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1. Equivalence

Feed off the melancholy
Get drunk from despair
Rejoice in the name of failure
Deliverance found in pain

Live, learn and love
Treasure all the colours
Even in the thick of night
Daylight holds sway

2. Down With The Sun

O darkness, if in thy arms I could rest
For a while and with these earthly eyes
See thy dim smile

Maid of twilight, lass of duskfall
Hang the moon on the sky's arch
Soothe the weight of a darkling day
Croon me into the slumber,

"Rock here in the birch's lap
Swing in the manor of wind
Lay down your weary head
Let the blue stars darken"

O silence, if in thy cradle I could sway
Like a child, heart the amending song,
The sighing of the shades

Maid of twilight, lass of duskfall
Serve thy goblet to me
Let me drink to the last drop
The sweet opiate of the dreams:

Ours is the silence,
The echo old ageless night
A gleam in the blackest of streams,
One fleeing moment

For vain is all the toil and trouble,
Vain is all the heartbreak
In the end I'll find my solace
In an earthen cradle

So good night.

3. Where The Last Wave Broke

How does it feel?
To welcome the new day
Not worth saving
To fall down on own imprudent acts
The wind answers quietly
Clears the black smoke far thick to see
Unfolds the true nature of man

"And this fire it burns
Consuming us all
Withered garden for posterity
Inheritance in flames"

"When the mankind moves
Rest of the life shakes
All once green turned into stone
Flesh into dust and soil
Where the last wave broke
The shores blazed red
And place once called home
Turned into hall of dead"

How does it feel?
Bite the hand that feeds you
Poison the well that waters you
Prospects made from castles of sand
Legacy in barren land

Breed, greed, bleed
Legacy in barren land
The last wave broke
Prospects made from castles of sand

4. The Harrowing Years

This I have learnt:
World forces all of us down
The fleeing years bend our backs
Love but smears our hearts

Here I now lie still like a broken bow
Soul sullen and rigid with the will to die
Sighing after the days long since gone
Cursing every step on this ill-fated trail

"In vain I try to forget - In vain I try to forgive
Black bird from evening sky - raven from heaths of night
Come and take my cares - carry away the grief
Bereave me of my woes - rend off these earthly throes
Fly them to deepest lakes - to the starlit shores"

This I have learnt:
Even the sweetest wine turns to sour
We work our fingers to the bone
All our efforts of no avail

Here we all are but troubled guests
On darkling earth
Lost echoes that pine away
Into the dusk
Nothing more than the wind to rely on
Nothing more than the death
to comfort us in the end

This I have heard:
All ends in serene sleep
All these sorrows are washed away
As we lapse into the night

But I know it's a lie

5. Against The Stream

And down we go again...
Into the ocean of sorrow
Towards to sea of despair
In the deep groves of the earth
Lifeline running in roaring stream

"Like sand slipping through my fingers
Nothing ever lasts, ever will"

"To impart elegance all living
Experience the grandeur in giving
Felicity found in commitment
Tranquillity in mere being"

And down we go again
Under the relentless waves
Into the arms of calm breakers
Into bayou of forgotten dreams

Like sand slipping through my fingers
Nothing ever lasts, ever will

"To impart elegance all living
Experience the grandeur in giving
From existence into oblivion
Not in cycles but in lines"

Getting nowhere fast
By contending with time
Accept the alteration
Come to terms with your days

Down we go just the same
Into the ocean of sorrow
Towards to sea of despair

This river runs relentlessly
And this river runs deep
Not in cycles but in lines

6. Lay Of The Autumn

(I...) I sing with a shattered voice
(I...) I sing with a heavy heart

There in the deepest well of dreams
Echoed a distant song
I hearkened to the hallowed voice
Stirred from ageless sleep

Through this barren soil you came
Sweet scent of spring
Came and cast the earth in bloom
Lent your light to me

But now the summer's dreams are bent
Like grain against the scythe
And memories of blissful days
They fall like leaves

For autumn's songs are made of loss
Of yearning and regret
In bitter tone they are recited
Uttered with a heavy heart

"I sing with shattered voice
A tale of marred souls
I cry for consumed hearts
And springs forever gone"

The lights of sun and stars will fade
And moon covers its face
All the tunes will quiet down
And the songs shall die

As this wretched heart unfolds
Like mouth of furnace grins
Inside there's but a blackened cell
Full of filth and flames

There once was time when I resounded by your side
There once was time when I trembled under your eyes

What do I hear when you're gone?
The wind's harrowing cry
What do I hear when you're gone?
The sighing of the languid grief
Cold creeps in, silver crowns the land
Long are the evening now, grave the guilt's weight
Stars shriek their emptiness in the darkling sky
All the world is but a barrow shrouded in white

7. Into The Woods

Now close your eyes
And open your weary heart
Let me soothe away the woes
Of fiendish world...

As will the sun bathe the land
In its warming light
So shall the moon ascend
To guide the day to wane
In turn the rain to hush
The tumult of this world
And the wind to rise,
Sigh a lullaby in trees

"Not in these troubled times
I'm not the one you pined for
No, not into calmer waters
I'm not the one you long for"

"But a scarecrow, an anathema to the world
Looking in from the outside
It's time to turn my back
Walk off the beaten path
Seek heartening in solitude"

The arch of sky is roof where I call it home
Drizzle of rain, the only music from now on
My bed is made from juniper's boughs
Of mire and moss my pillow

Lone footprints diverge from tree line
Autumn veils the sloughs with rime
Shell of quagmire
Yet too fragile to bear a man

8. Weighed Down With Sorrow

"Nothing can offer content
Nothing can ease the pain
Nothing can wear off the sorrow
One is born to bear within

While your world is worth of trying
My world is mere cold
No chance in disillusion
Only the end of the road"

Man weighed down with sorrow
Anguished from the sole being
Destined to live with uneasiness
Always the hard way

Cold is the world
For the ones excluded
Dark is the path
In the absence of light
Compelled to cherish beauty in longing
Cling on love amidst of the suffering

No chance in disillusion
No, not in this world
Not for a man
Weighed down with sorrow
Only the end of the road

9. The New Beginning

[Bonus track]

Another break of dawn
Forces the shadows recede
Breaks the barrier of clouds
Blaze a trail for the light

In the arms of white soil
Lies a fallen boy
Left alone to freeze to death
Grown numb in the cold

This is the new beginning
Start with a clean sheet
Redemption of the liberty
Freedom through the bloodshed

When hatred old for centuries
Poisons the minds of sane
Distrust kills all the kindness
Envy slain the ideal

Demise of spirit and flesh
No victory in death
Only the defeat remains
When the sons take fathers' lives

What good can come out of this?
Is this the price we must pay?
Redemption of the liberty
Freedom through the bloodshed

This is the new beginning
Rebirth through devastation
All the hope of a nation
In the hands of few

Another chapter in common story
Nothing new under the sun
This is the new beginning
Sad ending to others

10. Into The Evernight

[Bonus track]

Listen to the night, hearken to the silence
The wind sings in fir-trees, forest's music rings
Rueful is the tune, wailful the soughing
Soothing is the choir, murmur of the trees

Time to forget all the heartache and pain
Time to leave behind all the toil and travail
Here where the water mirrors a still sky
Here a fair place for a child to lie

Under the woeful sky, moss-grown our bed tonight

Here we sprawl in mellow darkness
In warm caress of the night
Far away from worlds betrayals
Afar from all the Heavens might

Better to dream, far sweeter to slumber
Than face the cold days, bear the grim longing
Time to rest a while, close the drowsy eyes
Sleep till the dawn, till the bleak morning

Heed not the rustle or hoots of the owl
Heed not the ghosts that still dwell in the soul
Night brings us solace and serenity deep
Night brings at last neverending sleep

Better it would be to sleep forever
In silent shades of the evernight
Sweet are the dreams in the groves of death
Far away from the earthly woes

Sound is the sleep under spruces boughs
Serene are the dreams in the darkling shade
Gone are the cares of the waking world
Forgotten the sorrows of the weary heart

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