dagger of exorcism
Forged from the reddened bones of the ancient.

Bloody waters, magic knife,
Show me the future, show me my life,
Leave this world and take me far away,
Save me from today!

3. Her Sins

[music and lyrics: Boeru]

Through the desert, alone,
Her soul is heavy like a stone,
She walks her way
Stepping on her own yesterday.

Nobody cries for her sins!
Nobody cries for her!

Ghosts of the past
Turn her feelings into dust.
Through the land of the lost
She carries her sins like a cross.

Her soul, betrayed,
Became the cheapest bale to trade,
Her skin - defiled,
So her life is an eternal exile.

Live with the demons, die twice with the demons,
Make love with the demons into a circle of blood.
Her body is now a cradle of sin,
Feel the devil within.
Baptized in the blood of a goat,
She became the one about whom old books wrote.
The old books wrote...
Trapped in her own illusions...Trapped...Confusion.

But her life flew away.
Now is the time for her to pay.
She looks for a den,
She runs as far as she can.

She can run but she can't hide
She's lost between the two worlds,
Searching for light (too late for light),
With the shadow on her trail.

His eyes!
Her sins!
The devil within!

At least she tried...

4. My Demons

[music and lyrics: Boeru]

Ashamed I rise from the unholy ground,
To fly beyond the frontiers of sound,
I slowly sink into infinity
So I can rise again as poetry.

They fly so high that they touch the sky,
They are the ones who walk the Sun...
They make the clouds bring the rain
And let the Moon rise again.
My demons fly...

They hang there, on the vault of my soul,
As mellow fruits on branches of a tree,
I pick them up as words of blasphemy,
My demons turn them into poetry.

5. Inside

[music and lyrics: Boeru]

Inside me live together
Angels and demons.
Inside me lay together
Earth, heaven and hell.

Through my veins flows a Styx of emotions,
While in my head lays the Moon.
In my eyes lives, in a cyclic motion,
The ancient icon of the Universe.

Inside me grows together
Fire and ice.
Inside me run together
Suns and planets.

In my heart lays a poisoned weed
Which ceaselessly grows and grows
And which hides, which hides the seed
From where the man will blow up.

I am the Universe, I am the only source,
I am the Alpha, I am the Omega.
I'm the future and the past,
'Cause my ego will last

6. Eclectic Heart

[music and lyrics: Costea]

I touch your soul in silence,
I feel your sins in my arms.
My wings are heavy,
I can't fly.
Your eyes are turned to darkness,
Your heart is full of sadness
So let me heal
Your broken mind.

I came from heaven for you,
Now I can see right through,
Your pagan heart
Is way too sad.
I know your world is lost,
There is no holy ghost,
There is no chance to raise the dead.

Show me the way,
Teach me what's right,
Show me the truth,
We'll never set apart.
Show me a sign,
Guide me to light,
And guard the path
Of my eclectic heart!

7. Interitus Dei

[music and lyrics: Boeru]

How easy is to throw up venom
And to drag our name in mud?
Have you forgotten the taste of shit?
Have you forgotten your name?

We're not like you!
We have our path.
You're the snake who bites
The hand that saves its life!
"Donec eris felix, multos numerabis amicos
Tempora si fuerint nubila, solus eris!"

You cannot erase our memory
With your empty words!
We're beyond your words,
We're beyond your strength,
We are what we are!

Do you remember when you needed our help?
We were always there for you.
So quick you turned your back on us!..
Have you forgotten your name?

8. The Previous End

[music: Stavian, lyrics: Boeru]

In deep tombs of gold sleep
Bodies of great men and women.
While their bones rot in the ground,
Their spirits fly, transcending time.

I shall die,
But that's all that I'll do for death.
I shall live
Beyond my grave, beyond my death.
I am looking for the face I had
Before my previous end!

In deep tombs of gold sleep
Bodies of holy men and women.
Behind them an empty cross
Haunted by oblivion.

In deep lassitude I sink
And by my side are many people.
The life is but a darkened sea,
I sleep my life, I live my death.

9. The End Of Revelation

[music and lyrics: Costea]

In yours arms I breathe your breath
I taste your sweet drops of sweat,
The universe will stop now for your kiss
And nature slows its rhythm like this...

Be gone, demon,
I ease your pain,
Go away and never turn around
Drown in my sea of tears without a sound.

I feel the touch of madness running through my vein
Like the venom of your tongue,
Make a bigger unit of measure
And I'll give you a drawing of my pain,
Have a little moment of silence,
So I can take a sample of your brain.

In your arms I touch you and I sigh,
I press my lips on yours... I taste the lie
Your blood is cold by now, you've served my last command,
Your eyes are cold as the blade falling from my hand.

Thanks to interitus_dei for sending these lyrics.

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