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1. The Portrait Of Pain

[Music: Terente, lyrics: Boeru]

Ships of oblivion
Fall from the sky.
The leaves are fallen angels trying
To remember how to fly.
I've spent my whole life trying to understand
Why the tree of life is dead
And I finally reached the answer:
Its shadow had nothing else to shade,
But a portrait of pain.

Withered leaves,
With their remains they paint the world.
This autumn will live forever
Through my song and through my words.
There's a stranger in the mirror,
But I can recognize the chain
That keeps me nailed to the canvas
Of a portrait of pain.

This is the season
When God will become an atheist.
This is the reason
Why the fire will quench the thirst.
I'm the shadow who didn't have a tree,
I'm the shadow who didn't have a Sun,
Being more than the eye could ever see,
I'm the shadow who shades within me
A portrait of pain.

2. Rain Of Fire

[Music: Tentu, lyrics: Boeru]

...And before you die,
Just remember this, my friend:
There's no noisy end.
Silently you'll say: "Good Bye!"
Still, between you lips,
I know there is a silent shout...
There are words about
Your personal apocalypse.

Rain of fire, baby!
Rain of fire,
Falling down deep into your head!
Rain of fire, baby!
Rain of fire,
A silent candle to watch your final end...

For the longest sleep,
The fire will be your only shroud.
Tears won't be allowed!
There's no point for you to weep.
In the final scene
Of this drama puppets show,
You won't even know
Why you burn and what's your sin.

3. The Memories Of The Snake

[Music: Tentu, lyrics: Boeru]

A fallen soul, doomed to fail,
A broken wing, a shining scale...
The guardian, the keeper
Of the secret signs.
A crawling been, hiding into a hole,
The serpent of brass, put upon a pole...
Immortal... The symbol
Of the underworld.

The memories of the Snake,
An endless battle it never forsakes!
The beast coiled around the Sun
Is the weapon of the Pharaoh's crown.

Biting its tail, shedding its skin,
The heart is cold, but it burns within...
The cycle... The symbol
Of eternity.

4. Strained

[Music: Terente, lyrics: Boeru]

Strained, you hear the silent roar
Right before the storm!
Your ears are deaf,
But the sound is jabbed
Deep into your mind!

Deep into your mind!

Wait for something to come,
But you can't see a soul.
Like a prey, you feel
The raptors' breath.

You can feel that your end is near,
Strained, you wait to meet your doom.
You have no time to shed a tear.
On your skin, the blood in bloom...

Fear, coiled in your heart,
Like a starving worm...
You can't see the Death
Coming in your way.

5. Pagan And Proud

[Music & lyrics: Boeru]

On my knees,
I kiss the ground and pray
To defeat my enemies today.
For this, I spill a drop of blood,
A small gift for all my pagan gods.

Help me crush
The ramparts down and be
The last thing that my enemies will see.
For this, I spill a drop of blood,
A small gift for all my pagan gods.

I'm pagan and proud!
Let me shout it loud!
I'm pagan and proud!
Let me shout it loud!

And if I die,
Let it be on the battlefield,
Let the others carry me back on my shield,
Then, let me burn and help me fly,
Give me a star up in the sky.

6. Deny Denial

[Music & lyrics: Boeru]

Fear is the weapon
Against all those
Who bow their heads!
What about your own choice?
What if you'll raise your voice?
What do you have to loose?
The silence is no excuse...

The blind follow the blind
And no one expects there is something to find.
A thief in the country of fools
Is a powerful king who makes his own rules.

Deny denial!

7. The Lord Of Flies

[Music: Tentu, lyrics: Boeru]

The hell was full, so I came back.
I fought my way until I found a crack
Through your mind and through your soul.
I am the name that you are afraid to call.

A shadow coiled deep in your mind,
I am still one of a kind...
The fear made them hate my name,
So, this is how I became
The lord of flies!

I can't forget what I used to be,
How the people worshiped the soil fertility...
Even if a new religion threw me straight to hell,
I know that I'll always be the Zebul Beel.

8. When The Metal Meets The Flesh

[Music: Terente, lyrics: Boeru]

When I come down, in the arena,
I know I fulfill a sacred act.
The bravery of fighting the beasts
Turns my death into a feast.

Gladiators spill the blood
For the glory of their God.
For the last time we see the sky,
We, who are about to die...

When the metal meets the flesh,
I defy death!
With my shield, or on my shield,
I'll finally meet the Elisian Field
In death...

The only fear that I know
Is to lay down dead by the end of the show,
But if it happens, I'll keep my breath,
'Cause "Pollice verso" means my death.

Any moment could be the last,
There is no future, there is no past.
My fading breath is all that I feel,
The end is near, the end is real.

9. Arabia

[Music: Terente / Boeru, lyrics: Boeru / Terente]

Between the walls of a golden palace
That came out like a bud from the desert sand,
The poet of the court glorifies the deeds
Of the sultan who rules over that wasted land.
A caravan of words threads before his eyes,
But a distant whisper breaks his dream.
Could be the wind? Could be just a lie?
Slowly, the whisper turns into scream.

...And the wind keeps on calling his name
And the desert drives him insane!

Arabia! An endless land,
Where there is no boundary
Between dreams and reality...
Realm of sand,
Where the mirage floats in the air,
Turning the hope into despair.

The words, so plain, seem to draw a shape
That soon becomes crystal clear.
A girlish pale face, black diamonds as her eyes...
He never felt the same... He, who never dropped a tear,
Suddenly decides to go and meet his love
Through those deceptive desert sands.
He walks, she runs... He runs, she disappears
Deep into the desert... Where he'll find his end.

10. In Motion

[Music & lyrics: Boeru]

Take two coins and put them
Upon your eyes,
Then be ready for the final journey
Far away from the promised sky.

You suffered hard, you suffered well...
Behind a happy mask, your tears can tell
That I'm right when I say:
"The life is hard and after that you pass away..."

Do you think that dying
Is ending the strife?
Hm! Then you must prepare yourself
For another slice of life...

'Cause everything is on its way to something.
In the afterlife this is what you'll see.
You wait for your death with an infinite emotion,
But even dead, you'll never cease to be
In motion!

11. Hasta Siempre Comandante Che Guevara

[Cuban folklore]

Aprendimos a quererte
Desde la historica' altura
Donde'l sol de tu bravura
Le puso cierco a la muerte.

Aqui, se queda la clara
La entranable transparencia
De tu querida presencia
Comandante Che Guevara.

Vienes quemado la brisa
Con soles de primavera
Para plantar la bandera
Con la luz de tu sonrisa.

Tu amor revolucionario
Te conduce a nueva impresa
Donde esperan la firmesa
De tu brazo libertario.

Seguiremos adelante
Como junto a ti seguimos
I con Fidel te decimos
"Hasta siempre Comandante!"

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