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1. The Ill-Starred Son

Her dirge still echoes in these woods
Mourning lingers in the vales
As the wind cries on the shore
Her wailing can be heard

Mirthless is this wandering through
Hollow days
Like a pale ghost I waste away in
This foul world

What sin do I atone for in this
Dreadful way
Why the gods sneer at me as I
Keep writhing in pain

Where has my dearest gone to
Where sings now my maiden fair
Beneath the darksome waters
Underneath the moonlit waves

Where is our ill-starred son
Where lies our poor stillborn child
Below the silent mound
In the arms of sacred earth

She became weary of the world
Tired of this marred life
Burdened with sorrow far too deep
The pain impossible to bear

There is no light at the end of this
Blackened path
Calm again are the sullen waters
Before me

If gods shall hearken to me
Fate with be benign
I leave these woes behind
Depart from these cares

For we shall be reunited on the
Other side
I descend to my love and caress her

2. Song Of The Storm

The wind gathers the clouds in the sky
empyrean cracks and roars
the calm before the storm grows now to thunder's song
gone are the singing birds, silently sigh only the trees.
Hear now the moment when the son of thunder speaks

The roar in crescendo, fills hate dark air and once more
The bringer of chaos makes the wind rise again
Watch him whirling, dancing in the step of time...
In the flash of lightning appears the majesty of skies

As the tempest sets world on to it's knees,
Still steady stands one man brave
Challenging alone the nature
Screaming fiercely over the gale

Filled with anger are also phrases of storm
And easily from the ground apart is the man soon torn
Cold is their embrace, of iron their handshake both
Mortal facing undying and the warring of their powers

For thousand years last their struggle,
One teardrop shed for every year,still
Enough to bring forth the thousand lakes,
enough for thousand rivers to shape
and as the north wind rises again
and the heaven cracks and roars
once more two headstrong figures
will test to defeat each others

3. Medeia

Where there once was love, only hatred now resides
Where I once had heart, only nothingness now dwells

Guilt-ridden shall be your days
Heart-rending your nights

By starlight I rock to sleep my dearest ones
Under the cold sky I lull to rest my darlings
Good to lie in a bed of cloudberry flowers
Soft to dream on a moss-grown pillow

Betrayed by one I loved, deceived by one I caressed
Cast into the dark, thrust into the endless night

But even bitter is your fate
Way darker your path

For nothing have I been by your side
In vain have i wasted this life
All that was fair has been marred now
All the love I gave you have emptied my heart

Soon I'll be feeling no pain
sleeping in silent shade
The ones you cherish most
I'll take with me to my dreams

Haunted by your deeds
Wrapped into the grief
You are bound into this sorrow
Until the end of time

4. Dying Chant

As I lay dying at the eve of my days
There is a void inside me, hollowed by the years

Time has made these scars, burned them in my soul
Mouldred this ugly figure of anguish and woe

Only death by my side, in the darkness waiting
I weep for what I've done, cry for what I've not

I beg for salvation, that cannot be found
Never in this life, not with these memories

I have never shown regret or asked for forgiveness
I have never relented, no, or yielded to prayers

Only vision in my mind, as I give my life
How she hides her face, and turns away

5. The Elder

In the arms of rimed soil, lies the autumns last withered leaf
Land now bare and naked, awaits it's snowy sheet

And as the light still lingers, painting scarlet this barren scene
An old man sings his song of melancholy and relinquish

I'm a whirl deep in dark waters,
A stare in the shades of fir-trees
I'm riding above with north wind,
Herding the black clouds of rain
Mine is the kingdom,
Far from the moon to the sun
I am the elder,
Standing forever as one

And in that sudden moment, when everything's turned to still,
He abruptly breaks the silence, becomes one with longing

And singing ever stronger, nature joins as one with him
Fire in his eyes, universe under twisted grin

6. Black Waters

Somber is my mind, now that
Misfortune has faced my kind;
Weary glazed stare,
Beneath the pitch-black hair.
On my cheeks, once so alive, adorn
Flood of tears, caused by strife
And as I grieve under the sky,
Even raven croaks to me it's despise

My warm hand against your cold
Words echoing in the air though
You're gone...

Somber is my mind,
Black is the colour I feel
These completely dead emotions,
Drain the last bit of me
No matter how many tears I've shed,
No matter how much I repent,
Some things just can't be undone
And some of us can't be forgiven.

No matter how many tears I shed,
Some things can't be undone...

I've reached the point of no return,
These are deeds from I can not flee
From a reflection I see a tired man,
Longing for a relief
Black waters in front of me
Will sway me till I'm in sleep,
Take me to the shores of Manala
Where I'll be free from my sins.
Black waters will sway me till I'm sleep...

This roaring stream will wash me
Pure and clean...

7. Shades Of Deep Green

...This path leads into dark...

In shrouding veil of thickening dusk,
In the caress of darkening woods
There winds my path, narrow and fading

Let this twilight linger, long upon me
Moon and stars take over when sun has fled
And bring her scent to me

May the blowing of winds cease
And all birds fall silent from singing
May the dreary waters lay still
And hands of time stop turning

So in forms of evening mist
I can feel her slender grace
In shades of deep green
I can drown in her tender eyes

Now that her light has gone away,
All this searching has led astray,
These turns are filled with grieving, this moments with loss

What a cruel world left for me to roam alone
What a scornful fate, took my light away

Neither the glittering dew on moors, nor the the whispering wind in dales
But only these shadows of green can remind me of her

What a cruel world left for me to roam alone
What a scornful fate, took my light away

8. Bitter End

The silent moment right before the dusk fades away
I open my eyes but the darkness stays
Night frost covers the brittle flowers around you
I realize that what I dreamt is true

Beauty beyond words
My dearest one
Her light burns my eyes
She is all mine

By these frosty waters I rest by Your side
I hold you in my arms for the last time
If only I could tell you how I need Your love
If only you had seen what I kept in My heart

Now it's the time of grieving
Reign of sorrow in my heart
All i have ever wanted
Is today forever gone
Bitter is the nightly silence
Bitter till the end of time
The sky grown ever darker
Through now she'll always be mine

I hold you in my arms so tight
I kiss your frozen lips for this last time
For the first time

9. Journey Unknown

I'm rushing through the cosmos,
Reaching the light from beyond the sun
I see my self dissolving,
As universe locks me into its arms
When you dream of the sea of stars,
And in the sky the northern lights flame
Sometimes do you remember,
Hear the silence between the worlds

Swirling surges of plasma,
Permeate me as I continue my fall
Distorted dimensions swarm around me,
Flickering awhile, soon lost to sight
And all these shapes I've seen
Always through thick darksome mist
Become now clear, vision of consternation and awe

Into soothing silence I lapse,
Under your guarding eyes I rest
At the gates of your kingdom,
I bow down and enter

Domed stellar colonnades outline the arch of the sky
A scene from here to eternity and everything that between lies
The grandeur of all existence, reveals me now past my closed eyes
And as my sleep turns ever deeper, I'm really awaken for the first time

10. In The Halls Of Awaiting

Evening full of grandeur, skies tinged with red
Mountains crowned with crimson, treetops with scarlet blaze
As the dusk is falling, night settles in
Stars slowly come out, moon glides skywards
...Still cheerless is in my soul, my heart filled with cares...

Longing for the misty shores, weather-beaten strands so poor
Where the weeping sky archs over water calm
Pining for primeval woods, murky shade of leafy roof
Where the silent trees arch over our path

Do you walk in mourning, still wear the grief
Raiment of sorrow, remembrance of me
Through the years of bleakness, winters of bitter cold
Will you not forget me, forsake my soul
...Low-spirited is my song, downhearted my tune...

Beyond enchanted sea, wistful is my sleep
Darkness by my side, through the dreary night
Will you follow me, through eternity
To another world, to the quiet halls

I've lost my way in the dark, strayed apart from my love
I've faced the demons of might, passed away into shades

Long are lonely years, slowly pass these days
In undying land, in the divine light
Where I wait...in the dark

The black of the night turns to dusk of the dawn
Through the mist now shines the fairest light of all
The caress I've waited for eternity
Into the shades, together we fade

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Thanks to krzewoxxx for correcting track #5 lyrics.

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