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1. Omen


2. Ghosts Of The Past

There's a dream that never died
It's coming back to haunt me
A fantasy of mine
Pure visions of a new world

Many miles I've traveled since
Through many different roads
Many stories I have told
But true dreams never die

They never die

Sometimes the heroes of our tales
become part of our lives
Deep in our hearts they live as idyllic fantasies
Sometimes the heroes of our tales
become part of our lives
Deep in our hearts they live as fantasies

The ghosts of the past

In the strange game of life
We can never tell who wins
We must always walk ahead
And never look behind

Now the future shines so bright
From a wide open sky
I know the wise man's speech
But memories won't fade and die

3. Power Of The Mind

There you are, down on your luck
Dark thoughts keep surrounding your mind
Escaping from reality you believe it's the only way

Your wall feels like it's indestructible
And light seems out of reach

You believe it would be much better
Down below and free from yourself
Escaping from your burdens is your only dream
deep within

Your will needs to be unleashed
So light spreads all around your soul

It's now time for you to leave the past behind
And just believe

The strongest power lies deep in your heart
Free it from its cage and make it shine
Now live your own life with faith in yourself
The strongest power is the power of the mind

From the ashes you were born again
Your inner demons went back to hell
Now teach the world to be strong and wise
And to never surrender

4. Charming Deceiver

Your wicked mind struck once again
A promise to make a dream come true
My innocence fell for your lies
But no one can see through your angel eyes

I blindly put my trust in you
Like a child who gently holds his mother's hand

Your words had filled my heart with hope
Like the dawn of a new age
I dreamt of a journey to the stars
And had never seen the plan

You left me down all alone
With the deep wound of a broken dream
Now as the curtain falls I only wish I'll believe again

I crave to make you feel the same as I do
But those who can't lie can't fool liars

5. Heavenly Hell

Here's a story of a dream gone bad
A tale of hate surrounded love
In this dream I believed a new world would come
to me

So many nice thoughts, so futile
I felt so full of faith
In this dream I believed a new world would come
to me

Then the whole world shifted shapes and hate
made its way
Their twisted minds kept telling evil lies

Then I tried to keep believing love's stronger
than hate
I hoped we'd reach our land of the free

Deep in my mind I knew that it was bound to fail
Some moments of illusion kept it alive

There's so much I regret, all the things I could
have done
I have been blind all that time
But now I know I should have followed my heart
Out of this Heavenly Hell

From the first day the battle was lost 'cause
narrow minds never surrender
We shouldn't have fought this war of lies

After years of closing our eyes the war had to end
We've never reached our land of the free

6. A Genius Who Believes

A secret only known by an old scientist
No one would dare to believe
A masterplan to reach for the outer space
Is it insanity or genius?

They'd laugh and they'd never want to follow
No one would dare to trust
They quickly were proven wrong all he said was true
His ship will reach the stars

House or work
A dream on his mind
He'd never stop until he'd succeed

It's the dream of a man who wants to reach the stars
A genius who believes
The will of this man's unbreakable
He's a genius who believes

His plan quickly leaked then it brought jealousy
A scheme was to expect
The envious were prime to get his work for free
Now who will betray?

7. The Key

Trapped inside a life on which you've got no control
No hope is left in your heart
Confined to a cage you've slowly built on your own
You feel the whole world's a lie

There's only one thing that you trust
It guides you through your way
Blinded by its web of lies
You still have never seen

We want to help you rise above the stars
And find the key
Will you open your eyes before it's too late
And find the key

Hiding in a shell in which you're the only one who's right
And all of our words sound untrue
You believe in these distorted visions of the world
Convinced you lead a worthless life

Ain't there a part of you
That screams something is wrong?
Don't you want a new life?
Right now it's your turn to wake up and make a stand

8. The Desert Fox

[Intro speech by Mike Prysner]

The war was raging all over the world
The Nazis were strong and unstoppable
Cross the land they killed with hate
Until the last foe alive

One day they needed to fight in the South
Hitler then looked for a wise and brave man
To defeat the British Commonwealth
Under the desert sun

Rommel was his name ‒ he was a veteran
Born in November of 1891
Joined the army at eighteen
By his father he was forced

He served his country during the Great War
There he made his elite reputation
Honored with many high ranks
Praised for his strategies

There in Africa he became Hitler's favorite man
But deep inside he knew he fought for the wrong side

From battle to battle they fell at his feet
He kicked the Allies out of Lybia
But in Tobruk he was defeated
By Australian troops

He'd never stop fighting until he'd succeed
After three attempts the Axis finally won
Tobruk became a new victory
Egypt was next on the map

He was the Desert Fox
The unstoppable warrior with a heart of gold
When he could he spared lives

Desert Fox
The unstoppable warrior with a heart of gold
In history his own war will remain

El-Alamein was the decisive fight
There he lost twice 'gainst the British Commonwealth
The second time pulled him back
He then fought in Tunisia

There in the battle of Kasserine Pass
He fought and beat the American army
(that) was the last battle in the South
He then went back to the North

Deep in his heart he knew he was wrong
Too many men were slaughtered here
To end this senseless massacre he knew
Hitler's ambition had to be stopped

Against their master they conspired
He and the enlightened ones
A masterplan was conceived
To put an end to this hell on Earth

All of the plan was found by the man
Their quest for peace was forced to stop
Vengeance, Hitler has to take
All these betrayers had to die

Once the favorite now the enemy
He had to pay like everyone
Either his family or himself
Had to die for what he's done

By the poison he died in October of 1944
By his fellows and his enemies
He'll be remembered as the Desert Fox

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