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1. More Than A Suicide Note

My lifelong tragedy began with you
As dark eyelips and cigarettes fist rest upon my lips
Now i'm always in motion
I am wide awake and going under
To the hell i've learned to call my home
For in that second we both thought
Of dying as a means to an end
But failure was always my first intention
And i'm not surprised by your decisions
You're turning exit sings into prophecies
While i am writing love songs for kids
Who live the dying dream
This is just another part of life
Because it hurts to know
It never hurt you to let go
And when pain is welcomed
It's all i've left
So from LA to Santa Monica
I day dream of crasing cars
And to everyone that's listening
THey say "the burden will fail us all"
Well that's assuming i once gave a fuck about
This is only the process of destroying the lies
And the lives that you had once taken for granted
Why can't you see there's nothing there?
Broken i am!!!
Broken i am!!!
Broken i am...a man shattered like glass in a moment that stands still
This moment feels like it will last forever
Bearing the scars of a broken body
But this too shall past into remembrance
Go ahead and take all your agression out on me
Pretend i am the fucking world (and as conditions worsen)
Churches can only provide such burial
Such burial!!!
I have fallen under
I've fallen six feet under
If you ever want to visit me
Close your eyes and press play

2. Convince Me, Correct Me

The greatest weapon
I hold is that we pay our rights in blood
So free
My love
But to grow inside of me
Let me be the one to show them
That there is beauty in this world
And let me be the one to guide them through it all
Your life
Your life
Your life is worth living
Your life is worth living
I watched you fall away
I was giving my life for a reason (I let you fall away)
I’m never looking back again (fall away)
On all of those days (fall away)
I wasted away
Trying to escape myself again
And everything that has made me this way (I watched you fall away)
Made me this fucking way
It’s time for a change
Love is divine
Love is the meaning
Love is the reason that I am still breathing
Love is the reason that I am still breathing
I see evil and I see you
And they both coexist
But if you open your heart and your open eyes
You’ll understand
Love will one day free us all

3. When Children Become Sidewalks

Pray for the life you will never live,
As we suffer from decay and await all of our fates.
In the hands of god we'll watch you crawl.
Were fucking in shallow graves hoping to realize do you,
Do you even feel alive?
Or is it the common frustration to mistake self harm for a final solution to,
This world of empty hope.
Pills, razorblades and flesh can only fill the void for so long.
Cut an incision into the center of every fucked up and neglected soul.
Through the guise of the windows we have no reflections.
We must learn to forget then that were surrounded by shadows.
But we'll refuse to wait, to wake in the casket, to wonder where life begins and ends.
so we must keep our bodies moving.
far beyond cemeteries and dancefloors into a world where pain and love are ment
To stop beating hearts and create depression or euphoria. but if we have no souls, and if there is no hope,
We will be left all alone to learn to live as ghosts.
As the bridge between heaven and hell ceases to exist, we will keep on
Striving to understand our own existence

4. The Cost Of Catching Your Breath

The sadness will never end as quickly our lives will
And even when our hearts stop beating
The clock will continue ticking away
Today will soon become a yesterday
And we will always find a way
To repeat the same mistakes we all will make
The scars will heal and they will fade
But what will we have learned?
Sometimes it takes a heart to break
To find what we were searching for
But when tears are the only wisdom shed
Is this the consequence for the blood racing through my veins
Comes complete with an aging contradiction
The promisses of happiness in this life is to love and be loved
But why is it better to have loved and lost than to have never have loved at all
When each day the emptiness will continue to surround us
And it will follow our hearts through
Every waking moment
Through every loving dream
Through every night we lied awake and cried ourselves to sleep
Just open your heart and let me in
Open your eyes and see theres no other way to live
But if it's pain that you want
Then pain is what you will get
It's what you will get.
A lifetime of loneliness in a world where i shouldn't exist
And it begins with a process of self forgiveness
To seek and discover the world through closed eyes
What is my purpose in life
Who am i to try and redefine the concept of love
But with these endless questions
I'm getting so frustrated
Trying to piece together
What was and what could have been
And i can't explain the sadness dwelling within me
And i can't retrace these steps that lead me to that thoughts
When the voice inside my head reminds me of those autumn nights spent
Dotting "i"s with hearts
So if allthat i've ever said and done
If allthat i've trusted and believed in ever really existed
Why are we so easy to ruin
The...the answer lies beside me
Because sometimes in life it may take two souls to realize you only need one to survive

5. Dear Diary

Sometimes I sit alone, and carve our children's names into the concrete because
a love like our's is already, set in stone. So sharing secrets will never grow
old. My love for you is endless, whisper than walk away. Monuments of an
undying devotion no longer measured by the miles between who we were and who we
grew to be. From beneath the city skies, we find the meaning of life. In an
instant we'll find ourselves buried knee deep in all of our hopes dreams and
failures. And may we dream forever and ever and ever. Hand in hand we'll find
comfort in all of our misery. The moment I heard you say, "forever and always"
it was the day, i found a reason to scream towards the heavens. True love found
me on a thursday afternoon wide eyed and ready to accept the notion of holding
on, to a steady heartbeat. So listen to my heartbeat, it will sing you to
sleep. Our memories are nothing, without you and me. We'll die young and
beautiful, but angels dont watch over angels. No one is perfect. Now realize
each of our scars, they could never keep us apart. Tonight we'll pledge eternal
love and end our generation as they'll continue to fuck every skeleton, within
our closets. Loved ones left chasing shadows and the worst is yet to come. Kiss
me, we'll never hurt again as we drown in remembrance. My love, I call your
name as were swallowed whole, but never fear what you can't see. Never trust
what you may never feel. Replace the ghost of our abandoned souls with pain. "I
love you!" she said," In hell we will find ourselves entrenched in flames, but
never apart". As soulmates for the soulless, seeking tonight, we walk the city
skies hoping to find the heavens we once left behind. In every fear I've placed
faith and I found the reason why this world of suffering coincides within our
hearts. A struggle to live a life that once was our's. Suffocating, so
suffocate the memories. the statue of what we once worshipped. Only to show the
world that even in death, we will never be apart for all eternity.

Thanks to ericzuchowski for sending track #2 lyrics.

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